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Shot list

  1. 1. Shot Scene Type of shot Description 1 Introduction 1A Extreme wide shot. Establishing Shot. The trailer will start with an extreme wide shot this will establish the scene and location of the Black Journal. The use of this first shot will introduce the audience to the main characters and show their close knit friendship. 2 Introduction 1B Medium long shot. The scene will cut to the next shot we can see the characters faces and actions. The characters will portray their ages through their carefree actions and props e.g alcohol. 3 Introduction 1C Close up. Cut in. The use of a close up will show the protagonist Ryan Carter drinking from the alcoholic bottle. This can indicate his hierarchy through the focus of his actions amongst the other characters. 4 Introduction 1D High angle long shot. The use of a mid shot will capture the characters from behind walking into a dark mysterious greenery. This location will be enclosed with trees this will adhere to danger that will be see in the next few seconds. 5 Plot Twist 2A Close up The scene cuts to a close up of the book being revealed. This changes the mood of the narrative and introduces mystery and suspense. 6 Plot twist 2B Medium Close up The group of friends will discover the content of the book. A medium close up will show the characters facial expressions before the audience see the content of the book. 7 Plot Twist 2B Point of View shot close up A point of view shot of the pages within the book will show realistic news articles of people reported missing. The use of the point of view shot will create panic and disorientation. We will use a steady hand held technique to capture with point of view shot.
  2. 2. 8 Plot Twist 2C Medium close up The medium close up will show the characters facial expressions, which will portray their fear. 9 Plot twist 2D Close up The use of this shot will refer back to the book and reveal the protagonist Ryan carter’s new article, revealing his future death. 10 Plot Twist 2E Close up A cut to Ryan carters face will show the fear and nervous expression he is feeling after seeing himself within the Black Journal. 11 Plot Twist 3A Medium Close up Ryan will be lying on the floor. 12 Plot twist 2E Close up. A straight cut will show various Flicks from Ryan’s facial expressions And cuts back to scene 2E 13 4A Medium Shot. The protagonist Ryan Carter will be seen researching the book in his dark room. This is a stereotypical Scene within horror trailers. 14 4B Long Shot. The long shot will capture Ryan sitting on his bed scribbling down evil symbols in the book 15 4C Close Up. The cut of a close up will cut to the evil symbols that Ryan was drawing. This will show the early signs of Ryan being possessed by the Black Journal. 16 4D Medium Close Up A medium close up will be used to capture Ryan on his bed, holding the Black journal. Black arms will grab Ryans shoulders.
  3. 3. 17 5A Master Shot Long shot. Within this scene the characters have a discussion around a kitchen table. They discuss about putting the book back. 18 5B Close up A close up of one of the characters facial expressions will be used to show the fear and worry on their face. This will make the audience connect with their emotions and feel on edge. 19 6A High Angle. Long shot This shot shows the group of friends getting out of the vehicle to put the book back. The use of the high angle shots shows the friends vulnerable position. 20 7A High Angle Long shot This shot will show the character walking into the dark woods. The use of a high angle shot is still relevant as the characters are not in control and still vulnerable. 21 7B Low angle Medium Close up. The protagonist Ryan Carter puts the book down. The medium close up shows Ryan’s facial expression aswell has his action. This shot is important as it shows the start of Ryan’s possession. 22 7C Long shot Ryan reveals that he is possessed and begins twisting and turning. This shot is sped up to create extreme movement. 23 8A Close up The use of a close up shot will show the book flicking through the pages on its own, with blood pouring onto the pages.
  4. 4. 24 9A Long shot High Angle This shot will show the friends running out of the wooded area to return to a safe location. The high angle will adhere to their unsafe positions and vulnerability. 25 9B Close up One of the friends is shown to be gagging and covered in evil unknown symbols. 26 10A Extreme long shot This shot will show Ryan in the middle of a maze. Ryan will be sitting lifeless in a daze. 27 9C Close up A cut back to the friend gagging will show a black substance coming out of her mouth this is be in slow motion. 28 11A Medium shot The end shot will show Ryan carter crawling to the camera with the black Journal in his hands. This end shot will potentially make the audience jump. The action of Ryan crawling towards the audience creates fear.