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  • We are today in a unique position where we have elaborated a project management environment allowing collaboration and communication between members in a modern and easy way. We do this through three main interconnectable areas: Project Management, Document Collaboration, and Communication. Projectplace is not about Social Media, it’s a part of Social Business. Obviously the two are connected to each other. Social media is about sharing experiences and giving feedback, and that’s exactly what we want in our professional life as well. Because it increases productivity, creates engagement and enables your team to work more goal orientated, when they can give feedback on ideas, document, meeting, plans, tasks, issues etc, to better manage their projects.
  • Let’s quickly look at what we offer through the three areas: Project Management provides Planning & work coordination, Project office support, Time & issue management, and Resource management. We’re very strong in document collaboration, sharing, reviews & version management, Drag ’n drop file management, MS Office & Desktop integration. Some of our clients get stuck here and only use document-sharing, which can get pretty expensive. There is sooo much more on offer when it comes to project management and our social communication tools. For true collaboration to work, you need good social communication tools, messaging, reporting & notifications, Web conferencing, Meeting management, Member & stakeholder management.
  • Project Management part of our collaboration tool helps you optimize your daily planning with tools such as kanban-inspired action boards and cards you can drag and drop to update the status of tasks worked on and finished as the work is progressing. Here you can also get a clear overview of your project timeline and workflows, manage resources and their time, and as a Project Manager you also have easy overview of project progress through Project Office Support.
  • People sending e-mails to each other. Plans are not updated. People are not updated. Different versions of documents are circling. Difficulties to find accurate information, more importantly to GIVE accurate information. With Projectplace, you gather all information in one place. So people can collaborate around this in an efficient way. Wherever they are. On any online device. Involve your stakeholder here to get perfect alignment. Make a change in your project and your customers or board members can see and react on it.  With MS integration, you can easily drag and drop files between projects and desktop. You also have Plug-ins for general integrated file editing from any PC or Mac application, and for desktop shortcuts, drag ´n drop file and folder uploading/downloading.   
  • In summary, with our communications features you can for example manage meetings, do messaging, reporting & notifications, web conferencing, meeting management, member & stakeholder management. All this with Projectplace social tools that encourage collaboration between project stakeholders for best results.
  • As you can see, social features are visible throughout the entire tool. A whole spectra of features is available on your mobile devices. All this securely stored in the cloud, so that you can simply pay as you go and get free support. Finally, Projectplace does not only create value by improving collaboration in projects. The delivery form in itself also improves efficiency and reduces cost of usage. Projectplace is distributed as a Cloud Service which means big savings in time and costs. Often the largest cost when implementing a new service are the hidden costs such as training and maintenance that you don’t see on the price tag. With Projectplace, you pay for what you use and there is no hardware or software installation or any other upfront investment in time and money. Maintenance costs, software updates and other cost-drivers that you typically get with a SW implementation are non-existing when you use a cloud service. And since Projectplace is a standardized online service used through any web browser, you can literally have the whole organisation up and running in minutes. The system maintains state-of the art security standards with real-time data mirroring and continuous backup. As one of the first IT-companies in Sweden Projectplace has been awarded the ISO 27001 certification for information security. ISO 27001 is an international standard for information security that includes proactive management as well as the evaluation and addressing of risks.
  • System architecture and backupsScalable multi-tenant architecture with multi-layer redundancyFirewalls and intrusion detectionDatabase security and backupsDisaster Recovery Site Authentication and encryptionEncrypted communications with 128-bit SSL encryption and 1024-bit RSA public keysAll stored user-documents encrypted with individual keysPasswords stored in one-way encrypted formatAutomatic logout Management Systems and Internal ProceduresCo-location with 24/7 monitoring, redundant and high-capacity internetconnections, secondary power supply systems, fire and climate control ISO 27001 information security certificationRegular external security audits
  • We have one service offered in three subscription packages. /Read through each of the three product offerings/
  • Projectplace is Europe’s leading provider of project collaboration tools in the cloud. Since 1998, we have been at the forefront of online collaboration development, driven by a people-centric approach as key to successful project management. The company’s collaboration tools have helped over 800,000 users on more than 120,000 projects motivate and engage their teams.
