Iranian revolution


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Iranian revolution

  1. 1. TheIranian Revolution timeline
  2. 2. Time line of the Iranian Revolution 1963 1975 1961 1981 1965 19791941 1953 1970 1980 1964 1962 1978
  3. 3. 1941Reza Shah is exiled to South Africa. His son Muhammad Reza inherits rein over Iran.Iran is invaded by Great Brittan and Soviet Union in order to obtain the railway to supply the Soviet Union in World War 2. Timeline
  4. 4. 1953 The Shah dismisses Mossadegh as prime minister, but Mossadegh refused to step down and instead arrested theroyal messenger delivering the dismissal order. The Shah flees to Italy. CIA and British intelligence initiate and execute "Operation Ajax" with conservative Iranians to overthrow Mossadegh. Shah returns to Iran. Timeline
  5. 5. 1961The prominent Marja of all Shia, dies. (marjas are the highest authority on religious laws). Khomeini was soon accepted as Marja-eTaqlid (source of imitation) by a large number of Iranian Shiis. In this year his students, who were the teachers of seminary, founded Society of Seminary Teachers of Qom, to whom acted as a major role during the establishment of new government after the victory of the revolution. Timeline
  6. 6. 1962The Bill introduced by Shahs government allows women to vote for the first time and non- Muslims to run for councils. Religious pressure forces government to back down completely and abandon the bill. Timeline
  7. 7. 1963 Mohammad Reza Pahlavi presents a "White Revolution". As such, the Iranian government introduces a six-point reform bill to be put to a nation-wide referendum vote. Six points also included Womens right to vote, as well as other reforms.Khomeini called for a meeting of his colleagues in Qom to persuade them that they desperately should opposeTimeline Shahs plans.
  8. 8. 1964 TimelineKhomeini is released from custody and returns to Qom. He then publically declared that the increasing amount of diplomatic immunity to the American military personnel is wrong. He calls the consent of the surrender by Iranian independence and authority, only to be made in. exchange for a $200 million loan that would be of aid only to the Shah and his associates, and describes all those in the Majlis who voted in favor of it as traitors, concluding that the government is illegitimate. Khomeini is arrested immediately and taken to Mehrabad Airport in Tehran, hes exile in November, so he is not to return to Iran for the following 14 years
  9. 9. 1965 The current Prime Minister of Iran, Hassan-Ali Mansur, who in the past had passed the Geneva Convention American Force Protection Act, (Capitulation Law), is assassinated by none other than Mohammad Bokharaii, resulting in Amir AbbasHoveyda being appointed in his place. Khomeini leaves Turkey for Najaf in Iraq, where he was destined to spend thirteen years, throughout this time he teaches in seminary.Timeline
  10. 10. 1970Khomeini gives a sequence of nineteen lectures to a group of his Talaba (students) on Islamic Government whilst he was in exile in Iraq with in the holy city of Najaf.Notes of the lectures were soon made into a book that appeared under three different titles:1. The Islamic Government,2. Authority of the Jurist,3. A Letter from Imam MusaviKashef al-Qita (to deceive Iranian censors).The small book (fewer than 150 pages) was smuggled into Iran and was widely allocated to Khomeini supporters before the revolution. timeline
  11. 11. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi founders an Iranian monarchist resurrection part.Feyziyehmadreseh students commence a demonstration within the perimetre of the building. A sympathetic crowd gathers outsid, both gatherings continue for three days until they are attacked by military forces, resulting in deaths.Khomeini reacts to this with a message in which he declares the events in Qom and similar disturbances elsewhere are a sign of hope. He speaks "freedom and liberation from the bonds of imperialism" is at hand. 1975 timeline
  12. 12. 1978 A newspaper is released by the accusing In Qom, commandos "burst into" Khomeini of the home of Ayatollah Kazem homosexuality and Shariatmadari, a leading cleric and quietist. They shoot dead one of other "misdeeds". A his followers right in front of him. demonstration of 4,000 Shariatmadari then joins students and religious opposition to the Shah. leaders in the city of Head of SAVAK, (National Qom against the Intelligence and Security article, and armed Organization), Nematollah police have to step in to Nassiri, dismissed and Nasser try top handle the Moghadam is appointed instead. situation which resulted This is considered the "First significant concession to the in death of between 10 unrest.” to 72 demonstrators. Shah later pledges free electionsViolence all around the by June 1979 in broadcast to the country brake out and nation. hundreds are killed.
  13. 13. JamshidAmouzegar declares martial (war like) law in response to the vast demonstrations of Iran.Regime and opposition blame each other for the nation wide deaths due to violent demonstrations.Sharif-Emami replaces JamshidAmouzegarJafar as the prime minister. Sharif Emami then tries his best to ‘undo’ some of the Shahs policies closing casinos (owned by Pahlavi Foundation), abolishing the imperial calendar and declares all the political parties have the right to be active. Mass march takes place at Eid al-Fitr consisting of hundreds of thousands of Tehran by Khomeini supporters.Also this year, named "Black Friday”, Shah declares the martial law in response to protests against Pahlavi dynasty. The military of Iran use force including tanks and helicopters to break up the largely peaceful demonstrators. About 88 demonstrators (including three women) are killed. Opposition leaders falsely spread the death count figures as high as "tens of thousands” corrupting the people.The Iraqi government bans Khomeini’s political activities.
  14. 14. Khomeini leaves Iraq for Kuwait however he is refused entry at the Kuwait border. He then retreats to Paris. Khomeini takes up residence in the suburb of Neauphle-le-Château, in a house that had been rented for him by Iranian exiles in France. He enjoys media attention from journalists across the world who come to France to interview him. His image and words became a daily feature in the worlds media.Iran oil miners or other workers in the industry go on strike.Destructive riots, full of frustrated people by Shahs unsuccessful attempts at conciliation with his opponents, military hardliners decide to order troops "to stand aside and allow mobs to burn and destroy till their hearts’ are content."Thousands of shops, banks, restaurants and other public buildings damaged. Conciliatory Prime Minister Sharif-Emami resigns. An army raid in Tehran University, students participating in demonstrations are killed. Mohammad Reza Shah broadcast on television a promise not to repeat past mistakes and to make amends saying, "I heard the voice of your revolution... As Shah of Iran as well as an Iranian citizen, I cannot but approve your revolution.” Gholam Reza Azhari is appointed as the prime minister. Enforces martial law. Long-time opposition politician Shapour Bakhtiar chosen as prime minister by Shah as the Shah prepares to leave the country. Last prime minister of the Pahlavi dynasty.Timeline
  15. 15. Shapour Bakhtiar of the National Front (Jabhe-yi Melli) was appointed prime minister to replace General Azhari. Khomeini returns to Iran from exile.Regime collapses. Revolution victorious. Pahlavi dynasty ends. Royal prime minister, Bakhtiar, goes into hiding, eventually finding exile in Paris.Islamic republic established.Hatred for America and western civilization in general influenced upon the people of Iran. 1979 Timetable
  16. 16. 1980 The United States breaks diplomatic relations with Iran. Marks beginning of a war that will last eight years.TimeLine
  17. 17. The hostages in the US embassy were released, after 444 days, USA conceded to transfer money, as well as export military equipment to Iran. President Rajai and his prime minister (Bahonar) were killed in a bombing incident. Ali Khamenei officially became president.1981 timeline