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Music video script

  1. 1. Music Video ScriptVideo Title: RedVIDEO AUDIOLYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX1. Boy and girl walking in to thedistance on grass holding handssymbolising that they are a couple.The setting will be bright to showthat they are happy. They will beplace just off centre lining withthe rule of third, as this catchesthe audience in as it is in a focalpoint which immediately draws theminto the visual aspect. The shotwill be a long two shot as you willsee the whole body walking into thedistance. The shot will last onesecond.MusicAt the start there are 3 beats.The last one is stretched2. There will be a cut to a café whereto a boy and a girl will be sattalking to each, they will begetting to know each other as wewant it to symbolise that they havejust met as the video is going togo through a journey of the tworelationship through good and badtimes. They will be placed in themiddle of a mid two shot as we wantto see their body language as theyare meeting for the first time asthe girl will be shy but will havea weak shield to her as she will belaughing and smiling bring herdefences against this guy down. Theguy will be confident and funny ashe wants to get to know this girland will persist as he wants tomake something out of it. The shotwill last two second.MusicThere are 3 beats. The last oneis stretched3. Then there will be a cut to amemory of the couples of a mid twoshot, where they are being cosy andcuddly touching noses being cute.We will be only seeing to the toppart of their front as they will belay on their front lifting up. Thecouple will be off centre to theright, as it is a better visual aidfor people. The shot will last twosecond.MusicThere are 3 beats. The last oneis stretched
  2. 2. Music Video ScriptVIDEO AUDIOLYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX4. Then there will be a cut back to acafe scene where the couple met.This time the couple will be ofthem smiling and laughing as theywill be more confidence with eachother, as they are breaking downthe walls because they are beingmore open with each other. Howeverthere will still be a barrier. Theywill be placed in the centre toshow they are the main people whoare a recurring throughout thevideo. As the shot is happeningthere will be a small zoom as weare getting closer towards themopening up more into the situation.The shot will last two second.MusicThe third beat of the last isstretched5. Then a cut will occur back to thescene of a memory of the couplebeing cosy in a park. This time thecouple will kiss to show affectiontowards each other. As they areboyfriend and girlfriend. This midtwo shot highlights a happy timefor them. The shot will last twosecond.Loving him is like driving a new6. There next will be a cut will cutback to the cafe scene. The shotwill be a two shot of a mid/longshot where it of the couple’s sideangle. They will be laughing andsmiling showing a happy time forthem, as it’s the meeting soeverything for them is new. Theshot will last three second.Maserati down a dead-end street7. Then there will be a cut back tothem in the park. The shot will beof them playing and messing about,as when you’re a couple you tend tomess about and have a good time,which portray some of the besttimes. The shot will be a mid twoshot of them. The shot will lasttwo second.MusicInstrumental
  3. 3. Music Video ScriptVIDEO AUDIOLYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX8. Then there is a cut back to thecafe. This is the first time theymeet and talk. The boy will walkalong and ask to sit down next tothe girl. The shot will be a longtwo shot so we can see everythingwhich is happening in their meetingas we can see their expression andhow they social react with eachother. The shot will last twosecond.Faster than the wind, passionateas sin9. Then a cut to a close up of thegirl appears. She is alone, lookssad. This is as something in therelationship has happened to makethis. She will have make up runningdown her face to add an extradeepen to the emotion as it lookslike she has been crying. She willbe cuddling a pillow so show thatshe wants comforts then she hugsthe pillow as she just wantssomeone to help her. The shot willlast one second.Ending so suddenly10. Then her will be a cut to a flashback to them in the cafe. This is acontinuation from the shot before,to when he asked to sit with her.This is a shot from her side ofview. The shot will be a close upfrom the girl side turning into anover the shoulder shot. The shotwill last three second.Loving him is like trying tochange your11. Then there will be a cut back to amemory of them two lying down inthe park looking into each other’seyes, showing their affection andhow they love each other. The shotof the will be a close up two shotof the couple, so we can see bothof their expressions and to portraythat they are in love. The shotwill last one second.Mind once youre alreadyflyingthrough the free fall12. Then there will be a cut to thesame scene of them in the park butat a different angle andpositioning, as they will beleaning up and touching noses as asign of affection. The shot will bea close up of the pair. The shotwill last two second.MusicInstrumental