  • So how do our customer use us? Let’s look at some testimonials:  With demanding planning assignments, it’s important to have a user friendly and central planning tool – Projectplace does. Skanska is one of the world’s leading construction groups. “Projectplace document sharing solution enabled mutual collaboration and communication” says Vodafone.PMI is one of the world's largest not-for-profit membership associations for the project management profession. ‘Projectplace proved its worth.’ Not least because of its transparency. There were fewer misunderstandings and, thus, fewer delays for DPD, an international network for professional parcel shipping. And we’ve helped many more customers...
  • Here are a few examples of customer cases…
  • Here are a few examples of customer cases…
  • Here are a few examples of customer cases…
  • The value of Projectplace has been experienced by over 800,000 users on more than 120,000 projects worldwide. The majority of our customers are European companies and organisations from both the private and public sectors. The size of our client organisations range from small businesses to large, multi-national corporations. Half of our revenue comes from organisations with more than 500 employees.
  • Projectplace has always been a first mover, breaking new grounds for efficient collaboration and modern project management.  10% of the company is still owned by key employees including the original founder, and the remaining 90% by Scandinavian institutions. We are a multi-cultural company with more than 20 nationalities represented, and global policies for work-life balance and equal opportunities.  In total there are over 160 people employed in 7 countries, with everyone sharing this same passion everyday:  Our continued mission? To make even more projects successful with new, innovative tools that: improve collaborationmake life easy and inspiring for project peopleand save time and money for the organisation
  • To summarize, Projectplace social collaboration tools help organisations to:get socialboost productivitysucceed with projects We do this by providing modern, delightful, online tools for:communicationdocument collaborationproject management …in a social, mobile and secure cloud service... As I’ve said over and over in the presentation, communication is the root to everything. If there is no communication, the project is most likely to fail. Communication in Projectplace is very transparent; it’s the core to everything. In knowing what other people are doing and planning to do, you can adopt your work to the others.  In the core of what we do is Collaborative Planning, a social approach to project planning, focuses on sharing, transparency and communication for optimal execution to achieve the goal. We’ve believed in this approach for 15 years, and will continue to firmly do so.
  • Projecptlace online collaboration 2013

    2. 2. PROJECTPLACESocial Collaboration in the Cloud PROJECT DOCUMENT COMMUNICATION MANAGEMENT COLLABORATION • Planning & work • Sharing, reviews • Messaging, coordination & version reporting • Project office management & notifications support • Drag ’n drop file • Web conferencing • Time & issue management • Meeting management • MS Office & management • Resource Desktop • Member & management integration stakeholder management SOCIAL DYNAMICS THROUGHOUT THE SERVICE MOBILE ACCESS FROM IPHONE, IPAD AND ANDROID SECURE ACCESS AND STORAGE OF DATA
    3. 3. SUCCEED WITH PROJECTS PROJECT MANAGEMENTOptimise day-to-day planning with kanban-inspired action boards& drag n drop cardsTrack progress with overview of workflows,timeline and widgetsCoordinate work with issue-,time- and resource managementGet an organisational overview withproject office support
    4. 4. SHARE & REVIEW DOCUMENTS DOCUMENT COLLABORATIONWith easy, document-collaboration tools, all version-managedfiles are stored in a single, secure, virtual workplace, easy tofind, share & review.With MS integration, just drag’n drop between the projectand desktop to get instant, easy access, with document-management add-ons.Work anywhere, anytime,on any device withProjectplace mobile apps.
    5. 5. IMPROVE COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATIONManage meetings, communicate, hold web conferences,follow real-time conversation & activity feeds.Projectplace social communication tools encourage true,people-centric collaboration, motivating and engaging teams.Update members & stakeholders with automatedprogress reports and notifications.
