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  1. 1. SOPHIA |
  2. 2. FEATHER REVOLUTIONExhibited collection of Pitti Filati Imagine No.65A feather collection based on the research and concept of discovering the New Ways of Adapting and Applying Feather on variedmaterials as chiffon, wool, silk, satin, net, denim...etc.The collection is also under commercial purpose, each design is patterned and constructed under two hours.
  3. 3. LEATHER LUXURYOvercoat collection inspired by the 1940s fashion and the possibilities of leather.Each coat utilizes and finishes the leather in a different way, such as stamped, mixed and match with varied materials, patchwork, weaved,layered and burnt.
  4. 4. MAN AT WORKPitti Filati Imagine No.64(the main international event for the knitting yarn industry, a research lab and an observatory on global lifestyle trends)Inspired by the concept of Man at Work and new yarns.
  5. 5. DENIM ORIGAMIA day-to-evening collection inspired by Japanese origami using only denim
  6. 6. WHITE REPETITIONA collection inspired by the smocking technique which demonstrates the transformation of a traditional repetitive embroidery technique that usedto give gathered fabric stretchess to a simpler technique with more unique result. This new technique eliminates the fabric weight limitation andthe repetitive pattern, at the same time allows the designer to control not just the dimension but the formation of the pattern.
  7. 7. FashionTechnical Drawing