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URCA powerpoint pwpt


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URCA powerpoint pwpt

  1. 1. Diffusion Spectrum Imaging: New ways of reconstructing long-range connections in the brain Presented by Sophia Larriva with work by Alex Asturias, Viktoriya Babenko, Matt Cieslak, Celine Mol, and Scott Grafton, PhD.
  2. 2. What is all this? • Brain has many overlapping connections • Neurons • White matter • Different connections are different! Split Brain: Corpus Callosum
  3. 3. Left Lateral Occipital to Left Inferior Temporal • Diffusion MRI looks at water movement • Constrained by axon bundles • Maps out connections (speech, visual pathways, etc.) • Clinical uses for strokes and certain types of injuries Right Superior Parietal to Brain Stem Some Background
  4. 4. Recent Innovations DTI scan 2007 DSI scan 2015 DSI scan • Scan time= under 20 minutes • Can determine directions for crossing fiber tracts • Multi-band imaging protocols • Scan time= 6 minutes • Cannot resolve crossing fibers • More variability in results interpretations • Scan time= 1 hour • Determine directions for crossing fiber tracts • Single-band imaging protocols
  5. 5. A Comparison of Scans • Center for Magnetic Resonance Research at University of Minnesota (CMRR) • Siemens Corporation • Examined differences in signal quality
  6. 6. Results CMRR Wins! (almost outright) Neuronal fiber tracts (axons) where Siemens appeared better were statistically insignificant/not real Right Paracentral Gyrus to Left Paracentral Gyrus Right Entorhinal Cortex to Brain Stem
  7. 7. What Now? Potential Clinical Uses • Surgery • Monitoring Fetal Development • Stroke Patients
  8. 8. References - - - - - - Thank You!