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Jessie j analysis


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Jessie J Album Advert

Published in: Education
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Jessie j analysis

  1. 1. Image of artist Name of artist Name of album Record label
  2. 2. The protagonist of the advertisement is Jessie J, the artist. Her black hair, black make-up, black clothes and black nails suggest that she is an urban artist with current, modern music. As the colour black connotes power, mystery and sex, this creates an edgy style to the advertisement. The colour black also connotes a rebellious nature, which adds charisma and sex appeal to the image, enticing audience members. Jessie J’s use of direct address and her pose (hands above her head, mouth open) sexualizes the advert, adding charisma. This creates a target audience of females aged 16+, maturing the piece as they are likely to idolize her. The fact that the advert is sexualized yet there is no male present suggests that Jessie J is trying to create a sense of female empowerment.
  3. 3. Iconography The gold writing of ‘Jessie J’ is icnonic in representing wealth and royalty, suggesting that she wants to be known as the ‘Queen’ of her music genre. The black is an iconic colour which represents mystery, and creates a gritty feeling within the advert.
  4. 4. Narrative The absence of a male within the sexualised advert suggests that the album is rife with music that connotes female dominance and independence, suggesting that she has broken up with someone or has come from a bad relationship in which her partner dominated her.
  5. 5. Technical/Audio Codes The advert uses a large, personally creates Serif font in Gold. The makes the artists name stand out as the gold contrasts with the black. The rest of the information is in a smaller, Sans-serif font which is gold and white. This allows the text the important information to stand out, however it is small enough so that it does not distract from the main image, which is the most captivating point of the advert.