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Task 6 soph media


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Task 6 soph media

  1. 1. From this poster we can see that it is pop/rock in a number of ways. There are aspects of both genres which means that they merge together to form pop/rock. For example, the colours are quite bright and outgoing which brings out natural pop conventions. However, the rock is seen through the simple locations and casual costume of a day dress. I would say that from this poster the target audience is for teenage boys and girls. The colours are very uni- sex which means that it would attract both genders but the font is not vey formal, meaning that the older generation might not necessarily be as interested or keen to find out more. The composition is extremely effective within the poster. The colours, location and costumes all go well together and match. This means that it is not confusing or unattractive. It also shows that the producers of this poster took time and effort into it and this will appeal to the audience. The font is of the same colour throughout the poster which makes it consistent and more eye-catching. The font style of Kate Nash’s name could represent her personality and music style; she is a pop rock artist but the style is quite witty and informal, perhaps like her music. The main focus of this poster is the house. This could be seen as a connotation because the reason behind it could be that her music is about her personal life. The image shows her walking into the house so perhaps this represents her letting her fans in and opening up to her life. Kate Nash- Foundations Album Advertisement Poster
  2. 2. The colours on this poster really help distinguish the pop/rock genre of the album. The shiny, bright pink and blue contrasting with the dark black is the same as the contrast between the pop/rock genres. This is how you can tell the genre and it works really well. The target audience is clearly teenage girls. The band members act as eye candy in the picture which would attract nearly every teenage girl. Plus, the bright pink colours blasting out also are very feminine. The composition is quite simple but the edited effects make it look much more outgoing. The image included fits in well with the album which is based on the 3D concert experience movie they made. The font is also clear and visible and the colours go well together. The contrast between dark and bright colours is extremely effetive as it is eye catching and appealing. The image represents what the album is about and gives the fans/audience an insight of what the atmosphere is like at an actual Jonas Brothers concert. This would make them more eager to find out more and be influenced by the poster. It also fits in well with the rock part of the genre because the vast majority of rock songs involve a life performance from the band itself. Jonas Brothers- 3D Concert Experience Album Advertisement The font is much more of a pop type genre because of the bright pink colour and shaded background. This is perhaps to make the poster stand out more and make it more visible. It catches the eye immediately which makes it more memorable. This would bring in more fans from other artists like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato because they feature in the album.
  3. 3. Reflection  This task has been beneficial because it has helped me gain a better understanding of what to put in my own advertisement poster for the album I am going to produce. It has shown me that the genre of the music video is extremely important and it is important to keep up with this theme in the digipak and the analysis because it makes it more memorable and recognisable to the audience. In both of the rock/pop genre posters I analysed, they used either a simple location or a live performance snap shot. These are the natural conventions of a rock/pop genre and so it is important that I do the same. The colours are contrasting to represent the contrast between pop and rock but also how this contrast works well together and it is this that makes the music so good and a unique selling point. All in all, I am now much more confident about what to and what not to include in my poster.