    7. 7. STATE-OF-THE-ARTInfrastructure and Security System architecture and backups • Scalable multi-tenant architecture with multi-layer redundancy • Firewalls and intrusion detection • Database security and backups • Disaster Recovery Site Authentication and encryption • Encrypted communications with 128-bit SSL encryption and 1024-bit RSA public keys • All user documents stored encrypted with individual keys • Passwords stored in a one-way encrypted format • Automatic logout Management Systems and Internal Procedures • Co-location with 24/7 monitoring, redundant and high-capacity internet connections, secondary power supply systems , fire and climate control • ISO 27001 information security certification • Regular external security auditsMore info:
    8. 8. SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGESTeam, Multi, Enterprise Team Multi Enterprise One project Five projects Customised solution One project Five projects Unlimited projects Pre-defined project models Pre-defined project models Pre-defined project models Training for project members Training for project members Portfolios Training for project managers Training for project managers Project directory & administrators & administrators Resource overview Archiving CORE FEATURES Training for project members Project overview Online meetings External project site Documents iOS and Android Support Training for project managers Projectplace planner Members & Contacts Getting started & administrators Tasks Document management add-ons Mobile apps Issues Feedback & History Meetings Own project templates
    9. 9. OVER 800,000 USERS IN MORE THAN 120,000 PROJECTS
    10. 10. CUSTOMER VOICESWith demanding planning ”Projectplace document Projectplace proved itsassignments, it’s important sharing solution enabled worth. Not least because ofto have a user friendly and mutual collaboration and its transparancy. There were central planning tool – communication” fewer misunderstandings Projectplace does. and, thus, fewer delays “We always use …helps enormously in cutting “Projectplace streamlined Projectplace for large travel time and costs communication for the teamdevelopment projects.” …coordination is much faster in a way that would have been impossible using email.” …content is easily shared
    11. 11. Skanska is one of the world’s leading building contractors and has been using “With demanding planning Projectplace as a web-based management assignments, it’s important tool for projects of all sizes since 1999. to have a user friendly and central planning tool – NEED Projectplace does.” With extremely intense projects it is vital to be able to disseminate large amounts of information to a lot of different specialists, at all times. THE SOLUTION A user-friendly central project management tool. PROJECTPLACE WAS USED FOR • Communication to keep project members and a multitude of specialist consultants involved and up- to-dateLink to case study
    12. 12. Simplify global communications at Vodafone Global Enterprise. Enabling work on the go, practically without limitations.“The software helpsenormously in cutting NEEDdown on travel time and “Our priority is to have consistent, integrated communications – especially across multiple locations.costs. Coordination is much Our previous solution didn’t cover this.”faster with onlinemeetings.” THE SOLUTION A virtual office. KEY REASONS FOR CHOOSING PROJECTPLACE: • Allows simple, straight forward communication • Accessible anywhere, on any device • Ease-of-useLink to case study
    13. 13. Seven Mental Health and Community NHS Trusts procuring a framework of Clinical “Projectplace streamlined Information Systems (CIS) communication for the team in a way that would NEEDS have been impossible Collaboration solution keeping 50 people in seven organisations up-to-date throughout the project. using email.” THE SOLUTION Transparency with an open communication tool. KEY REASONS FOR CHOOSING PROJECTPLACE • Planning tools • Document management • Ability to facilitate open communication between project members.Link to case study
    14. 14. Telecom & Media Public Sector Professional Services Manufacturing Logistics& Transportation Energy Health Care & Pharma Engineering & ConstructionFinancial Services
    15. 15. PROJECTPLACENO.1 IN EUROPE FOR PROJECT COLLABORATION IN THE CLOUD1998One of the world´s first SaaS solutions in 1998.800,000Number of registered users.99.97%Average uptime of our service is 99.97%.160Approximately 160 employees in 7 countries.7Available in 7 languages:English, Swedish, Dutch, German, French, Danishand Norwegian.
    16. 16. SOCIAL COLLABORATION IN THE CLOUDGet socialBoost productivitySucceed with projects