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Involving the person at the centre of the decision-making process is a crucial tenet of Scotland’s ‘Living it Up’ Project, which is using co-production to shape the way that new technologies facilitate services, products, and information to support people to manage their Long Term Conditions and wellbeing. Contributed by: Joint Improvement Team & Scottish Centre for Telehealth and Telecare

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  • The JIT provides a range of practical improvement support and challenge including knowledge exchange, developmental innovation and improvement capacity and direct practical support to local health, housing and social care partnerships across Scotland, and ran the Telecare Development Programme from 2006 – 2011.SCTTwork across boundaries with industry, academia, local authorities, NHS Boards and voluntary and independent sectors to develop recognised models for redesigning health and care services. The Centre’s role is to provide support and advice to all these key stakeholders and help evaluate the potential benefits of new technologies, with the aim of making Scotland a recognised global leader in telehealth and telecare. Specifically the Centre was tasked with: Disseminating best practice;Providing practical support, both clinical and technical;Coordinating the evaluation of projects;Evaluating the impact of telehealth telecare on service redesign;Developing inter-operable standards and protocols.SCTT has provide expertise on how to develop Telehealth and telecare solutions in the following areas:Stroke and CardiacPaediatricsMental healthLong Term conditionsAssisted LivingThis work was underpinned by expertise inInfrastructureLearning and Development And also the support of the Telehealthcare Learning Network
  • This work is overseen by the National Telehealth and Telecare Delivery Plan for Scotland to 2015, which sets out the shared ambitions of the Scottish Government, COSLA and NHSScotland.
  • These shared ambitions centre around the drive for choice and control, with co-production at the heart of service redesign
  • Of course, not every country uses the same definition of telehealth, telecare etc., so here is ours. Telemedicine, tele-education etc. come under the overall umbrella term of telehealthcare.
  • Which brings us to the main part of this presentation. As already mentioned, the Telehealthcare Delivery Plan is the primary driver in Scotland, and it sets out a very clear need to support people to draw on their strengths, skills, talents and capabilities. The Delivery Plan recognises that there is a need to make both cultural and organisational shifts to embed asset-based approaches and co-production, and Janette is going to show you how technology is enabling that shift through Living it Up. Over to you Janette
  • Sign up - Profile – to collecting personal data to enable personalisationCentral to recruitment and evaluation Evolve with use – profile info develops through usage/input Applications will be able to push and pull info Owned by the user Fully controlled by the user User feedback Clunky and confusing Want to know the advantage/value of completing thisWant to complete in part…….not all at startNeed to be sure it is trusted, secure and will not be shared Asking for too much information initially Too long I Want to join quickly and easily Want more meaningful fields  V2.0 Functionality – Enhancements for November 2013 Enhance user interfaceBug/Security fixesAdvanced technical API documentation (API V2.0)Revisit and refinements of fields Enhanced connections with other applicationsRefeinement of password reminders Review/refinement of create an accountLog-in/Log out fixes LiU – service agreement review/refined – Legal – complianceRobertson Institute API connection – for evaluation data
  • Hidden talents – - SHINE The service will include the following key aspects:Facilitating the identification of an individuals’ skills/interestsSupporting the realisation that they have something to ‘give back’ that could benefit othersSignposting & facilitating access to appropriate activitiesCapacity building supportProviding the opportunity for individuals or groups to promote activities or resources that they want to share or invite others to participate inProviding introductions to existing groups or services who are seeking talented (& interested) individuals and have opportunities for users to get involvedUser feedback Great ideaDoesn’t reflect my interests in photosMay not want to do quiz, but may want to flag my interests Not sure if the wording for the personality return is right Need local opportunities presented in an easy format  V2.0 Functionality – Enhancements for November 2013 Quiz – refined Presentation of a personlaity typeBasic link to the presentation of opportunitiesLink with database and basic connection with profileResponder service being reviewed Profile connections being refined Rebrand to SHINE Enhance the user interface