  4. 4. Music Video ScriptVIDEO AUDIOLYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX13. Then there will a cut to a scene ofthem arguing in a bar. The shotwill be of just the girl. It willbe a close up of her anger towardsher boyfriend. She will be wearingred to symbolise the song “red”.She will be positioned within theleft of Guttenberg’s rule ofthirds. As she is crossing herarms, this shows that there is awall which is protecting her, asthis shows that she is angry andupset. This is empathised by herwalking away. The shot will lastfive second.Like the colours in autumn, sobright just before they lose itall14. Then there will a shot of the girlsinging showing that she is thesinger of the song creating aperformance concept element. Theshot will be of her in the mirrorwith her face covered in make up toshow that she has been crying. Theshot is a close of the girl toenhance her emotions. The shot willlast three second.Chorus; Losing him was blue likeId never known15. Then there will be a cut an overthe shoulder shot of the girllooking at a photo of the two toshow that she is sad, alone andmissing him. Then there will a panof a close up shot so we can seewhat her emotions are towards thepicture, memory and the guy. Shewill again have makeup running downher face to look like she has beencrying to show that she is missinghim. To empathise this she will bewearing dark clothing to show hersadness. The shot will last threesecond.Missing him was dark grey allalone16. Then an eye line match will occurof the picture close up. She willbe wearing the “red” dress tocontrast with the song as when shewas wearing it her love was burningred and she is still burning redwith her love. A tear drop willfall onto the picture to show hersadness towards the guy and thepicture. The shot will last sevensecond.Forgetting him was like tryingto know somebody you never met
  5. 5. Music Video ScriptVIDEO AUDIOLYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX17. Then a cut to a memory of thecouple will happen as she isthinking of the good times of them.The shot will be of them back inthe park of them being all loved upand cosy as she is cold and he istrying to warm her up so they willlaughing and being happy. The shotwill last the shot will be of themlay down of a two shot close up.The shot will last three second.But loving him was red(red ehhhh red ehhhh)-Background singer18. Then there will be a cut back tothe cafe of them getting to knoweach other as her expression showsthat they have something in common.The shot will of a long two shotand will be of them getting closertoward each other. There will be atrack forwards towards them.Theshot will last one second.(red ehhhh red ehhhh)-Background singer19. Then a long shot of the boy dancingwill occur, to show that he ishappy and is passionately in lovewith the girl. The lighting will bea red/orange to complement thelyrics as the lyrics is about being“red” so they portrays hishappiness of love. The shot willlast seven second.Loving him was red(red ehhhh red ehhhh)-Background singer20. This will be cut back to a happyscene of them two in the park lyingdown and touching noses, showingtheir compassion for each other.The shot will be a two shot closeup to show their affection. Theshot will last six second.Touching him was like realizingall you ever wanted was rightthere in front of you21. Then there will be a cut to a closeup of the girl lay on her bedsinging the lyrics. Thiscomplements the lyrics as it isabout singing and loving him. Asshe is has makeup down her face wecan see that something is wrongwith her. She will also becomforted by her pillow as she ishugging it to show that she isalone. The shot will last sevensecond.Memorising him was as easy asknowing all the words to yourold favourite song
  6. 6. Music Video ScriptVIDEO AUDIOLYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX22. Then a cut to a mid two shot of thecouple in the bar arguing willoccur. As they both use biggestures this shows that they areboth anger at each other and arearguing. She will be again wearingher dress to portray her anger buther love towards the guy. The shotwill last five secondsFighting with him was liketrying to solve a crossword andrealizing theres no rightanswer23. A cut will occur to later on thatnight of the girl walking home andthe boy chasing after her. The shotwill be a long shot which willchange to a long two shot as we cansee them both coming into thesequence. He will stop her to showthat he still loves her and wantsto be with her but she is gettingsick and tired of his stupid lovegames. Their gestures will portrayhow they are feeling towards eachother as she has have enough so sheis backing away and he just wantsher so he is trying to come forwardand he holds his hand out as a signof wanting forgiveness. A trackforward will occur as we get closerinto the scene we can understandmore of what is happening.The shotwill last eight second.Regretting him was like wishingyou never found out that lovecould be that strong24. Then a continuity cut occurs as weget a close up of their reactionsand emotions to of what ishappening as they argue as he wantsher back but she is not having anyof it. The shot will lastthreesecond.Chorus; Losing him was blue likeId never known25. A cut to a bedroom will occur ofher with the photo again to showthat she has still not moved onfrom him. The shot will be a closeup shot and a pan to the left so wecan see more of her face andemotions as the starting shot is ofher at her side. This time shewon’t have makeup running down herface as she is getting over him.The shot will be three second.Missing him was dark grey allalone
