Horror Film Poster Analysis


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Horror Film Poster Analysis

  1. 1. Film Poster Analysis Ancillary Product
  2. 2. This poster is very conventional due to the common three partstructure it upholds. However it also encourages you to focusmainly on the image as it is in the very centre. The title and thetag line are also very easy to see as the stand out against theblack background; which is conventional of a horror movieposter.The title on the poster uses the same typography as the otherprevious films. By doing this it makes the audience aware of theidea and image of the film as it is linked to its previousproductions, it will help the audience to remember the whatthe other films are about and whether they would be interestedin going to see this new one. Also by the typography being inred, this colour reveals connotations of horror and blood whichlinks to the genre of film.The main focal image is of to girls asleep it their bedroom, thebedroom seems girly and therefore makes them seem innocenthowever this innocence of the girls is juxtaposed with theshadow in the middle of the two beds which seems scary as youdon’t know what its coming from. This therefore reinsures theaudience that it is a horror film.At the top of this poster there is a slogan, by including this itgives the audience a hint or idea as to what the film may beabout. This poster follows the convention of it being placed atthe top.There is another smaller slogan included under the title, whichagain along with the font of the title relates to the other filmsbut also gives a clue as to what this new film may also be about.It is also very typical of films to include a slogan in a smaller fontbelow the title.
  3. 3. The image used on this poster fits the conventions of a filmposter as it is in the very centre therefore being the mainfocal point. The image has relevance to the title as it showsa girl covering her mouth, a gesture which is oftenassociated with screaming or perhaps trying not thescream. By using this specific image the woman’s facialexpression gives connotations of fear, revealing that it maybe a horror film. The colour palette used is very limited andmost of the poster is in black and white which emboldensthe typography.The statement at the top of the poster gives a small insightto what the audience can expect from the film it alsodraws in their attention. The effect of the typographybeing in white is that it is emphasised against the blackbackground, making the audiences eye be drawn straightto it.The one word title is short and snappy which immediatelydraws in he audiences attention. The word is also iconic tohorror so it makes the audience aware that this film is partof the horror genre.By including stars from the film at the bottom of the posterit helps to promote the film.
  4. 4. The image on this poster fulfils the conventions of a filmposter as it takes up the majority of the poster andtherefore the attentions. It is a close up of a maincharacter who is positioned in the centre. The uninvitingcharacter is looking down so the audience can not seethe face and therefore the only way of seeing the fullappearance of the character would be to see the film.However the audience can see a lot of the charactertherefore getting a ‘sneak preview’ although the eyes arehidden, and eyes are stereotypically portrayed as thewindow to your soul and helps you to understand whosomeone is. By not showing the eyes it engages theaudience as information in withheld.The colours mostly used in this poster are reds, brownsand black which are iconic of evil and fear, by using thesecolours it makes the audience aware the film is of ahorror genre. The audience can also see that thecharacter is holding a sharp weapon which is again iconicof a horror film and could imply that the character is thevillain/antagonist of the film.The tagline above the title suggests that the film will be a‘nightmare’ which can encourage the audience to go andsee it as it will be scary. By using the colour red for thetitle it has connotations of blood and even death furthersuggesting it will be scary. By using this colour it makesthe title and date stand out against the background. Byincluding the credits at the bottom it makes the poster fitin with its conventions.
  5. 5. When this poster is first seen immediately the audiencemay question who is the female character? And Why is shehiding her face? With the audience thinking these questionsthey are automatically involved and the idea behind theposter is working. From the clothes in which the figure iswearing and they way she is positioned on the chair mightsuggest that she is being restrained and perhaps in somesort of hospital or mental hospital, this is also enhanced bythe prison and clinical location she is in. The face is usuallyknown as being able to tell what a person might be like, byhiding it, makes the audience think that the character isashamed or not letting anyone in. It makes you question herrole in the film, and even suggesting it is a horror.The colour palette used in this poster is dark andatmospheric which helps promote the fact that the film is ahorror. The girl being dressed in a white hospital gowncontrasts against the black background. This is also thesame with the typography it stands out against thebackground because of its colour. It is conventional of allposters to have important information in a contrastingcolour so it easily seen. It is clearly seen that the releasedate for the film is March 2005 and that the title is ‘the ringtwo’. It is ironic how the O from the ‘two’ makes it look likea halo above the charters head, which could imply that sheis angelic, however this is juxtaposed with the fact she looksevil and in a mental hospital.