Halloween 2011 top gift items


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List of top gift items and decorations for Halloween 2011. You can use the list of this top Halloween products at home or as gift and decor items.

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Halloween 2011 top gift items

  2. 2. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]This book contains the latest and most popular Halloween 2011 Gift Ideas & Decoration Items that can be used for home or as gifts for the ones you care. Please feel free to Share / Giveaway this book with your friends, on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace or wherever you hangout online. Let’s celebrate Halloween 2011. UPDATE PART – IIof this book which contains the (latest) hot selling costumes and products list for Halloween 2011, is now available for Free Download. To download, CLICK HEREImportant Note: The above download link will soon be taken down from our website, so download your copy ASAP) 2
  3. 3. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]ContentsFree Giveaway Items (BONUS, Last Page) …………………………………………………………………………. (Last Page)Introduction ............................................................................................................................................ 51. Halloween Skeleton Yard Flamingos Lawn Décor ........................................................................... 62. Hangman Clock Halloween Decoration .......................................................................................... 73. Wilton 12 Cavity Halloween Cookie Pan ......................................................................................... 84. Department 56 Halloween Water Tower ....................................................................................... 95. Halloween [Blu-ray] (1978) ........................................................................................................... 106. The Ultimate Rockin Halloween Party - American Horror Songs 1930s - 1950s.......................... 117. Extreme Halloween: The Ultimate Guide to Making Halloween Scary Again .............................. 128. Martha Stewart Halloween Spiderweb Mirror Cling .................................................................... 139. Shrinky Dinks Halloween Fun ........................................................................................................ 1410. Ground Breaker Light Skeleton ................................................................................................. 1511. Halloween 4 - The Return of Michael Myers ............................................................................ 1612. Bloody Bath Mat ....................................................................................................................... 1713. Halloween Pretty Wicked Witch Kitchen Dish Hand Tea Towels.............................................. 1814. Bloody Clings ............................................................................................................................. 1915. Spooky Sweets & Treats: Halloween Gift Basket for Kids ......................................................... 2016. R & M Halloween 6 Piece Cookie Cutter Set with Gift Box ....................................................... 2117. Buddy Bands - Spooky Bands .................................................................................................... 2218. Grinning Skull ............................................................................................................................ 2319. All Hallows Eve Goodies Halloween Snack Food Gift Basket .................................................... 2420. Skull Shaped Single Rhythm Egg Shaker ................................................................................... 2521. Fun Halloween - Ribbon Baby Girl & Toddler Hair Clip Gift Pack ............................................. 2622. Transparent Halloween Gift Wrap Sheets ................................................................................ 2723. Halloween: Customs, Recipes & Spells ..................................................................................... 2824. Halloween Candy Gift Box......................................................................................................... 2925. Halloween Cufflinks, Sterling Silver .......................................................................................... 3026. Halloween Witch Boot Salt & Pepper Shakers Great Gift Item ................................................ 3127. Wilton Halloween Pre- Baked Pre-Assembled Cookie House Kit.............................................. 3228. Pumpkin and Skull Cupcake Pan Kit Party Supplies .................................................................. 33 3
  4. 4. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]29. Grim Reaper Holding Candle Lantern ....................................................................................... 3430. Jim Shore Halloween Haunted House Lighted 2008 ................................................................. 3531. Halloween Snow Village from Department 56 Retching Pumpkin Diner ................................. 3632. Halloween Toilet Paper Holder Skeleton Grinning Skull ........................................................... 3733. Ghostly Group Lawn Decoration ............................................................................................... 3834. Sound and Lights Witch Door Décor ......................................................................................... 3935. Zombie-Hand Peel N Place Toilet Topper ................................................................................ 4036. Animated Raven Halloween Candy Bowl .................................................................................. 4137. Department 56 Village Halloween Yard Decorations ............................................................... 4238. Department 56 Halloween Orange Twinkle Bright Tree........................................................... 4339. Lite-Up Gargoyle ....................................................................................................................... 4440. RoomMates PJ2003SCS Happy Halloween Peel & Stick Wall Decals ........................................ 4541. Ashtray Skeleton Statue 16" Crossbones .................................................................................. 4642. Battery Operated Bleeding Skull Fountain................................................................................ 4743. Good Tidings Half Moon with Hanging Spider Décor ............................................................... 4844. 6 Foot Halloween Spider Web .................................................................................................. 4945. Cemetery Fence ........................................................................................................................ 5046. Halloween Spooky Bottle Label Stickers ................................................................................... 5147. Halloween Mega 700 Watt Fog Machine Maker ...................................................................... 5248. Tennessee Volunteers 6.5" Halloween Ghost Bucket .............................................................. 5349. String of 70 Forever Bright C6 LED Energy Saving Orange Indoor/Outdoor Halloween Lights 5450. Gothic Coffin Casket Box Case Halloween Prop........................................................................ 55Conclusion ............................................................................................................................................. 56 4
  5. 5. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]IntroductionHalloween is the time of the year where all spooky creatures appear in the name of fun. Thisis the time where we have the right to bring to life a “scary” side of us by wearing spookyHalloween costumes and even to the extent of turning our homes into an eerie, hauntedhouse. Most people love the Halloween holidays as it’s the best opportunity for them toexhibit their creativity through their Halloween ideas – in their costumes, decorations,games etc.The event that most look forward to in this holiday is the Halloween party. This is whereeveryone makes an effort to be dressed in their most spectacular masks and costumes tosurprise, scare and even shock others at the event. Common dress characters are theFrankenstein, a witch, a mad doctor and even a werewolf. Everyone takes this once a yearchance to dress up as their favourite characters from books, comics, movies etc.There are different kinds of masks and makeup available which can help you achieve yourlook or to enhance your costume. Moreover, they can be used to create some real eerieeffects and spook the daylights out of your friends and family.If you are organizing the Halloween party, then you’ve got to make sure that your venue orhome is spruce up in the spirit. You can decorate with Halloween decorations such ashanging bats, spider webs and Jack O Lanterns, which can surely up the atmosphere of theparty. And if you are up for the challenge, you can even create a haunted house to raise theHalloween fun for your guests!Remember, Halloween should be a meticulously planned event – from the costumes to thedecorations. And a well thought-out plan will give you and your guests a frightfully goodtime!Don’t worry if you do not know where to start.There are plenty of creative Halloween items available to help you turn the holiday to bemost enjoyable time of the year. And many are available online so that you can shop forthem in the comforts of your own home.And in this book, we have compiled a list of the top 50 Halloween party items availableonline to help you get started with your spooky Halloween.So let’s dive straight in! 5
  6. 6. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]1. Halloween Skeleton Yard Flamingos Lawn DécorOne of the ways for you to decorate your lawn is by getting your own 2 HalloweenSkeleton Yard Flamingos Lawn Décor. This is the reason why you need to make sure thatyou get your own Halloween Skeleton Lawn Décor so when kids would do their trick ortreats; they would surely find time to drop by your house to check out how lovely yourHalloween décors are. This décor is definitely going to be a great conversation piece andsomething that would make your plain lawn elegant and something spooky which isperfect for the Halloween. This pair of Halloween decor is moulded in black plastic ispainted with bone designs. The height is about 22” high. The décor will surely be perfectfor Halloween parties.The Flamingo Lawn décor is not only a good conversation piece but it is also somethingthat could make your boring Halloween something trendy and something that wouldreally catch the eyes of people passing by your house. Expect a lot of people passing byyour house because they would surely want to have a glimpse of you Halloween décor.If you are wondering about the price, then you would definitely be glad to know that forthe price of $16.33, you can get hold of your own skeleton flamingos that is definitelydurable and could last for years. If you want an eye catching decoration for your lawnduring the Halloween, then be sure to get hold of these 2 Halloween Skeleton YardFlamingos Lawn Décor.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 6
