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PiR Resourcing Talent Mapping


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PiR Resourcing Talent Mapping

  1. 1. TALENT MAPPINGWhat is Talent Mapping?Talent Mapping is an activity which allows companies to assess, in confidence, themarket potential and availability of talent in a given role. In turn this enables informeddecisions about structuring and reporting lines. By using a third party, such as PiRResourcing, companies can access market information and comparatives that wouldotherwise be difficult to obtain. How can Talent Mapping from PiR • Outcome: the report helped inform the decision Resourcing help your company? about launching a search in Q2 and this project formed the basis of the initial shortlist • It can help inform your decision to go to search • It means you can approach the market, in 2. Country Manager Asia Pacific Region – confidence, about an ‘at risk’ role which may need availability of regional talent replacing in the near term • Objective: to assess the availability of relevant talent • It allows you to benchmark the capability of your in the region (AsiaPac) rather than making an ex-pat internal talent against an external candidate pool appointment for mid-capped pharma • It gives you insight into candidates employed by • Scope: 15 interviews conducted across eight your competitors in a specific position, including countries remuneration data • Insights: identified the top three performers in • It enables you to review structuring and reporting the region, leading regional companies, most lines in competitor organisations comparable roles held by ex-pats (US or European) because of very limited regional talent, regionRecent PiR Resourcing Talent Mapping projects: perceived as very attractive place to be, strongestPiR Resourcing’s Talent Mapping expertise has already talent pools exist in Singapore, Australia andhelped several clients; typical examples are: Malaysia • Outcome: the client decided to develop a1. VP Global Strategic Procurement – high potential employee over a 12 month periodan ‘at risk’ role and then re-assess whether to conduct an external• Objective: to identify and engage with relevant search contacts across a range of world-class organisations from different market sectors (automotive, FMCG, 3. Global Head of Strategic Marketing – strategic technology and life science) insight about new market• Act as a benchmarking and potential succession • Objective: inform the decision about the acquisition planning exercise for an existing role that is currently of a business in a new market sector – devices – and located in the US where is the leading global marketing talent• Scope: 31 interviews conducted across 27 companies • Scope: interviewed 22 candidates in 18 companies spread across the US, Europe and Asia across Asia, Europe and the US• Insights: talent availability, interest in the role (five • Insights: top performers and high potentials CVs submitted), location of talent pool and flexibility identified, structures and reporting clarified, to move, leading companies in procurement, business challenges in sector crystallised, new cultural insights, remuneration packages, general innovations explored, how a device business aligns procurement trends
  2. 2. with a larger therapeutics focused organisation to About PiR Resourcing maximise strategic benefits PiR Resourcing is a specialist recruitment company• Outcome: six months post integration of the new providing senior level permanent and interim business, decided to conduct a global search for the management candidates to the international life Global Head of Strategic Marketing science industry.4. International Medical Director – therapeutic Because of our exclusive focus on the sector, ourfocus – inform restructuring project solutions are aligned to your organisation’s individual• Objective: to understand competitor structures recruitment needs. in major pharma companies as part of a global restructuring project for R&D; availability of PiR Resourcing services include: outstanding talent as a benchmarking exercise to • Permanent Resourcing Services internal succession planning • Interim Management Services• Scope: 22 interviews conducted across the US and • Talent Mapping Europe • Board Evaluation and HR Services• Insights: structure of teams and reporting (direct and • Bioscience Non-Executive Directors (NEDs) matrix), alignment of medical and medical affairs, therapeutic structure and focus, location of talent Our network of contacts across different functional pool including the top 10% of current job holders segments leads to the solutions we achieve on behalf in a similar role and high potentials seeking the of clients. In particular Medical, Medical Affairs, leadership role Regulatory, Programme Management, Supply• Outcome: informed the restructuring project and Chain, Quality Management, Market Access, Health flagged up high potentials to be included in a search Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR), Pricing once gaps are clarified post-restructuring and Reimbursement, senior level Commercial roles and NEDs.How can I arrange for PiR Resourcing to help mewith a Talent Mapping Exercise? If you would like to review a role, please do give aIf these case studies have flagged up a potential need member of the PiR Resourcing team a call to discuss ain your business, then please call Sally Hope or Carolyn specific resourcing need.Douthwaite on +44 (0) 1480 499580 for an initialdiscussion about options, process, timescales and Tel: +44 (0) 1480 499580potential costs. Email: CEO, Medical Device Design ConsultancyAbout PiR Resourcing: working with PiR Resourcing who proved very responsive to a challenging brief. Their “It has been a pleasure research was thorough and extensive, with a good list of candidates identified. The team was proactive in communicating with us and we always felt that they gave us 100%.”PiR Limited· Registered office: 14B Raleigh House, Compass Point Business Park, St Ives, Cambs, PE27 5JLCompany Registration: - 02802507 Registered England and WalesTel: +44 (0) 1480 499580 · Email: