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for baking

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  1. 1. Is a process by which food is subjected to dry heat in an enclosed device called oven. In the early days, baking was linked closely with the bread making. Baking
  3. 3. A French term referring to a sheet of rolled-out pastry. ABAISSE
  4. 4. To cook in an oven or oven-type appliance. This term typically applies to pastries, cookies, breads, casseroles, and occasionally fish and poultry. Bake
  5. 5. To bake an empty pie crust by half filling it with dried peas, etc., to ensure that it holds its shape. BAKE BLIND
  6. 6. A semi liquid mixture of liquid, eggs, and starch used to make pancakes, cookies, or a coating for foods to be fried. BATTER
  7. 7. In baked goods, a small roll (either yeast or quick bread). BISCUIT
  8. 8. To mix fat and sugar until smooth at the same time incorporating air into the mixture. CREAM
  9. 9. To use a fork to press the edges of an unbaked piecrust against the rim of the pie plate to seal in the filling and provide a traditional decoration. CRIMP
  10. 10. A mixture of liquid, flour, etc., that is stiff enough to be handled or kneaded, rolled and shaped. Example bread dough. DOUGH
  11. 11. To coat the surface with a dry ingredient like flour. DREDGE
  12. 12. To sprinkle a surface with a liquid like syrup. DRIZZLE
  13. 13. A sugar and water mixture cooked to the soft-ball stage ( 234º F), cooled and kneaded. Used for cake icing or candies. FONDANT
  14. 14. A semi-soft confection made from brown or white sugar, butter, cream, and evaporated milk (or plain water) and flavored usually with either chocolate or vanilla, but sometimes with ginger, glazed fruits, maple syrup, nuts, or orange. FUDGE
  15. 15. A French pastry filling of semisweet chocolate and heavy cream. GANACHE
  16. 16. To brush a surface with butter, margarine, shortening or oil to prevent sticking. GREASED
  17. 17. The sweet and decorative topping for a cake. Classically, it must be white, but in practice it applies to any topping, usually a thin one. Thicker toppings are then referred to as frosting. ICING
  18. 18. To allow the yeast dough to ferment and double its time. LET RISE
  19. 19. Sweet baked food made with a flour- shortening-liquid dough. PASTRY
  20. 20. Pastry dough comprised of numerous very thin sheets made from flour and water. PHYLLO PASTRY
  21. 21. To squeeze out a mixture from a pastry bag. PIPE OUT
  22. 22. To bake a crust without the filling or to half- bake. PRE-BAKE
  23. 23. To light the oven about 10 minutes in advance to allow the oven temperature to reach a desired degree of heat before the cake is baked. PREHEAT
  24. 24. To deflate risen dough using the fist to break down large air spaces. PUNCH DOWN
  25. 25. To roll again after the filling has been spread. REROLL
  26. 26. To shape a rectangle of dough or cake into a cylinder. ROLL
  27. 27. Meaning the cake is already baked; when the top spring back. UNTIL DONE
  28. 28. To heat almost to the boiling point. SCALD
  29. 29. Stage where sugar syrup when dropped from a spoon spins a thread. THREAD-LIKE
  30. 30. A device that blends or mixes substances or ingredients, especially by mechanical agitation
  31. 31. A shallow, wide, open container, usually of metal and without a lid, used for holdingliquids, cooking, an d other domestic purposes
  32. 32. use to measure correctly all the ingredients.
  33. 33. In cooking, the conventional oven is a kitchen appliance and is used for roasting and heating. Food normally cooked in this manner includes meat, casseroles and baked goodssuch as
  34. 34. the term cookie is derived from the Dutch word koekje meaning small cake.
  35. 35. Cookies are tiny, flat, sweet items made of flour, shortening, sugar and other ingredients. The mixture is referred to as “dough”. The dough is made into different shapes and sizes.
  36. 36.  Dropped Cookies  Molded Cookies  Rolled Cookies  Pressed Cookies  Refrigerat ed Cookies  Cookie Bars
  37. 37. Are baked products usually made from soft dough or batter. They may or may not be filled or frosted, but an elegant frosted cake is the pride of any baker.
  38. 38.  Shortened Cakes  Unshortened Cakes  Chiffon-type Cakes