  7. 7. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]2. Hangman Clock Halloween DecorationHalloween is just around the corner which is why as early as now, you need to look fordecoration so you would be able to have a cool house or office for the Halloween. TheHangman Clock Halloween Decoration is definitely perfect for the Halloween since the clockfeatures a hanging man that serves as the pendulum of the clock. This is definitely the bestway for your guests to check out the time in case you wish to have a Halloween party atyour office or your house.This product is a clock and a wall décor at the same time which means that you get to payfor the price of one. This will surely freak out your guests when they check the time onHalloween which will definitely make it a lot more exciting. This product is a great additionto your Halloween decorations and people would surely like checking out the time andwould surely like the hanging man that swings as the pendulum of the clock.For just $73.20, you get to have a wall décor and a clock which would serve as a great wayfor people to check the time on your Halloween party. This product is definitely ideal forthose people who wish to hold their very own Halloween party. This will surely surprisesome of your guests every time they would check out the time. If you want to have a walldécor and a clock at the same time, then getting your own Hangman Clock HalloweenDecoration would surely be a good idea for your Halloween party.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 7
  8. 8. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]3. Wilton 12 Cavity Halloween Cookie PanHalloween parties are very common especially if you have kids since they love to havesome trick or treats. If you want to make their trick or treat unforgettable this comingHalloween, then getting your own Wilton 12 Cavity Halloween Cookie Pan is a good idea.This Halloween Cookie pan is the best cookies moulder for the Halloween and kids wouldtruly love getting some treats from you. It has 12 cavity and 12 cute designs and is madeout of aluminium. You will surely have a lot of fun baking your cookies that are shaped indifferent Halloween items.It is a non-stick cookie pan which is perfect for your baking sessions. You can use it everytime you make your cookies and kids would surely love it. Your house is going to be filledwith kids especially if they see the cookies that you made out of the Halloween cookiepan. When baking cookies especially if you have kids joining you, make sure that they donot touch the pan once it comes out of the oven.The kids would surely love their treats this coming Halloween, if you have your ownWilton 12 Cavity Halloween Cookie Pan. If you want to make sure that you havesomething unique for the trick or treats this coming Halloween, then buying this itemwould surely let you and the kids have fun while enjoying their treats molded out of yourHalloween Cookie Pan.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 8
  9. 9. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]4. Department 56 Halloween Water TowerA big part of Halloween is to come up with the best decorating theme for your front yard. Ifyou have a great Halloween themed front yard, kids all around will want to include yourhouse in their trick or treating route. Decorating your front yard is not only a fun experiencethat you and your family can enjoy, it also shows that you are actively participating in agreat yearly tradition that is fun for everyone.One of the best front yard decorations to have next Halloween is the Department 56Halloween Water Tower. This decoration features a smiling jack o’ lantern that is placed ontop of an 11 inch model of a water tower. At the base of the tower, there are some blackbare branch trees as well as more jack o’ lanterns. The water tower itself is intricatelydetailed and includes rickety looking support frames as well as a climbing ladder. It alsofeatures a durable build that can enable it to withstand the outdoor elements for manyHalloween nights to come.The Department 56 Halloween Water Tower is perfect if you are going for a “hauntedvillage” decorating theme. You can use it as a centerpiece to your decoration. You can add afew haunted houses around it as well as lighted jack o’ lanterns around it. Kids will definitelywant to stop by your house when trick or treating just to check out your front yarddecorations. With the water tower’s durable build, you will not have to worry about anydamage from the elements or rowdy kids. This is definitely a great addition to yourHalloween decorations.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 9
  10. 10. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]5. Halloween [Blu-ray] (1978)One of the best ways to spend a Halloween evening is to watch a scary movie and whatelse should you watch on Halloween night but the classic and aptly titled film, Halloween.In fact, a lot of people make it part of their Halloween tradition to watch the film. This iswhy you should get a Blu-ray copy of this film as part of your Halloween preparation thisyear. With the Halloween [Blu-ray] (1978) you can be able to enjoy this classic film in highdefinition Blu-ray. With this high definition version, it is going to be like watching the filmin theaters. If you want the ultimate Halloween movie experience in your home, this Blu-ray film is the best for you.The Blu-ray copy not only contains the movie, it also includes special features like audiocommentaries by John Carpenter and Jamie Lee Curtis, film trivia and a film featurette.The Blu-ray copy also includes all the trailers, TV spots and radio spots used to promotethe film back in 1978. These add ons make the Blu-ray copy a must have for all fans of thefilmFor only $14.99, this Blu-ray copy is definitely totally worth it. It is a small price to pay toensure that you have a very enjoyable Halloween night with your friends or loved ones.Just pop in the Blu-ray disc, sit back and munch on Halloween candy and popcorn andenjoy the movie in full Blu-ray quality. I cannot wait to watch my copy next Halloween. Itis definitely going to be a lot of fun.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 10
  11. 11. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]6. The Ultimate Rockin Halloween Party - American Horror Songs 1930s - 1950sWhen you think of Halloween, you think of chilling violin shrieks, ominous tones that reek ofimpending doom on an innocent and unwary individual walking through darkness. You can onlyimagine a few creepy chants lurking about in every corner and when you turn around, a loud Legattoshriek or even a heavy thump of a drum reverberates throughout the air and the horror that comesto haunt you embraces you in its grasp. That’s what Halloween usually brings to mind when itcomes to music. However, there’s also the fun side of it, where you get to engage in novelty songswhich can truly bring out the rowdy ghoul in you. Thankfully, you have The Ultimate RockinHalloween Party - American Horror Songs 1930s - 1950s album to satisfy the need for a jolly goodscary time!The Ultimate Rockin Halloween Party - American Horror Songs 1930s - 1950s is a compilation of oldschool tunes sang by some of the most prolific artists of the good old days, all of which belong todifferent genres. What sets this apart from all other compilation albums, though, is the fact thatthese artists have collaborated with each other to produce an album fit for listening duringHalloween. Now, that’s something you don’t get to hear every day! The album includes classics suchas Bobby Bickett’s “Monster Mash” and the Coasters’ “the Shadow Knows”.The album itself sells for $6.99, a total bargain considering the list of Hall of Famers included in thisalbum. If you’re one who just wants to have a rockin’ good time listening to old school tunes on AllHollow’s Eve, then this would be the perfect pick!Engage in a trip down memory lane and celebrate Halloween with vintage tunes! The UltimateRockin Halloween Party - American Horror Songs 1930s - 1950s will surely satisfy the old’ schoolrocker in you!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 11
  12. 12. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]7. Extreme Halloween: The Ultimate Guide to Making Halloween Scary AgainHalloween is something of an internationally renowned holiday, and nearly every one youmay know is probably anticipating such a lively event, flocking the streets in their uniqueghoulish costumes, and trick or treating with the neighbors for some candy. However, it hasbecome all too commercialized that the essence of scares and frights has slowly beeneradicated. Thankfully, if you want to bring back the eeriness and spookiness of this age oldtradition, then you will definitely want to take a look at Extreme Halloween: The UltimateGuide to Making Halloween Scary Again!This is a trade paperback book written by the bestselling author of “Extreme Pumpkins- theUltimate Guide to Reviving the Grisly True Spirit of Halloween.” From this book, you will gethundreds of ideas on how to bake the most haemorrhaging deserts to even a few ways onhow to bury all your friends and family members alive with much glee! All the ideascontained in this book are truly outrageous and will give its readers enough inspiration totransform their houses into a genuine place of horror and terror!The book is a must buy for all people who wish to add some spice to their Halloweencelebration. Do away with the usual approaches and integrate a bit of uniqueness to yourhousehold activities, making it an All Hollow’s Eve to remember!Extreme Halloween: The Ultimate Guide to Making Halloween Scary Again contains severalsuggestions for party tricks, pranks and food, all of which would surely inject some life to arather mundane Halloween Celebration! If you want to do the same, then grab a copy now!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 12
