Media music magazine contents complete


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Media music magazine contents complete

  1. 1. -334645-34925<br />Colouring: White, black and red. The red is for the magazine title, and one of the important features and also an important tagline at the bottom. <br />Title: The title for this page is ‘This Week’ written in bold, black lettering. This gives the reader information, telling them in an informal manner that it is the contents page, and also that the magazine is issued weekly.<br />Main Image: The main image is of Oasis, which is the main featured article of this page, which they are concentrating the issue on this subject/article. <br />302958595250<br />Colouring: Black for most of the text, to show it is containing information and is of importance, and pink for numbers. For example the issue number is in big bold pink font. <br />Title: The title for the page is RS968, the magazine abbreviation and the issue number. The main article title is ‘Johnny Be Good’, which is in a large bold font. <br />Main Image: The main image is related to the main article but is in black and white, whereas the ‘Money Honey’ image is in colour, making it more important than it otherwise would be, and it contrasts with the black and white image. <br />-336191-357721Colouring: White, black and yellow. The yellow is for the basic information and the black text explains the details of the yellow headings. The yellow highlights different sections of the contents. <br />Title: The title for this page is simply Contents, which is simple and informative. The text ‘contents’ is in the yellow colouring to bring it to your attention.<br />Main Image: There are several main images of different artists featured on different pages of the magazine. <br />32124654445<br />Colouring: The Main information is in the orange colouring with the other text in black, including the main article title ‘drummer’. <br />Title: The contents page is identified with the word contents, and the title of the main article is ‘drummer’. Both of these words are in a bold font, with contrasting black and white colouring. <br />Main Image: The main image of this page is a drummer; it is in black and white and is edited to have bigger pixels for effect. There are several smaller images with page references in orange in their top left corner – referring to the pages featured. <br />-334645-241935Colouring: the colours white, black and red are used on this page. The logo for the magazine ‘Q’ is featured in the top left corner with the titling of contents. The ‘Q’ has its typical red background and white lettering to its logo, with a black background for the bar containing the contents title. The main page numbers are in a red colour, with the contrast of black text for the titles of the pages.<br />Title: The main article is for ‘The Courteeners’ which has a slightly larger font and more information on the page. The title for the page ‘contents’ is in an even larger font and bold white text.<br />Main Image: The main image on the page is of ‘The Courteeners’, showing their importance and to illustrate their part in the main article. There is one other image on the page in a ‘review’ article.<br />2865755125095<br />Colouring: This page has more colouring than most of the pages with red used to highlight certain areas and help to identify different sections. The plain texted is generated in black, and certain articles are highlighted in yellow. <br />Title: The title of the contents is bold and white, with a shadow of black behind it, emphasising it. Other titles are made smaller but are bold and in the font. <br />Main Image: The main image is of some boys with instruments. This has a small reference on the bottom left corner. This is not as obvious as the other main articles. There are a few other images of certain people’s headshots. <br />-403860-466090<br />Colouring: Black and orange are the main colours of the page, with the title texts being orange, perhaps to match the colour of some of the images. The text is all in black, with the title of the magazine being in black and its signature font. <br />Title: There is no titling to indicate that this is the contents page, but this is made obvious by the page numbers and articles.<br />Main Image: The main images are pasted together to show the main content of the magazine. It makes it clear as to what the magazine holds. <br />2977515121285<br />Colouring: The colouring is mainly whites and blacks. With the logo for the magazine ‘NME’ in its typical red colour with a white outline. The page numbers and the bands in the index are highlighted in red. All other titles are written in white with a black background to make them stand out. <br />Title: The titles for each section and the page ‘This week’ are in larger text to the rest of it, and are in bold capitals to capture the attention of the reader.<br />Main Image: The main image on this page is of Kasabian, with only one other image of the magazine front covers to encourage readers to subscribe to the magazine. <br />-403860-336550Colouring: The page is mostly white and grey, but the touches of colour are effective and can easily be seen, with the blues separating the page, and the different colours on the no.1 chart list are bright and easy to see.<br />Title: The title of contents is in a distinctive font and is bold and black. The titles for the sections are in bold, in one half they are made noticeable with yellow colour, and the others are in black but using a different font.<br />Main Image: There are four main images of different people and their articles featured in the magazine, with page references. <br />2854960125095<br />Colouring: This page is predominantly white with the background, but has red and black embellishments featured in certain areas to draw attention to vital information or subjects of interest. <br />Title: The title content is plainly written in bold black font at the top of the page, set in the middle so it is easily seen. The ‘Q’ logo is featured next to it, so it is also easily seen and noticed.<br />Main Image: The main image is of James Blunt, of whom the magazine has a feature about, and the image shows him making a form of contact with the reader and making it personal to them. There is an indication to the feature about him just above the image with the use of red colouring in the text saying his name to make it obvious to the reader.<br />