  7. 7. Music Video ScriptVIDEO AUDIOLYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX26. Then a cut to the cafe will happenas she has a memory of them whenshe first met him. Then shot willbe a mid/long shot of the couple atthe side of them. They will behappy as they will be smiling andlaughing. The shot will last fivesecond.Forgetting him was like tryingto know somebody you never met27. Then a cut of a long two shot ofthem two walking into the distance.This shot is usually placed at theend of a book or video to show thatthey are going to live happily everafter however this is only a memoryas she thought they would when theydon’t. The lighting will be brightto show the happy time. The cameratracks forward as they leave toshow that they are going into thedistance. During the shot they willkiss they represent that they arein a relationship. The shot willlast five second.But loving him was red(red ehhhh red ehhhh) -Background singerOh, red(red ehh) - Background singer28. There will be cut to a two shotclose up of The shot of a memory ofthem being all loved up and happyin the park as she will be smilingand laughing. There will a trackforward into the girl as the songis based on her and how she isfeeling. The shot will last fiveseconds.(ehh red ehhhh) - BackgroundsingerBurning red(red ehhhh red ehhhh) -Background singer29. To contrast the happy moment therewill be a cut to an over theshoulder shot of the guy as theyare arguing. The girl expressionsand gestures show she is angry andupset at what is happening as theyare breaking up. As he leaningtowards her to give her a kiss sherejects him so that she is gainingpower and dominance over him.Theshot will last one second.(red ehhhh) - Background singer30. Then a cut to the cafe will happenas she has a memory of them whenshe first met him. Then shot willbe a mid/long shot of the couple atthe side of them. They will behappy as they will be smiling andlaughing. The shot will last threesecond.Remembering him comes inflashbacks and echoes
  8. 8. Music Video ScriptVIDEO AUDIOLYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX31. Then a cut to the scene where theyare arguing occurs but this shot isa close up of their hands. Thiscomplements to the lyrics as it isabout letting go with she does withher hand when his hand grabs her totry and comfort her. The guy handreacts as she lets go, gesturingwhat why you doing this? The shotwill lasttwo second.Tell myself its time now, gottalet go32. The there is a cut to an over theshoulder of the guy sat in herbedroom floor looking at the imageas she looks at it for the lasttime. The camera tracks back awayfrom the camera to show that shedistancing away from him as she isgetting over him. The shot willlastsix second.But moving on from him isimpossible, When I still see itall in my head33. Then a close up two shot cuts in asa memory to the girl of how happyshe was with the guy. The shot isof the couple kissing and thensmiling/ touching noses. The shotis bright to show that they arehappy and in love. The shot willzoom into them as they show theiraffection to each other. The shotwill lastsix second.Burning redMusic –Instrumental34. Then a cut of a close up of thegirl kneeling down burning thephoto will happen. She is gettingover him by burning the photo asshe wants to get rid of him out hersystem as by getting rid ofeverything she has of him, she willget over him. The shot will lastseven second.Loving him was redMusic – Instrumental35. The scene cuts to another where theguy is trying to get the girl back,but he is on his own. The close upof the guy shows that he isdevastated that the girl has lefthim as we can see by his facialexpression. The shot will last foursecond.Oh, losing him was blue like Idnever known
  9. 9. Music Video ScriptVIDEO AUDIOLYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX36. Then a cut to the mirror occurs toshow that this is affecting theboth of them as they are bothupset. The girl is in a mid shot byher mirroring. From her gesture andfacial expression we can see thatshe is upset. The shot will lastthree second.Missing him was dark grey allalone37. Then a cut to the girl with thepicture occurs. She is a lothappier now than she was beforewith the image as she is nowgetting over him. So she is goingthrough the stuff to get rid of soshe wants one final time to look atit before she throws it away. Theshot is a mid shot which pans tothe left of the girl so we can seemore of her. The camera is placedat high angle as she still has theimage so to regain the dominanceshe needs to get rid of it. Theshot will last seven second.Forgetting him was like tryingto know somebody you never met38. Then it cuts to a memory of thecouple all happy in the park ofthem lay on their front. The shotis a close up of them. The shot isall bright as they are happy and inlove. The shot will last fivesecond.Cause loving him was red(red ehhhh red ehhhh)-Background SingerYeah, yeah, red(red ehhhh red ehhhh) -Background Singer39. Then a cut to the picture on fire.This shows that they are over andthey are both “burning away”. Theshot will last six second.Were burning red(red ehhhh red ehhhh)(red ehhhh red ehhhh) -Background Singer40. Then a cut to the argument occursas then it starts of a mid shot ofthe guy then pans to the left ofthe girl reacting to what he issaying. This shows that they areboth angry at each other. The pancomplements the pan as the lyrics“comes back to me burning red” sheis red full of angry and it shotgoes back to her. The shot willlast fifteen second.And thats why hes spinninround in my head(red ehhhh red ehhhh)(red ehhhh red ehhhh) -Background SingerComes back to me, burning redYeah, yeah(red ehhhh red ehhhh) -Background Singer
  10. 10. Music Video ScriptVIDEO AUDIOLYRICS / NARRATION / MUSIC / FX41. Then the final cut is of a close upof the image burning on the floorthen a pan up to a long shot of thegirl walking into the distance.This shows that she is finally overhim and that she is walking awayfrom this fine. When the panhappens the shot will be blurredthen go into focus showing that sheis clear of him. The shot will last17 second.(ehhhh) - Background SingerCause love was like driving anew Maserati down a dead-endstreetMusic – Instrumental