  13. 13. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]8. Martha Stewart Halloween Spiderweb Mirror ClingDo you remember those vintage horror movies from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, where filmmakers didn’trely on cheap boo scares and excessive amounts of gore to cause an unsettling sense of eeriness tothe theater audience? Back then, it was all about atmosphere, and the surroundings in which youron-screen protagonists were in surely helped matters to a great extent, consisting of dilapidatedstairs, creaky chairs and doors, and of course, the ever-popular cobweb-filled mirrors. Worldrenowned craftswoman and cooking aficionado Martha Stewart has decided to provide householdseverywhere with a touch of that vintage spookiness with her very own Halloween Spiderweb MirrorCling, truly making it a nice piece of décor to use in your house come October 31st.The Martha Steward Halloween Spiderweb Mirror Cling is actually a mirror sticky set which contains12 pieces, consisting of plastic spiders and web designs. These are all made to enhance thosemirrors of yours, truly giving them a unique Halloween-ish feel. After all, it’s not every day you getto see a black spider sticking on your wall without you ever itching to shoo it away from your sight.Aside from that, if your family, friends and guests decide to give you a visit, it sure would be a hootseeing them jump with a jolt down their spines as they look in the mirror and realize there’s a spiderin front of them. These clings stick to the mirror or practically any glass surface. The pieces arerather small and may prove to be difficult to find when lost, but they are rather easy to pull off whenyou no longer have need for them.This product comes at a low, low price of $8.50 and is a suitable choice for individuals who wouldlike to enhance their furniture with truly unique add-ons that can only further exude a fun sense ofcreepiness on a day like Halloween!The Martha Stewart Halloween Spiderweb Mirror Cling will truly enhance the atmosphere of yourhome with creepy spiders and spooky cobwebs on your mirrors. Made with the signature style ofMartha Stewart, this is one Halloween décor that sets itself apart from the rest!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 13
  14. 14. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]9. Shrinky Dinks Halloween Fun Nearly every child in the world has had his or her share of Shrinky Dinks. After all, these are one of the most popular household activity kits out there, consisting of rather large and flexible sheets that you can shrink to smaller, hardened plates upon slipping them in a heated oven. They were quite popular in the 1980’s, and even up to this day they still sell like pancakes. With Halloween coming up in the next couple of months, you can actually engage in some Shrinky Dink-ing with the brand new Shrinky dinks Halloween Fun Kit! The Shrinky Dinks Halloween Fun kit is a Halloween-themed children’s activity kit which contains colored pencils as well as a sharpener, and a holepunch so you can tie the ornaments around its hallow tree base with included bands, along with themetal pieces to attach the ornaments to. The tree base is surprisingly detailed and will definitelymake for a good décor come October 31st, even allowing you to reuseit the following year. There are some issues with the metal pieces andthe ornaments not being pre-punched, so you’ll have to be careful ifyou don’t want to drill new openings after baking them.This fun activity kit costs only $12,08, an amazing price considering thebrand that goes along with it. This makes for an idea activity kit forboth parents and children who wish to prepare for Halloween in groupparticipation and are totally safe.The Shrinky Dinks Halloween Fun activity kit will surely rouse yourchildren’s excitement for All Hollow’s Eve, setting the right atmospherein the house mixed with a sense of innocent fun!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 14
  15. 15. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]10. Ground Breaker Light SkeletonIf you grew up in the 80’s, then you’ll fondly recall memories of watching Michael Jackson’shit music video “Thriller”, seeing all those dancers in full zombie makeup rise up frombeyond their graves, inevitably dancing with the former King of Pop. However, it’s the verysight of those zombies crawling from the ground, along with the eerie notes that hit, thatstill bear much significance in people’s minds. You may not exactly be dancing along to“Thriller” this October 31st, but you may want to see a skeleton attempt to break out of thesoil in your own living room. If so, then you should look into buying yourself a GroundBreaker Light Skeleton.The Ground Breaker Light Skeleton is a light-up product from Halloween novelty itemmanufacturer Haunt Your House which serves a home décor. The package contains askeleton which appears to be rising from beyond his grave. To use this item, stick thebatteries, simply place it on the ground and watch the lights emit from his eyes and his fauxsoil base, thus creating quite a spooky vibe which will surely grab the attention of yourfamily, friends and guests during your Halloween house party!The Ground Breaker Light Skeleton is pretty affordable for something of this nature. Thismakes for a perfect purchase among the many Halloween aficionados looking to exude acertain eerie atmosphere to their garden or even in their living rooms.Watch the ghouls rise from their graves and draw you in to their mystifyingly bright gaze!The Ground Breaker Light Skeleton will surely be a great conversation piece among yourguests, as they entertain themselves with the goofy yet spooky nature of the décor.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 15
  16. 16. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]11. Halloween 4 - The Return of Michael MyersOne of the most popular Halloween traditions is to have a Halloween movie marathon.Spending Halloween night watching all the films of the Halloween franchise starting fromHalloween to H20 is going to be a fun experience with your friends and loved ones. I forone, love the Halloween film series and I have watched each of the films countless times.I practically memorized the dialog of the films because Ive been watching this over andover again. But I was still very excited when the Divimax Editions came out. Ive alreadycollected all the Divimax editions of the first three Halloween films and I recentlypurchased Halloween 4 - The Return of Michael Myers (Divimax Edition) (1988).I tell you , watching the movie in Divimax is going to give fans of the film franchise awhole new experience in watching the film. The film is displayed in full anamorphicformat with a 1.85:1 aspect ratio. This means you will be watching it with a crisp and clearresolution. The Dolby Digital 5.1 audio 5.1 completes the movie theater experience foryour home. Watching this movie is definitely a great way to spend your Halloween.You will not only get the full movie but cool bonuses like, audio commentaries, trailers aswell as the making of featurette. This is definitely perfect for all fans of the film. With thisDVD, you can enjoy the film any time you feel like watching this timeless classic. Watchingthis movie will definitely be a great Halloween experience.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 16
  17. 17. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]12. Bloody Bath MatIf you’re looking for a definitive piece of household items that will surely cause your gueststo shriek louder than Janet Leigh in Psycho, then perhaps you should look into this product.The Bloody Bath Mat definitely gives that horror-movie feel with such an unsightly andhorrific image – shower curtains stained with bloody hand prints and a bath mat withimprints of bloody footprints.The Bloody Bath Mat set consists of two items, a blood stained shower curtain and a no-lessstained bathroom mat as well. These serve rather basic and practical uses, although youwould like to purchase them for the fun factor. Besides, why settle for an ordinarily blandshower curtain and a plain looking bath rug when you can actually add some jolt of horrorand excitement in the restroom! Besides, it surewould be funny to actually see your parents visit youat home and then shake their heads withamusement and shock as they see what you’ve donewith the bathroom furniture. The mat maybesomewhat small for some people, but it’s thenovelty factor of it which makes it a must buy just intime for the Halloween season. *cue horror music!This is intended for people of all ages, mostparticularly individuals who like to engage in theHalloween spirit and fill the bathroom with thateerie vibe!The Bloody Bath Mat will truly give your bathroomthat foreboding sense of creep and an unsettling air of horror! This is an item that’s sure tobe hit with your friends, family and guests come October 31st this year!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 17
  18. 18. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]13. Halloween Pretty Wicked Witch Kitchen Dish Hand Tea Towels All Hollow’s Eve, the feast of ghouls... Also known as Halloween, this is a holiday celebrated all around the world. This marks the opportunity for both children and adults to wear fancily made costumes, ranging from monsters to superheroes, and parade themselves around the streets, visiting their neighbors for some bag of goodies. Aside from that, it’s also a great way to get the family together to engage in a group activity where they get to enjoy themselves. If you’re one of those individuals who would rather bask in a good old fashioned Halloween dinner, then itsurely wouldn’t be complete without a Halloween Pretty Wicked Witch Kitchen Dish Hand TeaTowels set!The Halloween Pretty Wicked Witch Kitchen Dish Hand Tea Towels aremade of a linen/cotton blend with a pom-pom edging, measuring 29 by20 inches. These come in a set of two, one of which is an orange towelwith a black kettle design, along with a “Serving Poison Daily”embroidery. The other has the words “This witch can cook”embroidered on it, and is a black towel with a witch silhouette print.The towel set costs $21.99, appropriately so due to the quality of theproduct, made from cotton and linen. These make for a perfect diningaccessory for households everywhere who wish to indulge themselvesand their family, friends or guests with a suitably Halloween-ish themeduring dinner time.The Halloween Pretty Wicked Witch Kitchen Dish Hand Tea Towels aredefinitely a must buy, should you be in a festive mood in yourhousehold come October 31st. It’s also an ideal gift-giving piece forfellow ghouls!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 18
