Evaluation Question One


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Evaluation Question One

  1. 1. Evaluation Question One In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  2. 2. IntroductionIn order to show how our media product uses, develops andchallenges forms and conventions of real media products, Ihave taken nine frames from our own trailer and comparedthem with nine frames from real trailers to compare how wehave used or challenged forms and conventions of a trailer.
  3. 3. Title PagesBy having a short clip of the title of the film at the end of the trailer, it not onlyhighlights the name of the film being advertised to the audience but it is also atypical convention you would expect to see in a film trailer. I have displayed the titlewe used in our own trailer Off Campus with a title from Jeepers Creepers as theyboth have a similar font which consists of the letters being cracked and broken awayslightly which is a conventional font you would expect to see in a horror trailer.
  4. 4. Monster/Killer Off Campus TrailerOften seen in horror trailers is a short clip of the monster/killer, normally a close upor a long shot. This establishes to the audience who the villain is whilst also brieflyshowing what they look like without giving too much away but at the same timescaring the audience enough to persuade them that this is a good horror trailer to goahead and watch in full at the cinema.
  5. 5. Production TitleThe production titles normally featured at the start of film trailers, are a typicalconvention of a film trailer as they highlight to the audience things such as whodirected and produced the film, which can sometimes also have an impact onwhether a particular audience will go to watch the film. By including a productiontitle at the start of our own trailer it helps it to follow typical trailer conventions thanan audience would expect to see and make it appear to look more like a real filmtrailer.
  6. 6. IntertitlesOff Campus Trailer Sorority Row TrailerBy having a title after a bit of footage, it divides the trailer up to tell a bit of thenarrative as well as show clips from the film. The purpose of the titles is to buildsuspense at the beginning of a trailer which leads up to a faster paced ending. Weincluded titles within our own horror trailer as they explained very briefly part of thenarrative whilst also slowly building up the tension whilst the editing was still slow-paced before it reaches the faster editing clip towards the end of the trailer. Thesetitles are conventional of a film trailer as they are used to divide up sections offootage and also build up suspense within the trailer.
  7. 7. Over the Shoulder Off Campus Trailer Eden Lake Film PosterI have compared these two images as they are very similar in terms of the context of theshot as in both scenes a female is seen hiding behind something, looking over hershoulder. Although the shot I have chosen to compare with is used for the film poster ofthe thriller ‘Eden Lake’ it does however connote the vulnerability of a woman in a horrorfilm as they are often seen as very vulnerable and the most likely to be killed. However,both of these characters have ‘Final Girl’ features as they are attempting to fight andsurvive which is why we chose to include this shot in our horror trailer.
  8. 8. Newspaper ClippingsOff Campus Trailer Paranormal Activity 3 TrailerBy including shots of newspapers clippings within our horror trailer it enables some of thebackground story to be shown so that our audience can connect with the narrative of ourtrailer and have an understanding as to what has happened. Shots of newspaper clippingsalso connote ‘The Return of the Repressed’ meaning something coming back from thepast which is what I believe makes our horror trailer more scary as it is about somethingfrom the past haunting the house and the people in it. Although the image I havecompared our shot with is a photograph, it still connotes the past as both clippings haveaged in colour or damaged which all suggest something being brought up from the past.
  9. 9. Jumpy SceneOff Campus Trailer Halloween TrailerAt the end of our horror trailer, we decided to include a jumpy scene in order to make itan effective trailer that would scare our audience. We chose to show a girl about to driveoff who then gets strangled by the killer who emerges from the back of the car. A verysimilar and effective shot is seen in the film ‘Halloween’ where the character Annie isstrangled and killed by the villain Mike Myers who as well emerges from the back of thecar. This we believe was a very effective element of our trailer as it made a jumpy pointthat scared our audience as well as gave us the chance to relate our trailer closely withother real horror film trailers.