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Our results from our survey on horror movies.

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Audience research

  1. 1. Response summary of the data we collected from our survey
  2. 2. What is your age? 15% 12% 16-20 21-25 73% 26+Our results showed that 73% of our audience responses are in the age group of 16-20 which is an ideal response as the target audience for horror movies are in the age group of 15-24.
  3. 3. Are you male or female? Female 12% Male 88%This shows that 88% of our responses were from maleswhich again is ideal because of the target audience forhorror movies which is males in the age group of 15-24.
  4. 4. What sub-genres of horror do you prefer? (Tick a maximum of 2) 20 17 15 15 12 10 6 3 5 0Our results show that the most popular sub-genre of horror that areaudience was interested in was Psychological horror. This tells us that thismay be something to consider doing when filming our own horror trailer.
  5. 5. Do you like gore in a horror movie? 27% Yes 73% NoOur results show that 73% of our responses do like to seegore in a horror movie so this is something we will need to include in our own horror movie trailer.
  6. 6. Do you prefer CCTV or hand-held camerawork compared to other types? 9% 33% Yes 58% No BothThis chart shows that 58% of our responses said they liked to see bothCCTV and hand-held camerawork within a horror film. However 33%said they would prefer not to see it so this may be something we shouldonly include a little of when it comes to making our horror trailer.
  7. 7. What features of horror films do you most like? 11 10 10 8 Setting Plot Characters Special EffectsOur results show that our audience most like the plot of a horror filmover other features of a film. This tells us that this is what we will haveto work the hardest on in order to create a successful horror trailer.
  8. 8. Are you scared more by man-like/human monsters or beast-like/unrealistic monsters? 12% 16% Human Beast-like 72% BothThis chart shows that our audience are scared by both humanand beast-like monsters so therefore either way we choose, themajority of our audience will be scared by the monster.
  9. 9. What is your favourite horror setting? 13 7 7 2 1The results show that our audience’s favourite setting seen in ahorror movie is Abandoned Environments. This shows that this is asetting we should consider to film when we make our horror trailer.