  19. 19. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]14. Bloody ClingsThe mere sight of bloody windows is enough to strike fear in the hearts of many, as it is an imagethat reeks of eeriness and doom. You’ve seen such images in a variety of horror movies, with thehelpless victim trying to hold on to dear life as the villain or the monster drags them away to thedarkness. This is surely something that will stick in your mind, and come round Halloween; youwould like to have the perfect atmosphere in your household as you celebrate this festival of ghostsand goblins with some Bloody Clings!The Bloody Clings set contains 22 removable yet highly reusable bloody window clings that come in avariety of shapes, such as bloody hands or blood drips. With this product you can surely bring somelife to those rather plain looking windows during the Halloween season, and are ideal for bothindoor and outdoor use. These are made of all-weather poly material, which makes them highlyresistant to weather conditions, whether it’s raining or humid. These are technically plastic films, soif there is such a con, it’s that these may be swallowed or chewed onThe Bloody Clings set run for a dollar and thirty nine cents, from the original list price of $5.49.These are suitable for individuals and households who would like to exude a truly fun sense ofspookiness in their households during the 31st of October!The blood splatters on this set look very realistic, and make for a great conversation piece amongfriends, family and guests. Purchase yourself some Bloody Clings just in time for All Hollow’s Eve andbe the talk of the neighborhood!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 19
  20. 20. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]15. Spooky Sweets & Treats: Halloween Gift Basket for KidsWhen you’re out in the streets during Halloween, you’ll see an abundance of nicely costumed folksparading around in their superhero, monster and other kinds of stylish outfits. These individualstake part in the festivities of such an age-old tradition, knocking on their neighbors’ doors and askingfor some treats. When you’ve got your share of ghoulish visitors waiting to be given their fair shareof candies and other goodies, you’d like to shower them with a unique set of sweets. In this case,why not go for some Spooky Sweets & Treats: Halloween Gift Basket for Kids?The Spooky Sweets & Treats: Halloween Gift Basket for Kids is a unique bagful of ghoulish treats andsweets which include several types of candies, chocolates, and even novelties and games you andyour friends can engage in. You can either use these as give-aways on the eve of Halloween or youcan give this to your little tykes!The Spooky Sweets & Treats: Halloween Gift Basket for Kids has an amazing price of $43.99, suitablyso for the number of goodies you’ll find in it, which would all cost a lot more when boughtindividually. This gift basket will surely put some delight in the eyes of your kids, who love nothingmore than a bag filled with delicious sweets and fun novelty items for their amusement!The Spooky Sweets & Treats: Halloween Gift Basket for Kids puts a smile on your children’s faces,and will make for an ideal gift on All Hollow’s Eve! With the number of items to be found in the bag,there’s practically a whole lot they can enjoy!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 20
  21. 21. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]16. R & M Halloween 6 Piece Cookie Cutter Set with Gift BoxHalloween is a holiday celebrated around the world. What sets it apart from all the other holidays isthat its origins are of a spooky tone, and the events surrounding it consist of ghouls taking part infiendish delight, playing pranks on hapless individuals. The same still occurs up to this day, only amore fun-filled mass participation manner, as children and adults get together in their uniqueghastly costumes, asking for a bag of treats from their neighbors, and taking part in the opportunityto decorate their houses with appropriately eerie designs. There’s also a whole lot activities to bedone in the household during this event, with one of them being cookie baking! If you want to put aunique spin on said activity, then you might want to consider purchasing the R & M Halloween 6Piece Cookie Cutter Set with Gift Box!The R & M Halloween 6 Piece Cookie Cutter Set with Gift Box is a high quality cookie cutter set filledwith unique shapes, all of which would hold appropriately during the baking process. To furtherlengthen its use, you will need to constantly hand wash, thus avoiding its deterioration. It alsoserves other purposes, since you can use it for other fun crafts as well. The cookie cuttersthemselves come in 7 shapes, namely a bat, cat, ghost, moon, owl, pumpkin and a witch on a broom.The whole cookie set costs only $13.72, and are ideal for families who would like to engage in a funpastime coming up with tasty treats for the entire household to enjoy during All Hollow’s Eve!This is a high quality novelty cookie cutter set which has 7 unique designs, all of which are sure tokeep your children and family members entertained as they get ready to bake delicious treats withyou! The R & M Halloween 6 Piece Cookie Cutter Set with Gift Box will surely be a hit with yourcrafts loving peers as well!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 21
  22. 22. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]17. Buddy Bands - Spooky BandsEverybody sees Halloween as dark and gritty event,where all the ghouls come out to play and make livesmiserable for people everywhere, where all thegoblins play pranks on helpless individuals andterrorize their lives. Thankfully, for the world over, it’sa holiday where people get to play dress up and gotrick or treating on their neighbors, as they roam thestreets about in their colorful costumes. When you’relooking for an additional accessory which you canwear or even share with your friends during a nightout on All Hollow’s Eve, the Buddy Bands HalloweenEdition is a great pick!These are double wrap bands which are larger than the standard ones you see in specialtystores, and come in a variety of designs. The package itself consists of 12 bands, coming in 6different shapes, such as the Ghost, Haunted House, Jack-o-Lantern, Bat, Black Cat andSkeleton. These can be worn, or you can even hand them out to your buddies whilepartying out on the 31st of October.The whole bag is sure to be a hit with every age group, allowing them to wrap these bandsaround their wrists. These can also be used to fillers for goodie bags when your kids want togo out Trick or Treating.The Buddy Bands – Spooky Bands are definitely durable, and they look cute on your kids’wrists!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 22
  23. 23. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]18. Grinning Skull When Halloween comes, you’ll be sure to see a lot of households trying to partake in the festivities. After all, it’s not every day you get see individuals walking around in the streets or enjoying themselves in the pubs and clubs wearing home- made or purchased costumes of their favorite monsters, ghouls and superheroes. This is definitely an occasion which is celebrated worldwide, and if you truly want to add to the entire creepiness of the atmosphere that can only be exuded on the last day of October, then better purchase yourself a Grinning Skull and place it onyour coffee table top!The Grinning Skull is a realistically made skull, composed of alabastrite, measuring 6 ½” x 4¼“ x 4 5/8” high. This is simply a decorative item which cannot be compared with any other,truly giving the impression you’ve got an actual skull placed atop your desk or dinner table.It has a slightly broken look, which can definitely enhance the effect of it all, making yourhouse seem like a graveyard for the undead!Considering it’s made out of high quality material like Alabastrite, which is technicallypolyresin, this comes at a low price of $10.01! If you’re a collector of unique items and arealso into creepy and spooky stuff, then this would no doubt fill out your collectionappropriately!The Grinning Skull is as realistic as it can get, truly making it a conversation piece that’s sureto be a hit especially when you’re holding a Halloween Party at your house!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 23
  24. 24. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]19. All Hallows Eve Goodies Halloween Snack Food Gift BasketYou fondly remember the days when you and your child used to walk down the street inyour costumes, asking for sweets and treats around the neighborhood, and celebratingHalloween with a unique sense of style. Of course, the whole experience is truly enhancedknowing you’re with someone you hold dearly. Now, your child has grown to be a fineyoung individual who’s currently away in college, but it’s for certain that those memorieswill always be held close to their hearts. You can bring back some sense of nostalgia for youboth, come October 31st, by sending him or her All Hallows Eve Goodies Halloween SnackFood Gift Basket - Great Care Package for College Kids!The All Hallows Eve Goodies Halloween Snack Food Gift Basket - Great Care Package forCollege Kids is a gift basket that is filled with delicious treats, appropriately themed forHalloween itself. Its contents include two pumpkin cookies, butter cookies, Jelly Belly(jellybeans), candy corn and a uniquely pumpkin themed popcorn bag! With these goodies, yourson or daughter will fondly remember your Halloween nights together!The gift basket is suitable for all ages, though its intended demographic is college kids whowould like to remember what it feels like to spend All Hollow’s Eve with their parents!The All Hallows Eve Goodies Halloween Snack Food Gift Basket - Great Care Package forCollege Kids provides much gastric delight in one bag! If you’re looking for some Halloweentreats to give your kids, then this will definitely be a hit!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 24
  25. 25. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]20. Skull Shaped Single Rhythm Egg ShakerDo you remember those rattle toys your parents used to give you when you were younger? Thesewere the same rattle toys you gave your own children to entertain and amuse as they were growingfrom mere infants rolling around in their cribs to toddlers who slowly learned how to talk and walkaround the household. Well, Halloween has come and even adults such as yourself would want toplay around with such items, especially with a noise maker that’s truly suitable for house partieswith friends while in your costumes. Aside from that, your kids may want something to play aroundwith when they’re at home with their own set of pals on Halloween night. Purchase a Skull ShapedSingle Rhythm Egg Shaker and listen to the rattles that may further enhance the spooks!The Skull Shaped Single Rhythm Egg Shakers are noise makers which you shake much like a pair ofmaracas or baby rattles. These are rather fun and easy to play with, and they come in the shape of askull. There are several of them in a single package and also come in a variety of colors.The entire egg shaker set runs for $1.79 and is an ideal toy to play around with your kids or evenyour friends who would like to partake in some childish activities which would elicit laughs andchuckles among the rest of your peers.The Skull Shaped Single Rhythm Egg Shaker is certain to be a hit with your pals and buddies, andeven your kids will enjoy playing around with them! For a rather affordable price, you get a piece ofHalloween-themed entertainment in the palm of your hands!Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 25
