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Conventions and polysemy pitfalls


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Media work

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Conventions and polysemy pitfalls

  1. 1. Conventions and Polysemy pitfalls
  2. 2. • One female desk anchor and one male field anchor • I have chosen this convention because I feel that there needed to be a mix in gender so that the report would appeal to the most amount of people it could. I'm following the convention of having the male journalist out in the field while having the female at the desk as that seems to be a popular convention among real media productions. • PP: It could have a feminist reading as the female anchor would be staying in the studio.
  3. 3. • A short amount of actuality footage • I have chosen this convention because I think that by using actuality footage it can make a story more dramatic and make it more relatable for the audience as they get to see some footage from the real event and the real situation. • PP: It could seem insensitive if the footage is to explicit of the event.
  4. 4. • One eye witness and interview • I have chosen to have an interview with one eye witness and perhaps an expert on the crime so that information can be easily passed to the audience and so that the audience can see different opinions and views from different people involved in the case. • PP: If the eye witness isn't chosen carefully it may not come across in the preferred way.
  5. 5. • There will be a link to the studio • I have chosen to use this convention because it is very useful to link information between the anchors in the different places and its a good way of demonstrating the use of conventions. • PP: Badly timed links could again seem insensitive.
  6. 6. • To be in a news studio • I plan for my news report to start and end in a new studio that would be put together. This is best because it is what real media productions use and because it makes the programme seem more formal. • PP: If not in the studio the report could be seen as not a serious programme.
  7. 7. • One piece of music will be used throughout • I will be using the convention because it adds continuity to the piece so that it seems like it all belongs together and because it adds something different which would make the report more interesting. • PP: If the music is not picked carefully it may have the wrong sound meaning that it would give the report the wrong feeling.