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Alaloop proposes a pragmatic approach to build gradually your dashboards to follow-up the performance of your business applications (QoE) and the technical performances ( QoS) of your IT infrastructures (WAN networks / Data Center / Servers and applications).

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Overview xs en

  1. 1. Tailor-made managed services for IT performance Overview
  2. 2. QoE[Quality of Experience] A 360° VIEW OF THE IT PERFORMANCE 2 Unified view for Managers, operators, users Monitoring Reporting Communication SLA from Business perspective / Technical SLA by IT area ApplicationsUser QoS [Quality of Service] Intranet / Cloud Data center
  3. 3. 3 The 3 components of our offer Etude PARQ Stratégie de mesure personnalisée Portail & agents de mesure Privé / Cloud Rapports «prêts à l’emploi » Expertise Support / Benchmarking Tiers de confiance (SLA)
  4. 4. Catalog of products and services 4
  5. 5. Architecture of the solution 5
  6. 6. Tailor-made interfaces of the portal 6 Home page Dashboards Smart Reports Investigation tools BI Reports Smart Alerts DashViews
  7. 7. Measurement strategies 7
  8. 8. QoE of business applications Intranet/Cloud/Mobility Key challenges • All types of Intranet & Cloud-based applications • on every platform (PC / Mobile) and OSes • Deployment of Measurement Agents • Dedicated (AsA): tests on PC/VM/Box • Embedded (AsA-e): tests run in foreground on PC • WEB or GUI engine (dedicated agent only) • Alaloop Web site (e-Bench) as a reference point • QoE of the Internet Access for Cloud applications • QoE of the proxy infrastructure on the Cloud 8 Levels References Robots Examples BASIC QoE-BAS-PERF WEB Load of a web page STANDARD QoE-STD-PERF WEB Login / Logout script ADVANCED QoE-ADV-PERF WEB Scripted scenario: Web application OPTIMIZED QoE-OPT-PERF GUI Scripted scenario: Complex Web / Thick Client / Citrix / TSE
  9. 9. QoE of business applications Intranet/Cloud/Mobility Key challenges • All types of applications on the Cloud or Intranet • Private or public connexions (Wi-Fi, 3G-4G) via the Alaloop « Relay » service • AsA-e Agent (embedded) for all types of mobiles • Windows CE, Android, iOS, ... • Dedicated mobile or mobile of users • Tests in foreground / background • Web-e or GUI Robot (dedicated mobile connected to the AsA agent) 9 Levels References Robots Examples BASIC MOB-BAS-PERF WEB-e Load of a web page STANDARD MOB-STD-PERF WEB-e Login / Logout script ADVANCED MOB-ADV-PERF WEB-e Scripted scenario: Web application (dedicated mobile recommended) OPTIMIZED MOB-OPT-PERF GUI Scripted scenario: thick Client (dedicated mobile / AsA connexion)
  10. 10. QoE of business applications Implementation & options • QoE scripts development (WEB and GUI Robots) • Done by ALALOOP on demand (via OPEN Tickets) • Monitoring of the scripts done by the CSC • Display Mode (optional) • STEP-UI : A measure for each step of the script • Advanced management of each step (threshold, alerts, …) • Step comparison on measurement points … • STEP-HTML : Waterfall display of the WEB script for each page load • Facilitate the debugging of web applications • Indirect measure correlated with active measure • Performance KPI • Mean duration to access the application from multiple measurement points 10 Levels References Examples OPT STEP-UI 1 measure for each step of the GUI script ADV/OPT STEP-HTML 1 measure for each step with Waterfall Tout test QoE KPI Aggregation (mean values) of the QoE tests
  11. 11. QoS of Servers / Applications • Performance: 4 levels of tests • Basic: Availability of the application services • Standard: Application query (HTTP, DNS, SIP, …) • Advanced: Scripted test based on application queries (SQL script, SIP script, ...) • Optimized: Test of Web Services • Workload • Server: • BASIC : Server Monitoring • STANDARD : Process Monitoring • Other Infrastructure Components: • Standard MIB Query • Advanced MIB Query • “WEB Services” Query 11 Levels References Examples BASIC APP-BAS-PERF APP-BAS-LOAD Availability of non-critical applications CPU/RAM/Disk/Interface STANDARD APP-STD-PERF APP-STD-LOAD Technical Transactions: URL test, SIP query, … Standard MIB Query ADVANCED APP-QoS-PERF APP-ADV-LOAD Scripted scenarios with advanced technical transactions Advanced MIB Query OPTIMIZED APP-OPT-PERF APP-OPT-LOAD Application test via Web Services Query based on Web Services
  12. 12. QoS of WAN & MAN Networks Key challenges • Any type of networks managed by operators • Ranging from VPN-IPSec to MPLS/CoS • Network delay from the DCs (application) • Shadow router used for measurement in the DC • No installation required on site • Activation “IPSLA responder” on target sites • Adaptability towards the Cloud and Mobiles • Hybrid Connexions (MPLS + Internet) 12 Levels References Examples BASIC NET-BAS-PERF NET-BAS-LOAD ICMP test on the WAN for small sites (SOHO) Bandwidth + Interface Errors STANDARD NET-STD-PERF NET-STD-LOAD IPSLA test on the WAN for sites ranging from low to medium criticality Same as NET-BAS-LOAD + CPU/RAM router ADVANCED NET-ADV-PERF NET-ADV-LOAD IPSLA test on the WAN for critical sites (CoS Data + Real Time) Same as NET-STD-LOAD + CoS Statistics OPTIMIZED NET-OPT-xx CoS + WAN Acceleration Web Service Query Spécifique Composite Hybrid ICMP test on the WAN for small sites (SOHO) Bandwidth + Interface Errors