  26. 26. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]21. Fun Halloween - Ribbon Baby Girl & Toddler Hair Clip Gift PackWith Halloween just around the corner, it is time for you to check out gift products for yourlittle girl, or for your love ones. One product you can consider is the Fun Halloween - RibbonBaby Girl & Toddler Hair Clip Gift Pack, which is now available through the internet.This product is great for Halloween due to the fact that it has been designed to give thatinteresting effect, especially with its color combination of red and black. Your toddler orbaby girl would look really cute with this ribbon or hair clip. Its size and design are perfect tomake little girls standout in a Halloween party, even when adults are also present.One of the best things about this ribbon is the fact that its clip is gentle enough for a toddleror a baby girl to make use of. In other words, you won’t have to worry about your childgetting hurt because of the clip. Aside from that, the ribbon is securely attached to the clip,which means that it is made in good quality and that it can lastbeyond Halloween; and, you can have your baby girl make useof it in other parties as well.Just make sure that your child does not play with it without yousupervising, since it may have small parts or sharp ends that canhurt her.This can be purchased at around $7-$8 USD, and it can be agreat gift idea, especially since it is available in a beautiful cleargift box, which is wrapped with black ribbon. This product isindeed best for Halloween parties, especially if you want yourtoddler to become one who attracts the attention of most of the people around.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 26
  27. 27. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]22. Transparent Halloween Gift Wrap SheetsBefore Halloween time arrives, it is best that you start making the necessary preparationsfor it, so that you won’t have to rush things a day or two before that. Some of the thingsthat you would need are gift wrap sheets. When it comes to that, one product that isgaining in popularity in the marketplace today is the 24 Packs of 6 Transparent HalloweenGift Wrap Sheets. Before purchasing that though, it is a good idea to check out this reviewfirst.First and foremost, this pack of 6 transparent Halloween gift wrap sheets has been madespecifically for Halloween because of its design. Each sheet comes with bats, pumpkins, andstars, which are the usual stuffs that you can see during Halloween. In other words, it isperfect to make use of for candies and other things, when children around yourneighborhood start visiting from one house to another for their trick or treat activities.One downside of this product is the fact that you can only make use of it during Halloween.However, most people do not complain about that, since they usually run out of it after thespecial event, and besides, one can still make use of it the following year’s Halloween sinceit is manufactured in good quality.Each of these Halloween gift wrap sheets measures about 18 X 30 inches, and 24 packs of 6can cost around $47 USD.This is the perfect Halloween product for you, especially if you are looking forward to a lotof kids knocking at your door for treats or if you are planning to give different gift items toyour children, nephews, nieces, and your friends kids.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 27
  28. 28. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]23. Halloween: Customs, Recipes & SpellsCelebrating Halloween can become more meaningful, if you are able to uncover the historybehind it. One product that can make that a possibility is called the Halloween: Customs,Recipes & Spells, which is a book written by Silver Ravenwolf. Through this review, you willbe able to know more about what’s inside this Halloween book, which should provide youenough guidance in deciding whether this is the book you want or not.First of all, as its title connotes, this product has been created intentionally for theHalloween, since its content is all about it. It is best that you purchase this book just beforeHalloween arrives, so that you will be able to get to know more about this yearly traditionbetter, just before celebrating it.Aside from uncovering the history behind Halloween, this book will also provide you withother interesting things such as its Halloween Magick, Magickal Goodies, Halloween Mythsand Superstitions, Divination, and Rituals to Honor the Dead. In other words, you can makeuse of it for yourself, or share it with your kids, so as to give them a more exciting andthrilling way of celebrating Halloween.This book consists of 240 pages of magic spells, special Halloween recipes, stories of ghostsand witches, and many more.Any person young and old would enjoy reading this book for just $9 to $10 USD a piece. Thiswould also be a good gift to give to someone who wants to have more fun in Halloween.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 28
  29. 29. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]24. Halloween Candy Gift BoxAre you looking forward to providing your children and other kids in your neighborhooddifferent types of candies for the Halloween? If you are, then you should check out thisHalloween Candy Gift Box set, which may serve your purpose. Before purchasing it though,it is best to get to know more about it, so that you will be able to make a sound decision.If you are thinking of giving out different types of candies this Halloween, especially for thekids who will visit your house for trick or treat, then why not provide them with candies thatare made especially for the Halloween tradition? This Halloween candy gift box set actuallyconsists of different types of candies, which are designed in a special way to celebrateHalloween even better.This gift box will make a big impact to your kids, when you bring it with you when you go outfor a picnic with the whole family, or when you place it on top of your dining table duringHalloween. Your kids will definitively spend a lot of time digging through it, while choosingfrom different types of Halloween candies like the 3 Chocolate Fright Bites, 2 EyeballLollipops, 4 Eyes of Terror Bubblegum, 4 Gummy Body Parts, 5 Oozing Eyes, and many more.For just around $28 to $29 USD, you will already have a gift box full of terrifying yetfascinating candies, which should already provide lots of fun to you, your children, and thekids in your neighborhood when they visit you for treats.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 29
  30. 30. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]25. Halloween Cufflinks, Sterling SilverWhen you attend a Halloween party, and you want to be among the people who are able topull off an interesting outfit, then you should make sure that you are able to take care ofevery little detail in your costume. To complete the set up of your Halloween outfit, youshould make use of cufflinks for it. In relation to that, it’s best to review the HalloweenCufflinks, Sterling Silver, handmade by Zaunick, so that you can make up your mind about it.This cufflinks by Zaunick is handmade with sterling silver, and it has a very unique design.You can make use of it to complete your outfit, and make people terrified by looking at it.This Zaunick cufflinks shows off a design that reflects a skull and at the same time displayingthe mask of the villain in the popular horror flick titled “Scream”. This Halloween accessoryis best used by men who are using costumes that are similar to that of the villain in the saidmovie. Thus, if you think that it will complement with your get up, then you should makeuse of it soon.It is made with sterling silver and with front and back side quality finish that will notdisappoint you. Therefore, if you are looking for quality cufflinks that can last for long, thisshould make a good addition to the kind of Halloween costume that you are planning tomake use of.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 30
  31. 31. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]26. Halloween Witch Boot Salt & Pepper Shakers Great Gift ItemAre you preparing for another Halloween party this year? If so, then you must be in searchfor items that can make it more unique than the previous year. One of the things that canhelp you do that is the Halloween Witch Boot Salt & Pepper Shakers, which are availabletoday, even through the internet. However, it is best to check out more details about thisitem first, so that you will be able to make an informed decision about it.This Halloween Witch Boot Salt & Pepper Shakers are shaped like boots of a witch, and arehand painted ceramic. With its design and color, it is a perfect addition to your Halloweenparty, especially if you are serving food that will have your guests long for more salt andpepper.These boot-like shakers measure about 2 and ¼ inches in height, 4 inches in width, and 1and ¾ inches in depth. In other words, they will fit perfectly to any kitchen or dining tableset up. In other words, you won’t have any problem fitting them into the kind ofarrangement you may have on your party table.Their size may come as a problem to some though, since they are quite smallish; however,with a very attractive design, many of your guests would definitely notice them.For a price of $8 to $9 USD, you can already have a pair of these cute little shakers, whichwill definitely make your Halloween party more interesting.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 31
  32. 32. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]27. Wilton Halloween Pre- Baked Pre-Assembled Cookie House KitCelebrating the Halloween with the right house decors is definitively one of the best ways todo it. Many people searching for the perfect centerpiece in their house, office, or school, incelebrating the tradition, consider getting the Wilton Halloween Pre- Baked Pre-AssembledCookie House Kit. This is because it offers a lot of things for the Halloween; however, it isstill best to check every aspect of it so as to get to know it better, before you hand over yourhard earned cash.This pre-assembled cookie house kit by Wilton, has been designed as a spooky Halloweenhouse. In other words, it is indeed for the celebration of the Halloween, and not any otherspecial event of the year. Since it is pre-baked and pre-assembled, you no longer have todeal with the hassles of putting them together, like other Halloween cookie houses would.If you purchase this kit, some of the things you can expect included would be the pre-assembled cookie house, 2 decorating bags, black and orange icing mix, assorted candies fordecorating, 1 handmade ghost icing, and 2 round decorating tips.One of the downsides of ordering this online is the possibility that some may be brokenduring shipment. However, in most cases, you will be refunded for that, and a lot ofconsumers have attested that they received them in perfect shape.For the price range of $13 to $14 USD, you and your family will have a howling time indecorating your cookie house set. If this is what you want to experience during theHalloween, then it is time that you purchase one of these kits today.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 32
