Social Services Knowledge Scotland More than a website E27


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Session on the wealth of evidence-based practice, research and learning resources available on the SSKS website that is led by Scottish Government, NHS Education Scotland and the Scottish Social Services Council. SSKS is a valuable asset for the health and social care workforces helping to support their practice and learning. Find out how to freely access £2.5m worth of subscription content using your Athens username. Contributed by: NHS Education Scotland

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Social Services Knowledge Scotland More than a website E27

  1. 1. Welcome to the Library at
  2. 2. Let us know as you go! Tweet about today’s session to give us your feedback and share the experience with your colleagues at the Expo today. * Please use the format  Your name: your comment - SSKS_online - #[Expo] *This means we won’t as you to complete an evaluation form at the end of today’s session.
  3. 3. So, what next? Take as many items from the library today as you need Visit and explore the resources that are new to you Any questions or comments? Contact us: 0141 352 2894 @SSKS_online