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Suzanne Stephenson Portfolio


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Published in: Design, Business
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Suzanne Stephenson Portfolio

  1. 1. Suzanne Stephenson Portfolio Book Illustrations Cartoons Christmas Card Designs Displays Drawings & Paintings Logo Designs Print Pieces Web Design
  2. 2. Book Illustrations Illustrations for Ed DelGrande’s House Call, a book of home improvement tips, published by Viking in 2007
  3. 3. Book Illustrations Illustration for an unpublished childrens’ book
  4. 4. Cartoons Illustrations for a book on how to be a better waiter/waitress
  5. 5. Cartoons Point-of-Purchase display for the URI Master Gardeners
  6. 6. Cartoons Illustration for Matthew Lesko’s book on grant-writing.
  7. 7. Christmas Card Designs
  8. 8. Displays Banners for the University of RI’s Crabapple Festival
  9. 9. Displays Banners created for a University fundraiser
  10. 10. Drawings & Paintings Colored pencil drawing Pencil portrait Pen and ink drawing Watercolor sketch
  11. 11. Logo Design Labels for “Libations” soaps
  12. 12. Logo Design Logo design for a yarn shop, here used in a business card
  13. 13. Logo Design Logo design for URI’s Crabapple Festival, here used on a tee-shirt
  14. 14. Print Pieces Multi-part Invitation for URI Foundation Fundraiser
  15. 15. Print Pieces Oversized campaign postcard, Rep. Bruce Long
  16. 16. Print Pieces Guidebook for URI garden tour and bookmarks used for publicity (click for pdf)
  17. 17. Web Design Ed Del Grande website, designed and maintained
  18. 18. Web Design N. Stonington Garden Club, designed and maintained
  19. 19. Web Design Representative John Loughlin, designed and maintained
  20. 20. Web Design Representative Jay Edwards, designed and maintained
  21. 21. Suzanne Stephenson Thanks for looking