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Vaping popularity, whend did it all begin


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The popularity of electronic cigarettes are slowly starting to compete with the giant tobacco. Browse the slides to discover some interesting facts about the history and the popularity of cigarettes and e-cigs

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Vaping popularity, whend did it all begin

  1. 1. Vaping Popularity - Where Did it All Begin? - By Sophia Moore 08/14/2017
  2. 2. Herbert A. Gilbert Was the first man to invent and patent e- cigarettes back in 1960s to replace the burnt tobacco? But it Never Got Manufactured Tobacco cigarettes were widely popular back then and the cigarette advertising was unregulated so Gilbert’s patent soon expired E-cigs Reappeared in China In the 2000s, Hon Lik, a Chinese Scientist constructed the first modern day electronic cigarette. He was motivated by the death of his Father, who had passed away from lung cancer . E-cigs Officially Were Introduced in 2006 The first vaporizer was introduced to the international market around that time and it consisted of battery, a plastic cartridge, a nicotine solution and an atomizer. Did You Know? A bit on History
  3. 3. Tobacco vs. the Vaping Market Numbers are The Best Facts Golden Dragon Holdings Was the Company Hon Lik worked for. Upon introducing the e-cigs to the international market, Lik didn’t get much profit because other manufacturers were illegally copying the dev ice and there was nothing he could do about it. The American Tobacco company was the First to Produce 10 Million Cigarettes a Year James Bonsack invented the first cigarette making machine in 1881. He started a business with Washington Duke’s Son James and together they made a production of 300 billion a year. The First Commercial Cigarette was Made by Marshal Duke in 1865 in North Carolina Before that tobacco Was Grown by American Indians Before the Europeans Came The Number of e-Cigarette Sales Increased Each Year. As of 2014 there were around 466 e-cig brands. The Worldwide sales were approximately $7billion. 30-50% of the Total Sales are Handled on the Internet In 2017 the Global e-cig market is worth around $10.3 billion In 1992 the Tobacco Industry reported a 5.65billion dollar trade The first half of the same year tobacco exports were 2 billions more than the exports. In 2016 the total sales of tobacco were $13.2billion
  4. 4. Where Did the Vaping Popularity Come From? Society and Culture E-cig users are called Vapers Vaporizers surprisingly received a positive support compared to other nicotine replacement means. Vapers see e-cig as a hobby as well as a safer alternative to smoking Forums Have Been Created Electronic Cigarette Forum was one of the biggest communities of the 2016s. Later on forums like introduced a new hobby called “modding”, designed for experienced users. Industry Leaders Have Gone Social Groups have started creating on Facebook and Reddit to discuss their experiences and give advice to novice vapers Vaper Gatherings These gatherings have become a tradition not only in the united states but in other countries as well. Large annual meet ups take place in various countries to discuss vapes, their accessories and the accompanying lifestyle.
  5. 5. Modern e-Cigs Categorized Categories Explained Portable Vapes Portable vaporizers a re just that, compact and travel size. Thosse devices are often used in discreet vaping. Dry Herb Vaporizers These types of vapes are designed to vape different herbal blends, including tobacco. Dry herb vapes a re a big category since they can include vape pens, desktop vaporizers as well as portable vapes. Vape Mods Vaporizer mods are designed for professional vapors. The difference is in the potency of the vapor released as well as in the knowledge of assembling the vape for an individual taste. To be able to use vape mods one should have a deep understanding of ohms, coils and heat specs. Vape Pens Those are called e-cigs or pen like vaporizers because their shape resembles a writing pen. Vape Pens are divided into subcategories of vapor pens, concentrate vaporizers and dry herb vape pens. Vape pens can also be considered a subcategory of portable vapes since they are easy to carry and to use. Desktop Vaporizers Often Called hand –free vapes. Those are large devices that could be vaped in a group or individually. The vapor could be collected in balloon and inhaled from it.
  6. 6. 01 02 03 Vaping Entails Inhaling a Vapor Vaping is the act of inhaling the vapor produced by a battery powered electronic cigarette. In comparison to cigarettes vaping lacks combustions hence the health claims for it to being the safer alternative to smoking Vaping Helps People Quit Smoking Looks like Hon Lik succeeded in his creation and his dream is finally coming true. Vaporizers have helped thousands of people to quit smoking. Combustion has a negative effect on lungs, and the cardiovascular system but as far as we know vaping doesn’t. Researched done until now haven’t dug deeply to discover all the after effects vaping might have on health. How Does it Help? According to the UK based Royal College of Physicians electronic cigarettes are the best replacement therapy for nicotine available now. As far as the health concerns go, it’s said vapor harm on health won’t exceed 5% of the harm caused by smoking tobacco. The biggest advantage vapor pens have is the option of controlling the nicotine concentration in e- liquids, allowing the smoker to slowly get rid of the nicotine addiction. Vaping as a Means to Quit Smoking Vaping Explained
  7. 7. 02 01 03 04 Half of the Cigarette Smokers have used an e-cigarette once or twice in their lifetimes 47.6% of the Cigarette Smokers Have Tried e-Cigs About fewer that 4% of the non- smoking adults have vaped an electronic cigarette device at least once in their lives. Less Than 4% of Adults Have Tried e-cigs That’s more than 9 million people who use vapor products and electronic cigarettes on daily basis 3.7% of the Adults Use Vapes About 15.9% of the current cigarette smokers and 22% of the former smokers are currently using electronic cigarettes One in 6 Current Cigarette Smokers has Switched to Vapes Vape Statistics - What Do Numbers Have to Say in the US -
  8. 8. Legalization in 2016 in the States have Brought an Increase in Vape Awareness With the legalization of medical and in some states even the recreational use of the cannabis brought awareness to the society about it’s health effects hence people finding healtheir ways of ingesting it. Vaping as a Favorite Method of Consuming Medical Marijuana As the research and some trustworthy sources suggest, using a vaporizer in consuming medical cannabis is the sure way to get those important cannabinoids without tainting them in a less amount of time. Availability of Choices Medicinal Cannabis can come in many shapes: dried herbs, cannabis concentrates, CBD oil. Being able to ingest all of the above mentioned types of cannabis the safer way has it’s share of boosting the popularity of electronic cigarettes.
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