Creative Ely: Inside every creative there's a hidden marketing guerilla


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Creative Ely, 7th May 2013
The Cutter, Ely, Cambridgeshire UK

Our event for May 2013 was an interactive and practical session run by Jonathan Wainwright to help creative folk market themselves more effectively and run a more profitable business. This is a copy of the presentation he delivered.

For more info on Creative Ely, and how you can get involved, please follow these links:

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Creative Ely: Inside every creative there's a hidden marketing guerilla

  1. 1. Inside every creative there’s ahidden marketing guerilla
  2. 2. How does this photograph make you feel?
  3. 3. Our survey Major trendsA straw poll of 30 ElyCreative membersUsing the telephone to KIT withcustomers46.7% never, 40% occasionallyAre you clear about sectors youwish to gain work from?35.7% no and happy to do any workAre potential customers clearabout what you offer?24% yes, word of mouth. 40% no, don’t doenough marketingSocial Media32% use it to tell about work, 36% stop/startand find it time consumingFamiliarity with business‘Numbers’54.2% can’t measure marketing impact, 25%only think about it when they need work”Lead generation, turning interest in a transaction”“Reaching the potential clients whose expectations match my capabilities”“Having the right strategy, then having time to execute.”“..‘tough financial climate”, ..some people never look beyond the bottom line, what’s it goingto cost?”
  4. 4. Tonight I’m going to guide you through a 5-point Action Plan to.................Understand your customers PsycheIdentify your ideal customerMake your business stand outUse the power of social mediaMeasure marketing value
  5. 5. Customers’ psyche Understand this and generate more work and more customersWhen you get into yourcustomer’s psyche, youwill gain powerfulknowledge to market whatyou doWhat are their customerneeds?What do they expect fromsuppliers?a) Hygiene factorsb) Service excellenceHow can I improve myoffering?Create a strategy to check all this out?
  6. 6. Ideal customer Only target your best opportunity. It saves time and moneyIt is only worth pursuingprospects that fit yourprofile of the idealcustomerWho are they?Where are they?What services do theyprovide?How can I best meet thatneed?Is their businessgrowing/declining?Who are the top ten Companies on my prospect list?
  7. 7. Stand out Making your service better than your closest competitorIn a sea of ‘White Noise’make sure that you areseen and heardWhat is the market need?How is it changing?Who is your closest competitor?a) How is their service greatb) What are their key strengthsc) What are their key weaknessesWho are the top ten Companies on my prospect list?
  8. 8. Social Media Must be focussed, manageable, timely and effectiveSocial Media is aboutbuilding a two-waydialogue. It’s not about‘Offers’ and ‘Selling’What interests myprospects?Why should they listen tome?How can I develop adialogue?How can I build followers?Which Social media is bestfor me?Create an A4 strategy/action plan to KIS (keep it simple)
  9. 9. Marketing value Measure what you do. What works, what doesn’tThese basic numbers arethe heart of any businessProjected number of leads 6 6x conversion rate 50% 65%equals number of new customers 3 4x average spend £750 £1,000equals revenue £2,250 £4,000x margin 60% 70%equals profit £1,350 £2,800Create a marketing actions/metrics list. If I can’t measure it, change it!
  10. 10. If you would like a FREE copyof my Amazon e-book, go to: