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Drivers for change


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Clive Bonny's presentation at Construction Expo on 13 September 2018.

Published in: Design
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Drivers for change

  1. 1. • Buildings waste energy with 25% of total carbon emissions • Buildings with poor air quality and harmful chemical gases • Your Energy costs increase every year above inflation • Grid capacity cannot meet population growth needs • Student population needs 5000 new classrooms pa • Class sizes over 30 reducing learning attainment • 5% office absence due to ill health and stress • 50% office workers say office design reduces performance (Leesman Index) Is this what you want?
  2. 2. Plastics, Plaster and Mortar OFFGAS: Did You Know? Proven links with ill health from chemical vapour Potassium, Sodium Hydroxide, Caustic Alkalines Volatile compounds cause asthma, congestion, skin rashes, fatigue and cognitive decline Formaldehyde in plywood glue is a carcinogen Building contaminations linked to 180 diseases
  3. 3. Is UK Construction Fit For Purpose? Shortage of over 1 MILLION homes Every year 250,000 EXTRA NEEDED Urban flats now just 6x7 sq metres living space National electric grid capacity at crisis level School shortage of 20,000 classrooms Class sizes over 30 students reduce learning
  4. 4. 1+1=3 WHAT IF renewable tech combines Biophilic Design? • Solar PV electrics and solar thermal water • Battery energy night storage • Rain-water harvest under-ground storage • Biomass heater system • Heat recovery ventilation system • Curved cedar cladding on resilient ellipsoid timber frame • Hemp and sheep wool insulation avoids offgas chemicals • Cross laminated timber for strength and fire safety Biophilic Ellipsoid Timber Design gives natural organic WELLBEING
  5. 5. • WHY WOOD IS GOOD VS STEEL BRICKS AND MORTAR • 1 Constant natural replacement + min energy cost • 2 Structurally stronger, laminated fire resistance and non-toxic • 3 Natural blend in landscape reduces planning issues • 4 Easier to adapt shapes and tailor designs • 5 Build time is faster and lower cost • 6 Better thermal and noise insulation with natural humidification • 7 Scrap is recycled, reused or composted with no waste
  6. 6. Lets Help Our Kids • UK needs 2000 new schools by 2023 • extra 750,000 pupils = 5000 new classrooms pa Drivers: 18% rise in birth rates since 2008 Net UK immigration + 300K people pa + demand for schools and nurseries More classrooms = lower class sizes, better grades + Local accessibility with less travel
  7. 7. Open plan reduces stress for learners and teachers Enhanced daylight + air quality + acoustics + natural humidifiers = 15% improved cognitive skills and learning achievements © passiv pod ® What If classrooms inspired kids?
  8. 8. Lets help rural economies • 66 M people holiday in UK pa spending £21 Bn pa • Rural “staycation” cottage is highest growth area • Global visitors to UK + 10% pa since Brexit Drivers: +15% UK Pound value for foreigners UK rural environment seen as “safe and secure” Permitted Development for rural land owners Rental revenues + 30% for Buy To Let guest homes + Sports arenas, golf courses, cabin lodge parks
  9. 9. Up to 2500 sq feet two-tier 2-4 bed with 2 ensuite baths open plan lounge diner Renewable energy Rainwater harvesting Battery storage Ellipsoid design = natural energy saving + air circulation + light, + humidification + acoustics + no chemicals = emotional + physical wellbeing © passiv pod ® Lets make homes healthy
  10. 10. Lets help home workers • 3 M employees take work home needing private space • 4 M self-employed home-workers • + 50% home worker growth in next 15 years Drivers: Digital technology, travel costs, family commitments, work-life balance Benefits: Less travel hassle, less cost, less travel pollution Higher motivation and work performance,
  11. 11. What If Homework was a pleasure? © passiv pod ® with permitted development planning
  12. 12. Biophilic designed homes, offices and classrooms Save energy costs by 80% Save planning costs with permitted development Save time to build and environment damage Are long-life assets with lower maintenance Are safer to build and fireproof with CLT good design saves
  13. 13. Everyone’s a Winner • Leisure Lodges over 10,000 in UK need replacement • Natural upgrades in retirement / holiday cabin parks • Garden Offices over 5 million home-workers in UK • 15 sq m 2 desks for entrepreneurial creativity • Classrooms over 5000 pa for population growth • 40,000 committed to “eco-school” standards in EU • Rural Offices and Sports Clubs • Tourism and Outdoor activities value £1 Bn pa
  14. 14. Passiv Pod ®
  15. 15. “We are very excited at the opportunity from PassivPod to become a leading early adopter of the scientific benefits of biophilic classroom design…” - Roedean School “We are very keen to include PassivPod structures as part of our business hub and to be a showcase and catalyst for further growth.” - So Sussex Events “PassivPod has significant international growth potential as a unique elliptical multi-purpose zero-carbon biophilic building.” - Green Growth Platform Endorsements
  16. 16. Mark Pellant Technical Director Passiv Pod ® 01273 204065 Clive Bonny Commercial Director 07973 799153 proposals/passivpod-zero-carbon-15-859577 Thank You!