  • Exchange – – Discover A ‘one-stop-shop’ for trusted and local information, products, servicesA place to get peer support from people in similar situations.A place to share recommendations with others about products, services, support etc…..A place for health and social care professionals to be able to ‘prescribe’ to people as a tool for finding out more about their condition/situation and the support etc available to them.A place where businesses/service providers can interact directly with people to ensure that their requirements are fully explored and to promote innovation collaborations and user feedback.User feedback Clunky and confusing Industry partner having difficulty integrating with API - postcodeIt should not be Google in disguise – it should have its own USP that makes it the trusted brand to help people to source the things they need to support, and make a difference to, their own well-being and personal lifestyles. It’s too random – need to consider filtering the informationUnclear of purpose Must impact all of my life, not just health Want to know the advantage/value of this service  V2.0 Functionality – Enhancements for November 2013 Need to reconsider how we populate the content UX redesign Connect with ALISS and NHS inform APIPeer support options Further content scoping Bug and security fixes
  • Living it up - Telehealth and Telecare S44

    1. 1. Telehealth and Telecare: Living it Up 18 March 2014 Social Work Expo – Session 44 1 JIT is a strategic improvement partnership between the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland, CoSLA, the Third Sector, the Independent Sector and the Housing Sector
    2. 2. The JIT and SCTT: An Effective Collaboration The Joint Improvement Team (JIT) is a unique strategic improvement partnership between the Scottish Government, NHS Scotland, CoSLA, the Third Sector, the Independent Sector and the Housing Sector The Scottish Centre for Telehealth & Telecare (SCTT) was established to support and guide the development of telehealth and telecare throughout Scotland.
    3. 3. 3 December 2012: National Delivery Plan Significant role of Telehealth and Telecare in the reform of health, care, housing and wellbeing in Scotland
    4. 4. 4 4 Objectives > Telehealth and telecare will enable choice and control in health, care and wellbeing services for an additional 300,000 people > People who use our health and care services, and the staff working within them, will proactively demand the use of Telehealth and Telecare as positive options > There is a flourishing Innovation Centre where academics, care professionals, service providers and industry innovate to meet future challenges and provide benefits for Scotland‟s health, wellbeing and wealth. > Scotland has an international reputation as a centre for the research, development, prototyping and delivering of innovative Telehealth and Telecare services and products at scale.
    5. 5. 5 > “Telehealth” - provision of health services at a distance using a range of digital and mobile technologies. This includes the capture and relay of physiological measurements from the home/community for clinical review and early intervention and “teleconsultations” where technology such as email, telephone, telemetry, video conferencing, digital imaging, web and digital television are used to support consultations between professional to professional, clinicians and patients, or between groups of clinicians. > “Telecare” is the provision of care services at a distance using a range of analogue, digital and mobile technologies. These range from simple personal alarms, devices and sensors in the home, through to more complex technologies such as those which monitor daily activity patterns, home care activity, enable „safer walking‟ in the community for people with cognitive impairments/physical frailties, detect falls and epilepsy seizures, facilitate medication prompting, and provide enhanced environmental safety. > “Telehealthcare” is used as an overarching term to describe both telehealth and telecare together.
    6. 6. Living it Up (LiU) Janette Hughes LiU Programme manager Programme led by NHS 24 Funded by:
    7. 7. 1. LiU overview 2. 2012 – phase 1 3. 2013 – phase 2
    8. 8. LiU Scope Budget - £10.3m Timeframe – June „12 – May „15 Users – 55,000 Locations – 5 regions (Lothian, Forth Valley, Moray, Western Isles & Highlands)
    9. 9. “Effective services must be designed with and for people and communities” The future delivery of public services - Christie report
    10. 10. Vision LiU Services will help transform health, care and wellbeing the same way that the internet has transformed financial services, social interactions and information and advice • Focussed on the person within their community • Increasing digital inclusion • Facilitating health and care integration
    11. 11. dallas LiU aim LiU will co-design sustainable and innovative improvements and choices in health, care and wellbeing for 55,000 by 2015.
