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Task 4 a2


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Task 4 a2

  1. 1. Record Labels and Permissions
  2. 2. Record Labels What record labels are and what they do:A record label is both a trademark and a brand that is related to musicvideos and music recordings by working with the marketing,distribution, copyright and production of these music videos. It cantherefore be said that they are also publishing companies managingthe brands and trademarks.Artists need a record label in order for their audiences to becomewider, for them to market and promote their music/albums and to allowaudiences to view the tracks through MP3, TV, radio etc..There are two different types of record labels that an artist can have:Independent or Major labels. One of the major differences betweenthese two labels is the funding. Major record labels will chose to signon artists that they feel will conform to the modern music taste of thedifferent audiences and will then spend millions of dollars/pounds tofund and promote their artist. On the other hand independent musiclabels have less funding and have to help promote the artists music indifferent ways, this allows them to form a personal relationship withtheir fan base. Independent labels also tend to sign local artists andthey usually focus on just one genre.
  3. 3. Our Record Label: Major orIndependent? I think our artist is more suited to an independentrecord label. The reason for this is because ourartist is new and has not yet received muchrecognition or promotion, meaning that the fanbase is small and local. The fact that our artist islocal further contributes to why I think she is bestsuited to an independent label as they usuallysign local/underground artists. The music videowill be quite low budget and simple as apposed tosome pop, R&B, dance and hip-hop genres.Although our song includes some aspects of popand you might expect it to therefore be a highbudget major labeled video, it also has some rockwithin it and so we will try to convey both sides ofthe genres.
  4. 4. LAB RECORDS After researching various differentindependent record labels, I think our artistwould be best suited to LAB records, aManchester, UK based pop-rock label whichwas established in 2007. This is because thisindependent record label specialises in pop-rock which is the exact genre that our artistalso specialises in. This means that the labelmanagement team will be able to help ourartist portray this genre well, meaning that itwill also bring her a specific fan base for herparticular style of music.The record label has only been around for 4years but the bands/artists which they havesigned soon became regulars on some of themost well known live events in Britain, such asfestivals.Some of the artists they signare more popular and wellknown than others but includeYoung Kato, Adam Barnes,Katie Sky, The Summer Set,Anavae, The Hush Sound,Cartel, HELLOGOODBYE, andPortia Conn.
  5. 5. what is copyright and how are recordlabels responsible for this.Copyright is the protection of originalideas/pieces/products. It is basically the legal rightto reproduce a piece of work, or in other words, tocopy it. This is done by reproducing, selling and/orlicensing the piece of work. Using music as anexample, whoever wrote/produced and starred inthe music video is the copyright owner. Thecopyright owner has authority over who can adapt itor financially benefit from it.Usually the record labels tend to be the owners oftheir artists songs. This means that they holdresponsibility of who can and under what termspeople can copyright their original pieces of work.
  6. 6. What I Can/Cannot Do With MyMusic Video: Using the research I did oncopyright, I have learned that whenI produce my own music video Icannot imitate/copy the originalvideo; the ideas must be originaland I must make it clear that I amcreating a new representation of thesong without actually claiming thesong. I also have to make it clear that myvideo is a copyrighted version of theoriginal song. This can be donethrough the ‘All rights reserved’phrase which states that thecopyright owner contains the rightsprovided for a copyright law. I can also use the symbol which is aletter C in a circle. This signindicates that work cannot bereproduced without the copyrightowners permission and tells theaudience that the author requirespermission before using his/her
  7. 7. My Record Label: Broken Rec
  8. 8. My Record Label: BrokenRecords Broken Records is the name of ourBritish independent record label whichwe created. We have decided that ourlabel will sign artists that are local andnew to the industry. We aim to be astepping stone for all of the artists wesign, in order for them to achieve a fanbase, by working with them and helpingthem produce and release music that fitsinto the pop-rock genre. Broken recordstries to keep each artist with just the onegenre of music so that in their time withus they can develop and improve.Our record label logo fits with our genreand includes bright colors whichrepresent the pop and the broken recordwhich brings out the rock aspects of thelabel. Other artists that our record label wouldlike to sign include Bastille, Kate Nash,Arctic Monkeys, Foals, and Lilly Allen.The reason for this is because ourrecord label specializes in pop/rock andeach of these artists also show that theyspecialize in one or the other. I think thatthey would be well suited to our record
  9. 9. What I Have Learned: I have learned what record labels are and whatthey do. The difference between major and independentrecord labels. What copyright is and that when I produce mymusic video I must make it clear that it is a cover,I cannot directly copy what the original artist hasincluded. I have learned the different ways to make it clearthat I am produing a copyrighted video (e.g: the Cin a circle symbol)