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Book S C 2010

  1. 1. Sophie Chateau Interior Designer Paris- France e-mail: phone: +33 (0)6 18 57 58 80
  2. 2. Hôtel Château de Méry The hotel came to existence because our client wanted to offer his guest a beautiful retreat for living. Indeed, a castle de Mery being located next to the hotel represents a meeting space. In respect to nature and its surrounding forest, we embraced classical dynamics in our design in order to give this hotel a new history that seems to have existed for ever. Wood, chimney, high ceilings, high quality material imbue the space with a new history. The construction will be finished in may 2010. My work as Project Manager : - architectural design work - programming - technical layout drawings - following up of work site - managing the team - graphical design
  3. 3. So Château So L uxury
  4. 4. So Château So L uxury
  5. 5. So Château So L uxury
  6. 6. M’Gallery de Cabourg - Rooms Giving a new life to this highlight resort was the purpose of this project. Our client wanted it contemporary with a touch of glamour within a classical writing. The project concerns public areas, rooms, meeting rooms, lobby, restaurant and bar. Providing modernity while playing through the whole range of classical features. My mission as Project Manager : - defining the needs - architectural design works and programming - perspectives - technical layout drawing - managing of staff - following up worksite
  7. 7. So French So Cabourg
  8. 8. M’Gallery de Cabourg - Restaurant The one thing of tremendous importance for the image of the hotel is without doubt its restau- rant M’Gallery of Cabourg. M’Gallery brings together hotel clients and corporate clients from outside. With a capacity of 170 people, it was necessary to combine technology and aesthe- tics. Challenge of this architectural project was to work with unusual large proportions in a complex architectural layout (paintings, moldings …. )
  9. 9. So French So Cabourg
  10. 10. M’Gallery de Cabourg - Sketchboard All the drawings have been realised by Studio MHNA. They allow our clients to fully comprehend their new space.
  11. 11. So French So Cabourg
  12. 12. Club Med Agadir - Spa Club Med Spa, located right at the center of Club Med Agadir, is an ode to beauty. A place where you can take care of yourself, where space is conceived like an old medina : a maze of pathways by a fresh grotto. Oriental colours of a country full of history and tradition. My work as Project Manager : - establishing and defining needs - architectural design works and programming - perspective drawing - technical layout drawing - running of construction site - end of mission with project reception
  13. 13. So Marocco So Agadir
  14. 14. 1835 Cannes - Hotel Located at the centre of Cannes, the new hotel was intended to be contemporary immerged in a subtle luxury. In honour to the birth date of “La Croissette “ the place was named “1835”, a rebirth for pri- vate guests. My work as Project Assistant - architectural design works and programming - technical layout design
  15. 15. Perspective/images Perspective/images Perspective/images So Cannes So Croisette 1835 WHITE PALM HOTEL 1835 WHITE PALM HOTEL 1835 WHITE PALM HOTEL Entrée Services généraux Lobby
  16. 16. 1835 Cannes - Welcome These public areas were conceived as an open space displaying features that astonish at every turn. There is no shortage of fine art effects: graphical flooring designs or paintings of Bernard Quesniaux are some of them contributing to the prestige of this hotel. A magnificent and unique place in Cannes.
  17. 17. So Cannes So Croisette
  18. 18. 1835 Cannes - Rooms A spirit of well-being inhabits these rooms. They are conceived for breathtaking sea views. Thus, the bathrooms are wide open for the client to have a direct look on the sea while having a bath. The whole range of furniture has been designed by Studio MHNA.
  19. 19. So Cannes So Croisette
  20. 20. 1835 Cannes - Suites Conceived like jewelry boxes, these suites of 150 square meters each are the most comforta- ble rooms in the hotel. Concept underlying these suites was to use only noble material, like wood, and to conceive each detail : accessories, wall-to-wall carpet designs, rugs, furniture pieces, lighting effects.
  21. 21. So Cannes So Croisette
  22. 22. Hôtel Sofitel Marseille Vieux Port An Accor Hotel for business travel located at the heart of Marseille. Conceived and designed like a yacht, we used only material matching this concept. The different hotel spaces are based on the historical legend of Marseille City. As you walk through the hotel, you are told the story about Protis and Gypsis’s love, a linking guiding prin- ciple throughout your promenade. My work - architectural design work and programming - technical layout design - consulting different firms
  23. 23. So Marseille So Phocaean
  24. 24. Interior Design Details Details are important for targeting correctly our clients’ needs and for providing all the techni- cal information to the construction firm in charge of carrying out the project. These technical data help designing exact details in a piece of furniture or for architectural elements. They are the foundation of our work and allow our ideas to become reality, from conception to achieve- ment. The drawings concern lighting, arrangement, furniture, architectural details, covering of ceilings, floor, light temperature, accessories etc.
  25. 25. So Surprinsing So Precise
  26. 26. So Surprinsing So Precise
  27. 27. So Surprinsing So Precise
  28. 28. So Surprinsing So Precise
  29. 29. So Surprinsing So Precise
  30. 30. So Surprinsing So Precise
  31. 31. So Surprinsing So Precise
  32. 32. Personal Drawings All existing substances are future objects for our creation, a new possibility of expression. These possibilities of creation, their different ways of expression can make the difference in the achievement of an architectural project.
  33. 33. So Emotive So Delicate
  34. 34. So Emotive So Delicate
  35. 35. So Emotive So Delicate
  36. 36. Personal Pictures A photography shows the different view points of a photographer. One can zoom or present a global view, it always remains your personal view point. Each photographer reveals in a pho- tography his sensibility towards the things around him (a look, an expression, a shade on an architecture, a leaf floating in the wind).
  37. 37. So ON So Flash
  38. 38. So ON So Flash
  39. 39. So ON So Flash