    12. 12. By 2015 • LiU will provide a choice of access routes whilst at home or „out and about‟; - Web, TV or smart phone. • LiU will provide a personalised and integrated menu of services, information, products and social activities to support social, health, care, intellectual and personal interests. • LiU will „keep you connected‟ - creating and sustaining relationships with family, friends, neighbours, local communities and health and care professionals. • LiU will stimulate innovation and wealth creation by open innovation of new products, services, applications, and creation of employment opportunities.
    13. 13. High level outcomes 1. Healthier living – Individuals and communities are able and motivated to look after and improve their health and wellbeing, resulting in more people living in good health for longer with reduced health inequalities. 2. Independent living – People with disabilities, long term conditions or who become frail are able to live as safely and independently as possible in the community, and have control and choice over their care and support. 3. Carers – people who provide unpaid care to others are supported and able to maintain their own health and wellbeing. 4. Effective resources – The most effective use is made of resources across health and social care services, avoiding waste and unnecessary variation. 5. Engaged workforce – People who work in health and social care services are positive about their role and supported to improve care and treatment they provide. 6. Wealth creation –Increase in GDP, innovation and employment opportunities
    14. 14. Health, Care & Wellbeing – person focussed Increasing; 1. Choice 2. Control 3. Connectedness 4. Collaborations 5. Contributions 6. Communities wider world locality home wider world locality home
    15. 15. Who is LiU aimed at? A. General Population 15% B. Active & Healthy >50 years 20% C. 50 - 75 years with or at risk of Long Term Condition 25% D. 75+ with LTC/Frailties 25% E. Service providers 15%
    16. 16. Target population – 55,000 users Total Population 5,200,000 Based on 2010 Census data Lothian Highland Forth Valley Moray Western Isles % 49% 24% 19% 6% 2% Age group 50 plus 550,000 269,500 132,000 104,500 33,000 11,000 Target size - 10% of 50+ 10% 55,000 26,950 13,200 10,450 3,300 1,100 Sub Groups A. General Population 15% 8,250 4,043 1,980 1,568 495 165 B. Active & Healthy 50 - 70 years 20% 11,000 5,390 2,640 2,090 660 220 C. 50 - 75 years with or at risk of Long Term Condition 25% 13,750 6,738 3,300 2,613 825 275 D. 75+ with LTC/Frailties 25% 13,750 6,738 3,300 2,613 825 275 E. Service providers 15% 8,250 4,043 1,980 1,568 495 165 Total 100% 55,000 26,950 13,200 10,450 3,300 1,100 Recruitment timescales Lothian Highland FV Moray WIsles March 2013 1,500 735 360 285 90 30 March 2014 13,000 6370 3120 2470 780 260 March 2015 40,500 19845 9720 7695 2430 810 Total 55,000 26,950 13,200 10,450 3,300 1,100
    17. 17. 1/ 2012 Solution exploration
    18. 18. LiU Service design
    19. 19. 2/ 2013/14 Focus
    20. 20. 3 LiU prototypes – Version 3.0
    21. 21. Portal – The Hub
    22. 22. Sign up - Profile – Makes it personal
    23. 23. Shine – What are you good at?
    24. 24. Discover – What‟s available to you locally?
    25. 25. Flourish The Flourish service will support the Health and social care element of Living it Up, some ideas so far; • Telehealth/Telecare • Digital postcards • What keeps you well tool • Calendar reminders • Doctors appointments • Experienced guides • Games
    26. 26. Connect – Who would you like to talk to?
    27. 27. Join – LiU for a richer experience • Personalise • LiU profile 1. Owned by user 2. Edited by user 3. Shared by user • Allows LiU to personalise the user experience and help us shape the service
    28. 28. 4 Refer to Appendix for benefit descriptions Benefits
    29. 29. How can LiU help you? • One stop shop – linking local developments effectively together • Convenient and accessible – taking local and national services into the home and community • Generating new ideas and spotting opportunities • Supporting self management, increasing choice and control • Developing a personal profile that will be owned by the user and shared with their circles of care
    30. 30. Many thanks Join us now –