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Homelessness in my area project presentation


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Homelessness in my area project presentation

  1. 1. Homelessness in my area project presentation By Sophie Hoskin and Hayley McCarthy
  2. 2. Proposal Brief 1 Brief 2First email from our client giving us 2briefs to chose from. We chose brief 2.
  3. 3. Chosen brief
  4. 4. Planning• For our preparation for the film, we came up with several ideas on how to cover the topic.• We had 2 initial idea, they were:• Show a before and after shots of a homeless person.• Show several homeless people from around the county and with the effects of homelessness.
  5. 5. Research into homelessness (statistics)• 76% of clients were male• 24% of clients were female• 39% of clients were from BME communities• 64% of clients had issues with substance use (drugs and/or alcohol)• 64% had a physical health condition (medical condition, vision or hearing impaired and/or required regular medication)• 70% of clients had mental health issues (diagnosed, suspected, depression and/or self harming)• 54% of clients had educational needs (learning disabilities, difficulty reading, difficulty with numeracy, managing money and paying bills)• 8% had been in care• 48% of clients were ex-offenders or had been in prisonFound from
  6. 6. Research in to homing and shelters
  7. 7. Research into the reasons that homelessness happens• People are forced into homelessness when something bad happens and they don’t have the support of family or friends to fall back on. Many of these situations could happen to any of us: it might be redundancy, a relationship breakdown, poor mental health, alcohol/substance addiction or domestic abuse.• Without a strong system of support around a person, one incident can spark a chain of events that lead to homelessness. Triggers include:• Marriage or relationship break-up• Addiction to/dependence on alcohol, prescription or illegal drugs, or gambling• Job loss, which leads to repossession or inability to pay rent• Mental illness• Physical illness• Escaping an abusive relationship• Getting into debt• Death of a loved one• Leaving institutions (such as army or prison)
  8. 8. What would attract an audience?• We conducted a questionnaire which we asked 10 people to take part in.• We asked: What would make you want to watch a video about homelessness? The results show that people would like included: Clear understanding of what it is about, good music, pull at the heartstrings.
  9. 9. What needs to be included• Music• Relevant footage• Relevant pictures• Statistics• Important information• Names of shelters that could help.
  10. 10. What we don’t want it to be• Boring• Irrelevant• Long• Hard to watch, must not want to make the audience walk away.
  11. 11. Storyline• The video to do with homelessness shows a homeless person after they have found a shelter and rebuilt there life to a better place, it then shows what there life was like and how it was hard for them to cope without alcohol and other substances. Throughout the video statistics and relevant information is shown so that the audience can find out more about the topic through the whole production and not the footage.
  12. 12. Storyboard and ideas
  13. 13. Location and equipment• All aspects of the film was taken in Watlington, the footage was filmed next to church alley and the photography was taken in a near by courtyard.• Equipment used was: A video camera, DSLR camera, tripod, and editing equipment.
  14. 14. Creating the video• When creating the video we used our idea combined with the storyboards to make the video come alive, once choosing our actor we then worked on a plan as to where when and how. Whilst this was being considered, Sophie took photos that would be used to show the former life of the ex-homeless person. After the pictures where taken and uploaded onto premier pro we focused on the video, first we shot the after shot we took our actor to the location and asked her to improvise and imagine how the person would be feeling. We then changed outfits and created our props and got to work shooting the final scene which was our homeless person. We came across a few problems such as the dye coming out of our beer bottle which was improved by editing and several people walking through when shooting was taking place, however we just reshot at a less busier time, the final problem we came across was lighting as sometimes the sun shone into the camera we changed the angle and reshot.
  15. 15. Choosing the music• For the music we needed a serious tone to it. We decided to use a moving piece to go alongside with what we have shot in black and white.• We had various different pieces of music to go along side our video yet the one we chose, we felt fit the criteria in the best way.
  16. 16. Legal/copyright• We used copyright free music for our production. We downloaded it from a website that allows you to obtain music copyright free for free.• All videos and pictures seen in the production are our own videos that we shot our self.
  17. 17. Editing• In editing we decided to change the colour to black and white to create dramatic effecting. We used transitions between pictures to allow them to merge together for a fuller effect in the production.
  18. 18. RolesSophie ‘s roles – pre production ( location,production script, storyboards.)Main production ( photography, footage andediting.)Hayleys roles – pre production ( riskassessment, cast contact list.)Main production ( photography and editing. )
  19. 19. Improvements• As it was quite a challenging subject as there is not a specific population of how many people are actually homeless.• We decided to add a drama into it. If we were to do it again we would create several other stories to show the different types of homeless and how they live, we would make it longer and a lot easier to understand, we would follow the brief more carefully and produced a well-balanced production using all features that our client wanted.
  20. 20. Examples• Below is an example of a you tube video made to help awareness of homelessness• 8Xzk•
  21. 21. Comparing example to own workThe You tube video is created by videos andphotographs from the internet, it shows theaudience facts and figures as to the homelessnessin the UK.Our video is created from videos and photographstaken by us also using facts and figures to showdetail.A main difference between the two videos is thatthe you tube video is just a sequence of picturesand videos whereas ours has more of a drama to it.
  22. 22. Feedback (client)
  23. 23. Feedback (public)We asked 20 members of the public what they thought ofour film.18/20 people said that the film was intellectual and it waseasy to understand what it was about.2/ 20 people said that it was put together well however ifthey saw it then there views would stay the same.5/20 people said that they enjoyed the contrast betweenthe photos and the footage.14/20 said that the music is what drew the film to thereattention.Overall the project was put across well in the public.
  24. 24. Thank you for listening