  33. 33. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]28. Pumpkin and Skull Cupcake Pan Kit Party SuppliesHalloween would not be Halloween without the kids that do trick or treat. Thus, it is best toencourage them each year, by filling up their tummies with fun treats. One product that youcan consider when it comes to this is the Pumpkin and Skull Cupcake Pan Kit Party Suppliesby CelebrateExpress, which is made of aluminium, and each set consists of 2 pans.Cupcakes are definitely one of the best treats children can have during Halloween. To makeeating the cupcakes more fun and interesting for kids, you can make use of the cupcake pankit mentioned on top, which can help you create cupcakes that are shaped as skulls orpumpkins. In other words, a child can choose the cupcake that he wants according to theshape that he likes best.One of the concerns of people in making cupcakes for Halloween is the time that it can takethem to create more. As mentioned on top, each set of this pumpkin and skull cupcake pankit gains you access to 2 pans; and, each pan actually has 4 skulls or pumpkin shapes, whichmeans that with a single set, you can already have 8 cupcakes on your table. In addition, thiscupcake pan kit features a non-stick surface, which will make baking cupcakes easier andmore satisfying.For just about $5 to $6 USD per set of this cupcake pan kit, you will definitely have more funthis coming Halloween, knowing that you can make kids in your neighborhood have a bigsmile after visiting your place.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 33
  34. 34. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]29. Grim Reaper Holding Candle LanternMaking use of your imagination is one of the things that can help in throwing a greatHalloween party. One of the things that you can make use of is the Grim Reaper HoldingCandle Lantern by Furniture Creations, which is an interesting product of choice for a lot ofconsumers.In buying accessories or decorative items for your place when you throw a Halloween party,it is best that you consider your current set up as well. However, with this spooky candlelantern that shows a Hooded Grim Reaper that seems to be waiting to give people afrightening experience in entering your place, you can be assured that people will definitelylook forward to your future parties.The size of this spooky Grim Reaper that grins dangerously is about 11 and ½ by 3 and ¾ by16 and ½ inches high. Although to some people it is big enough, others think that biggerproducts should also be provided to make the experience more chilling.It should be noted though that there are no tea light candles or spiders included with it.However, some people find it very effective to make use of battery operated candles withthis lantern to set up the kind of scene that they want.The price of this Grim Reaper Holding Candle Lantern is around $30 USD, and it is best forparty hosts, who want to outdo themselves every time Halloween night comes.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 34
  35. 35. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]30. Jim Shore Halloween Haunted House Lighted 2008In trying to decide whether a certain Halloween decoration such as the Jim Shore HalloweenHaunted House Lighted 2008, would make the cut for your Halloween party or not, it is bestto check out its features and what it brings to you if you purchase it.This Halloween Haunted House by Jim Shore actually measures around 13.5 inches inheight, and it is definitively a decorative item for the Halloween. No one would ever think ofdecorating this piece for Thanksgiving, Christmas, or any other occasion except for theHalloween with the tombstones on its front yard, ghosts in each of its windows, thepumpkin man crouching on the porch, plus bats flying on top of it.Although everything seems to be perfect at the first glance of it, some people may not likethe idea too much of seeing the word “Wicked” at the bottom part of the house. However,with the use of your imagination, you can always put certain things in that part of thedecorative item to hide it.Aside from featuring a lot of spooky characters, which include the witch flying over with herbroomstick on top of the house, this Jim Shore haunted house creation can also makespooky sounds and light up anytime you want it to.With all the features that it can offer to you for just a price of $92 to $93 USD, this isdefinitely a great deal offered by Jim Shore for people who want to make a good impressionon Halloween.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 35
  36. 36. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]31. Halloween Snow Village from Department 56 Retching Pumpkin DinerNow is the time to get started preparing for the Halloween celebration; and, if you areplanning to host a party at your place, then you should check out new amazing productsoffered in the market today, such as the Halloween Snow Village from Department 56Retching Pumpkin Diner.This retching pumpkin diner decorative set is a perfect addition to your home’s Halloweenset up, especially if you want something that would add more color to it. This colorfulceramic piece of art is actually hand crafted and hand painted by the specialists ofDepartment 56. In other words, every frightful detail that is included in it is taken care of byprofessionals, in order for it to provide the spooky effect of the decoration.This Halloween decorative set is very easy to make use of. You only need to find the perfectspot for it, in order for your guests to get a good glance of its frightful appearance. With itssignature pumpkin lying on top of the diner, your guests will definitively feel the chills andexperience Halloween in a more interesting way.This Halloween Snow Village product measures about 7.9 by 7.9 by 7.3 inches, and with itsprice tag at around $76, you will realize that it is a great buy, especially once you see itslighting effects, plus the fact that it already includes the light bulb and cord in the package.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 36
  37. 37. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]32. Halloween Toilet Paper Holder Skeleton Grinning SkullDecorating your place for your Halloween party should not be limited to your living anddining rooms alone. If you want your guests to have a more unique experience, then youshould include your bathroom in your efforts of celebrating Halloween the best way ever.One of the things to consider in doing this is the Halloween Toilet Paper Holder SkeletonGrinning Skull, which is a product by Furniture Creations.This toilet paper holder is best for Halloween, due to the fact that it sports a skeletongrinning skull on its base. However, some people make use of it the whole year through,since it gives them and their guests a whole new experience each time they use thebathroom.This polyresin toilet paper holder measures about 8 and ¼ inches, by 4 and ½ inches, by 8and 3/8 inches in height, and it stares every person using your bathroom with a grin. Thisdecorative piece will provide an unexpected addition to your whole Halloween set up, whichwill spark up interesting conversations from your guests.This is made out of tough plastic material, but, you need to take note though that one has topermanently attach it to the wall, although that isn’t such a bad idea for a lot of users.With all the things that it can provide to enhance your Halloween party’s effects, it is a greatdeal that you can take advantage of today.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 37
  38. 38. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]33. Ghostly Group Lawn DecorationHalloween decoration is such a fun activity; however, you need to make sure that you coverall the necessary places in your house, so that you can ensure that your guests will have afrightful experience. You can get started with your lawn so that people will already feelHalloween as they enter your home. When it comes to making your lawn scary, one of theitems you can consider is the Ghostly Group Lawn Decoration, which is a product by ForumNovelties Inc.Considering things about this product is essential, so that you will be able to decide if this isindeed the decorative item that you want people to see on your front yard. With regards toits looks, one set would make your yard seem haunted by three ghostly characters, whichstand about 36 inches tall. A lawn stake is included in the package, in order to ensure thatyour ghastly props would stay standing on the ground for the whole duration of theHalloween celebration.Each character sports a ghostly face, which will definitely scare some kids, and make adultsstare. You have to keep in mind though that you may need to provide extra support to yourghost props, especially when it is quite windy or you are experiencing wet weather.A set of three of these ghost characters will cost you about $21 to $23 USD. This GhostlyGroup Lawn Decoration will definitely add more style into your whole Halloweendecoration, and the amount you would be paying for them would all be worth it once youreceive lots of complements from your friends.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 38
  39. 39. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]34. Sound and Lights Witch Door DécorIf you have already taken care of your lawn and other parts of your house regarding yourHalloween decoration, do not forget that you can also make use of something to decorateyour door with. One example is the product created by Paper Magic, called Sound and LightsWitch Door Décor. Get to know more about this decoration, to decide if it is the one youwant.This door decoration item emits light and gives out eerie sounds that will truly spook yourguests, every time they go through your front door. This door decoration is motion andsound activated, and its dimension is 30 inches wide and 72 inches in height.This product is perfect for a Halloween party, especially if you install it on the door that youknow would be mostly used by your guests in going in and out of your place. This doordecoration shows a witch who seems to be coming out from a tomb-like place. Aside fromthe fact that her image is already creepy, she also has a pair of red blinking eyes, which cantake some of your guests by surprise.This witch door decoration cost about $13 to $14 USD; and, with its spooky picture, lights,and sounds, you can be assured that you are indeed getting the best deal for it, especiallywhen you see the faces of your guests when they get surprised by it.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 39
