Task 9 initial ideas


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Task 9 initial ideas

  1. 1. Task 9: INITIAL IDEAS
  2. 2.  Who are you working with? For this task I will be working with Siobhan Wren.  Who is the artist you have chosen to make a music video for? The artist we have chosen to make a music video for is T.A.T.U.  What is the name of the song? The song by T.A.T.U that we have chosen is: All The Things She Said  What is the name of your artist that you have created? The name of our artists are Georgia & Emilie. We have decided not to give them a group name because we think that our genre suits simplicity and we are trying to make them as relatable to the audience as possible.  Are you going to have performance and/or narrative in your music video? Our music video will have both a narrative and a performance. The reason for this is because we have a mixed genre of pop and rock so feel like we need both to make it suit them equally.
  3. 3.  Give me a general overview of your ideas for the music video you have come up with so far. Our main plot for the narrative will be about how our two main artists have fallen in love and have to face the problem of society not accepting this and making their lives difficult to live. It will be about finding ways to be together until one of them finally concludes that it is impossible and kills herself. We have locations such as a field and a forest which represent privacy but also segregation from the world. We have also chosen a library whereby one of the artists (Georgia) will get ridiculed by other classmates.  Why do you think that this idea is appropriate for the song you have chosen? I think this idea is appropriate to the song because it goes extremely well with the lyrics and we are hoping that the pace of the acting will fit the tempo of the song. The song is about the struggles two girls face when society does not like the idea of them being together and so we thought that having a matching narrative will be effective.
  4. 4.  Does your idea link to the lyrics of your song? Yes it does. Another one of our ideas which fits well with the lyrics is located in a kitchen and one of our artists is getting lectured by her parents. It links in well because one of the verses in the song is actually based on their mother and father.  How does your idea fit your genre? The whole idea of using a performance goes well with the rock side of the genre as it is a generic convention to use performances in rock videos. Also, The simplicity goes well with rock, as does the dark/sad narrative. Using a mixture of locations suits the pop genre because it shows diversity. Also, the passion we will have will go well with pop.