  13. 13. QoS of WiFi & LAN Networks and Data Centers Key challenges • Any type of LANs • Critical links between switches, health status, … • WiFi Infrastructures (Cisco) • Access Point (AP), Controllers WLC/Flex, SSID, … • Infrastructure Devices on DCs • Load Balancer, Firewall, Proxy, … • Integration on demand 13 Levels References Examples BASIC NET-BAS-PERF NET-BAS-LOAD Availability test on LAN devices / Infrastructure Bandwidth + Interface Errors (24) STANDARD NET-STD-LOAD Query on device (standard MIB) ADVANCED NET-ADV-LOAD Query on device (advanced MIB) OPTIMIZED NET-OPT-LOAD Query on device (Web Service) Wi-Fi NET-WiFi-PERF NET-WiFi-LOAD Monitoring of WiFi (Cisco) controllers Up & running status / Statistics by AP, controller, groups, SSID
  14. 14. Network et Application Traffic Monitoring Key challenges • No installation required • Software Activation / Simulator • Probes adapted to different usages • TOP REPORTS (APPLICATIONS, TALKERS, SITES…) • traffic engineering • CUSTOM REPORTS • Filters on traffic as to follow critical applications 14 Levels References Examples Light PROBE-LIGHT Noncritical remote sites (SOHO) Physical PROBE-x Critical site (x = Network throughput) Logical PROBE-x-L Strategic site (2 routers of 1 DC) Custom PROBE-x-C Custom probe (per BU)
  15. 15. CSC Customer Service center 15
  16. 16. Project / Service phases 16
  17. 17. Portal governance process •  Every 3 months •  Key Stakeholders (CTO, COO) Strategic Review •  Bi-weekly •  Project Managers, SMEs Tactical Review •  Continuous •  Operational Team, CSCOperational support 17
  18. 18. Project phase 18 Basic configuration •Navigation tree per SLA perimeters •Measures with customized naming •Thresholds, maintenance periods On demand •Additional navigation trees (per Business Unit, Country …) •KPI (consolidation of measures) •Dependency measures Standard QuickViews modules adapted to your organization •Weather, DashView®, SmartAlert, SmartReport Design and implementation •Alaloop / Customer (after an advanced training) Avanced Decisional module DataMart BI reports templates •Alaloop / Customer (after an advanced training) Expert Usage
  19. 19. Service phase • Portal / Agents / Probes oversight • Measurements oversight • Software updates A complete outsourcing • Measurement and portal settings modifications (MACD) • Requests recorded en SERVICE Tickets (1/2 day delivery) • Number of SERVICE Tickets depending on the number of measurements Client requests management Support including interpretation of measurements 19
  20. 20. Réf : SERV-GREEN SERV-VISION PROJECT PHASE Measurement strategy definition   Assistance in configuring the measurement targets (operator / host relation …)  SERVICE PHASE Portal’s operation/Software update   Measurements setting and monitoring   E-learning (Web-Based training) : portal’s usage and update   Managing change requests (measures/Portal) with SERVICE tickets(1)  (2) Technical assistance provided by the CSC   Assignment of a CSM (Customer Support Manager)  Standard assistance in understanding the measurements   Personalized assistance in understanding the measurements  Monthly meeting for Dashboard’s review (Webmeeting)  • VISION service during the dashboards’ implementation period (1st semester) and during major changes of your IT infrastructure. • It’s possible to change the level of services anytime. • (1) Weekly treatment of your requests • (2) SERVICE TICKETS included greater than the Green offer. 20 2 levels of services: Green (standard) / Vision (avanced)
  21. 21. ‘’A la carte’’ services and OPEN tickets • A la carte services recorded in OPEN tickets (= ½ day) are provided by CSC Alaloop level 2 experts. • Scaling prices with 5, 10, 20 and 50 OPEN tickets packs. Examples Set up of Alaloop’s software on client platforms: portal, AsA agents, Netflow Simulator Development of application measurement scripts (QoS or QoE) Setting of optional portal modules (QuickViews) Flash reports of incident analysis by our expert BI decisional reports Taking part to client meeting Advanced trainings for the optional modules of the portal management (QuickViews) 21
  22. 22. OneTimeCost Service access fees (OTC) • PARQ® & Project management ‘A la carte’ services: OPEN tickets pack • Development of application scripts , AsA agents installation on customer platform... Monthlyfees 1 / Instrumentation appliance (Portal, AsA agents & probes) 2/ Tests references (scaling prices depending on quantity) • end user experience (ref : QoE-xxx-xxx) • mobility (ref : MOB-xxx-xxx) • networks & infrastructures (ref : NET-xxx-xxx) • servers & applications (ref : APP-xxx-xxx) • Traffic analysis (ref : PROBE-xxx-xxx) 3 / Service level • Green (standard) • Vision (enhanced assistance) 4 / QuickViews (Optionnal modules) • Weather, DashViews, SmartReport, SmartAlert 5 / Datamart (Decisional module) 22 Principes tarifaires
  23. 23. For more details, feel free to ask for: 23 - T h e Alaloop Prod u cts & Ser vices Catalog - T h e Solu tion s Catalo g
  24. 24. Créaticité C - Technopole Izarbel 64210 Bidart - FRANCE +33 5 59 41 51 10 contact@alaloop.com www.alaloop.com 24