  40. 40. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]35. Zombie-Hand Peel N Place Toilet TopperMaking the most out of the Halloween means that you make use of different types of items,to decorate your house in such a way that it would be spooky all the way to the toilet seat.For this purpose, a product by Beistle called Zombie-Hand Peel N Place Toilet Topper issomething that one can consider, especially for making fun out of people who are going touse the bathroom during your Halloween party.This easy to use toilet seat topper features a spooky and gross hand of a zombie, whichlooks like it is about to rise out from the toilet seat, and trying to grab on anything it comesin contact with. The product is perfect for any Halloween party, especially for someone whowants to frighten their guests with various types of decorations.This toilet topper can be an unexpected addition to your whole Halloween set up, whichwould spark a lot of laughter from your guests, especially when someone would try to openthe lid and get surprised in seeing a vivid image of a zombie hand that is trying to grab him.This toilet topper can bring more life into your bathroom and it adheres to many smoothsurfaces, even without the need to make use of adhesive. You can take advantage of it forjust around a dollar or two; but, you can make use of it many times, even all throughout theyear, since it is removable and reusable.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 40
  41. 41. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]36. Animated Raven Halloween Candy BowlCandies are some of the things that you can give out as treats to children and your friendsduring Halloween. One of the ways to make your Halloween party more interesting is tomake use of a candy bowl that reflects a spooky character; and, a product that would cometo mind when it comes to that is the Animated Raven Halloween Candy Bowl created byBOS.This candy bowl is an ideal Halloween decoration, especially for having a design that is quitescary. The candy bowl features a Raven that is motion activated which will flap its wings andturns its body, while creating eerie sounds. Many of your guests will not forget theirsurprising experience when they reach out for candies and see this Raven’s eyes light up.To maximize its effects, you can place it in a dimly-lit room, where people would surelynotice its eyes and its lighted base. You can also make use of it as a table top candy bowl atyour office, if you wish to, but you may have to think twice because of its sound.This Animated Raven candy bowl that measures around 15 inches from one corner toanother can cost you about $30 USD. But it would all be worth it, when you start hearingshrieks and laughter from your friends and guest, at your Halloween party.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 41
  42. 42. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]37. Department 56 Village Halloween Yard DecorationsMaking the most out of the Halloween means that you make use of different types of items,to decorate your house in such a way that it would be spooky all the way to the toilet seat.For this purpose, a product by Beistle called Zombie-Hand Peel N Place Toilet Topper issomething that one can consider, especially for making fun out of people who are going touse the bathroom during your Halloween party.This easy to use toilet seat topper features a spooky and gross hand of a zombie, whichlooks like it is about to rise out from the toilet seat, and trying to grab on anything it comesin contact with. The product is perfect for any Halloween party, especially for someone whowants to frighten their guests with various types of decorations.This toilet topper can be an unexpected addition to your whole Halloween set up, whichwould spark a lot of laughter from your guests, especially when someone would try to openthe lid and get surprised in seeing a vivid image of a zombie hand that is trying to grab him.This toilet topper can bring more life into your bathroom and it adheres to many smoothsurfaces, even without the need to make use of adhesive. You can take advantage of it forjust around a dollar or two; but, you can make use of it many times, even all throughout theyear, since it is removable and reusable.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 42
  43. 43. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]38. Department 56 Halloween Orange Twinkle Bright TreeDecorating for Halloween is something that brings joy to a lot of households. It is a goodidea to make use of certain decorative items, even small in size, as long as they complementwith the kind of Halloween set up you have for your place. One of the available smallishdecorations today that you can consider is the Department 56 Halloween Orange TwinkleBright Tree, which is now being bought by a lot of early Halloween shoppers.Since this is a little twinkle tree, one might mistake it for something to use in Christmasseason. However, with its design, you can see that it is specifically intended for theHalloween, especially when you start turning on its LED lights. This tree is perfect tocomplete your Halloween display, especially since you can also hang little ornaments fit forthe season on it.This twinkle bright tree is battery operated and it also comes with its own adapter. Itmeasures around 11 inches high, and it only weighs around 8 ounces. In other words, if youwant to make your work station at the office have that Halloween effect as well, then youcan definitely carry it easily with you.This ceramic twinkle bright tree costs around $19 to $20 USD, and with the complimentsthat you can expect from your guests or friends, you can be assured that this is indeed agreat deal. On top of that, you can also expect its battery to last for the whole duration ofthe Halloween, making it a decorative item that is simply worth it.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 43
  44. 44. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]39. Lite-Up GargoyleScary is the word that many people focus on when they decorate their places for theHalloween. Decorating is fun, especially if you have a good number of cool decorative itemson hand. The Lite-Up Gargoyle made by Fun World Costumes, is one of the products thatyou can consider making use of for this coming Halloween season. It is best to know moredetails about it though, so that you can make up your mind soon.This scary little guy with light up eyes is definitely made for the Halloween, because of itsimage. Anyone who has not seen this item before would definitely pause for a few momentsin seeing this one at your place, especially since it really attracts attention with its blinkingeyes.This Gargoyle product measures about 10 inches high and it comes with its own 2 cellbatteries, intended to power up its eyes. You can easily fit this little guy’s stone appearancein certain corners at your house, or at the center table, just as long as it is easily seen.However, just make sure that it won’t get bumped on frequently, since it’s a bit fragile,especially when it comes to its legs.Having this little scary fellow at your place would only cost you around $22 to $23 USD, butit will definitely give you tons of joy once you hear compliments from your guests, and seetheir reaction upon looking at it.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 44
  45. 45. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]40. RoomMates PJ2003SCS Happy Halloween Peel & Stick Wall Decals Celebrating Halloween means that you should also include your walls in decorating for the season. The RoomMates PJ2003SCS Happy Halloween Peel & Stick Wall Decals may just be the product that you are looking for, in order to make your wall achieve that lively and interesting appearance fitted for the Halloween celebration. This product by RoomMates will help you decorate for the Halloween season with its colorful set of 30 wall decals.Some of the images that this set can offer to youinclude cool cauldrons, spiders, brooms, skulls,skeletons, spiders, spider webs, as well as pumpkins.They are very easy to apply as they can stick to a lot ofdifferent surfaces, may it be painted or not, as long as itis smooth and clean.You can also make use of it for your outdoordecorations, different types of accessories, windows,tiles, mirrors, as well as on your refrigerator. All you gotto do is to open the package, peel, and stick. The bestthing about this product is the fact that you don’t have to get rid of it after Halloween. Infact, you can even put them back into their original liners, if you want to make use of themfor the next Halloween season.This product can be yours for around $12 to $13 USD. With the fact that it can be reusedtime and again, plus it represents all of the Halloween design themes, you can never gowrong in purchasing this product.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 45
  46. 46. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]41. Ashtray Skeleton Statue 16" CrossbonesSince Halloween is just around the corner, many people are now trying to shop for itemsthey need for decorating their places for. If you are one of them, you should know thatthere are many products that you can now consider in achieving a horrifying theme at yourplace such as the Ashtray Skeleton Statue 16" Crossbones.This skeleton statue by Tikimaster is perfect for the Halloween because of its design. This isthe décor that you are looking for, especially if you are expecting some guests visiting yourplace who are smokers. With its size at 16 inches high plus its skeleton design, anyone whois looking for an ashtray will definitely not miss this one.All you got to do is to place this 16-inch ashtray at the top of the center table to put it togood use. Aside from being a product that can complement to most Halloween themes, italso provides adequate space for ashes and cigarettes to be put on.This wooden Ashtray skeleton is colored in black and white. It is hand curved and handpainted, which brings about that spooky effect that everyone is looking for during theHalloween season. Purchase this one soon so that you can ensure that your friends who aresmokers will be entertained by its looks.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 46
  47. 47. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]42. Battery Operated Bleeding Skull FountainTable top fountain decorative items are popular these days, but they are not limited toregular usage since there are products that can be good for Halloween as well. One suchitem that you can consider is the Battery operated Bleeding Skull Fountain, which is aproduct by Seasons.This battery operated product is perfect for your Halloween party, due to the kind of effectthat it can provide to your place. Setting it up at a table where many can see woulddefinitely make you hear a lot of scary reactions from your guests.The bleeding skull fountain will not require a lot from you in setting it up. In fact, you caneasily place it anywhere you want in just mere minutes. What may take some time is thecoming up with the right mixture of water and food coloring, to achieve that oozing bloodeffect that many people would want to see. Keep in mind that the food colorings, as well asits batteries are not included in the purchase; thus, it may be better to buy it in advance, sothat you won’t have to rush in finding batteries and the right food coloring for it.This 7.5 inches tall skull, which costs around $20 to $22 USD these days, is definitely worththe price not just for its design and effects, but also for the fact that it is sound activated. Inother words, as people talk near it, they will see blood flowing from it.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 47
  48. 48. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]43. Good Tidings Half Moon with Hanging Spider DécorDecorating your front yard is fun, especially if you know what items you need. Consideringthe Good Tidings Half Moon with Hanging Spider Décor for your front yard or porch meansto get to know more about it, so that you will be able to make an informed decision.This Half Moon decorative item is interestingly spooky and is perfect for celebrating theHalloween. When you make use of it outdoors, people will definitely stare at it because ofits design. The half moon in itself shows the side view of a smiling skull, which makes itunique and scary at the same time. On top of that, it also features a spider hanging fromand in front of it, which creates the creepy effect that you are looking for.This product is made out of wood and it measures 24 inches tall. Although its recommendeduse is for outdoors, you can always place it inside your house, as long as your ceiling is highenough. With its size, you may have to place it where not many people are passing by, toprevent it from being bumped at frequently.Buying this item would only cost you around $37 USD. With its interesting features, you willbe able to complete your Halloween decoration with it, and make people wonder whereyou obtained it.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 48
  49. 49. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]44. 6 Foot Halloween Spider WebSpiders are creepy especially if you place them on an extra large 6 foot Halloween spiderweb, which is a product by McToy. Get to know more about this item, so that you candecide soon enough, before it runs out of supply.This Halloween spider web is perfect for anyone who wants to achieve the best Halloweenset up at their place. With its size, not a single guest would go without noticing it, when theyvisit your house for the Halloween party.This giant Halloween spider web is made out of rope and cloth material, which is durable. Inother words, you don’t have to use it for this year’s Halloween party alone, for you caneasily tuck in it, and use it for the following year’s Halloween party as well. This spider webis also made with its own rope, so that you won’t have a hard time in installing it at yourplace. Its rope extends 2 and ½ feet beyond the web, which makes it easier for you to placeit under the stairs inside your house, or over your front porch.It should be noted though that this product does not come with spiders or any otherdecorative items that you want to place on it. Since they are sold separately, you can makeuse of your imagination in choosing the kind of furry spider or spiders you want to hang onit.Although some people may see it as a downside for not including a spider in this product, itonly costs around $11 to $12, which is actually a very great deal. On top of that, you will alsoenjoy shopping for the spider and other creepy items you may want to install along with it.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 49
  50. 50. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]45. Cemetery FenceThere are many Halloween themes that you can consider adapting to when it comes todecorating your house. One of which is to have a creepy cemetery theme. You can haveyour front yard surrounded with tombstones, and finish it up with a fake fence built usingthe Cemetery Fence 2pk by Factory Card and Party Outlet.This 2 pack fences will definitely complete your eerie front yard decoration. It is made out ofplastic and measures around 29 inches high and 18 inches wide. The kind of design itsmanufacturer made use of will definitely complement with tombstones in the front portionof your house. Thus, it may also be a good idea to purchase such Halloween decorativeitems along with this one.Although these cemetery fences are easy to install into the ground, you may have to makeuse of certain pieces of wood, such as stakes to hold it firmly, especially if you are expectingrain or windy days ahead of you. By making use of wooden or metal stakes, you can beassured that you won’t have to fix it over and over again.This cemetery fence costs around $18, and with its truly spooky design, it is a great deal thatyou should take advantage of, especially if it fits the kind of Halloween theme that you havedecided to come up with.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 50
  51. 51. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]46. Halloween Spooky Bottle Label StickersA Halloween party among adults may always involve alcoholic beverages to make it morefun and enjoyable. To come up with a unique party though, you can always remove thelabels of the drinks, and replace them with the Halloween Spooky Bottle Label Stickers. Bydoing that, your guests will definitely have more fun in drinking; especially when they haveto make a wild guess each time they pour the drinks into their glasses.These bottle label stickers are easy to use, and are perfect for the Halloween season, due tothe fact that they are made with creepy designs. You can make use of it by putting them ontop of your favorite drinks to transform them into spooky concoctions. If you are also fondof collecting decorative bottles, you can also make use of these stickers on them if you wantto.Each set of these spooky bottle label stickers will provide you with 4 different designs, inwhich each design will come with 2 labels. In short, a pack will provide you with 8 labelstickers you can enjoy with.With a very affordable price of around $7 USD, these spooky bottle label stickers willdefinitely make a big hit to your friends, especially when they start picking up the bottles tohave something to drink while enjoying your Halloween party. Just make sure to take notewhich of the bottles contain your most favorite drink, so that you won’t have to do a lot ofguesswork.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 51
  52. 52. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]47. Halloween Mega 700 Watt Fog Machine MakerIf you are planning to outdo your previous Halloween decoration last year, then you canconsider purchasing the Halloween Mega 700 Watt Fog Machine Maker, which is actuallywhat professionals make use of today.This fog machine maker weighs around 30 pounds, and it is very easy to set up. It is perfectfor the Halloween season, especially if you are planning to come up with a graveyard themeeither in your front yard, or inside your home. There is no need to be near this machine ifyou want to surprise your guests with burst of fogs to appear from underneath their chairs,while you are throwing your Halloween party, since it comes with its own remote control.Purchasing this 700 watt fog machine maker though will not include the fog juice. You willhave to purchase it separately.One of the best things about this machine is that, it comes with a visual fluid level indicator,which will eliminate any kind of guesswork as far as the checking on the remaining fog juicethat it has.This high end product by BOS, costs around $48 to $49 USD. This machine is guaranteed towork, and will provide you with the kind of fog that you want for your Halloween party,unlike cheaper machines, which will give you mediocre results. Just situate it at a strategicspot to maximize its effects.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 52
  53. 53. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]48. Tennessee Volunteers 6.5" Halloween Ghost BucketWhen Halloween time comes around, one will need to have bucket to carry around with.There are different types of buckets a person can take advantage of today for theHalloween. One of which is the Tennessee Volunteers 6.5" Halloween Ghost Bucket, whichis now made available even through the internet.If you are thinking about a stylish bucket you can use as a decoration for your place or foryour kids during the Halloween, the Halloween Ghost Bucket by Scottish Christmas shoulddo the trick, since it is specifically designed for the said season. This bucket comes with theofficial team colors and logo of Tennessee Volunteers, and the material that it is made outof is resin.This bucket that measures around 6.5 inches high is best used by college students or smallerkids who are planning to go from one house to another for their favorite part of Halloween,which is the trick or treat.The best thing about this Halloween ghost bucket, aside from its spooky design is that, youcan transform it into a decorative item or as a candy dish by simply removing its string.Thus, you will definitely impress some kids, whenever they knock on your door to get theirtreats.For a price of $17 to $20 USD a piece, you will be getting more than what you want with thiskind of Halloween ghost bucket. Just make sure to purchase it soon, before they get soldout.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 53
  54. 54. [TOP 50 PRODUCTS FOR HALLOWEEN 2011]49. String of 70 Forever Bright C6 LED Energy Saving Orange Indoor/Outdoor Halloween LightsLighting up your front yard, your porch, as well as certain parts of your living room is a goodidea during Halloween, especially if you have the right product on hand. If you wantsomething that is worth the price, check out the string of 70 forever bright c6 led energysaving orange indoor/outdoor Halloween lights.This energy saving LED lights are designed especially for the Halloween season. As the nameconnotes, each light is shaped like a corn and it is made out of high quality materials thatwill not disappoint you.Each set of this lighting product provides you with 70 LED energy saving orange bulbs, whichyou can either use outdoors or indoors. Each of the LED lights last more than the traditionalincandescent bulbs. Aside from that, even after using it for quite some time, the bulbsremain cool to the touch; and, for the fact that LED lights are utilized, you can be assuredthat your electric bill would not skyrocket.The length of this product is approximately 23.67 feet, perfect for you to hang across theroom.It is priced affordably and you will be surprised with the quality of these lights. Your kids willdefinitely love them, and you will be able to bring joy to them as well as your neighborsduring Halloween without having to spend a lot of money for it.Click Here To Buy Now From Amazon! 54