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Study Tours


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Study Tours

  1. 1. Contact Us: Learning Exchange Hong Kong Email: Tel: +852-65576628 1 STUDY TOURS & OVERSEAS STUDY SUPPORT 1. LEISURE & CULTURAL TOURS Australia offers endless possibilities for your vacation. Indoors or outdoors, laid-back or adrenalin-pumping, exclusive or in groups. Take your pick! And what better way to explore this great continent than to combine the sightseeing and activities with study tours to listen to seminars from experts, meet master artisans and craftsmen in the workshops, wineries and factories, learn about Australian wildlife from park rangers, and more! Tour with expert guides. Listen to stories about Australia the books may not tell you. At your request, the tours can be customized to suit your interest. Choose from exotic options like aboriginal culture, Australian flora and fauna, country women’s arts and crafts. Or, live it up in the world famous vineyards and wineries, cruise Sydney Harbour in a yacht, or take a flight in a light aircraft to catch the breath-taking views. Marvel at the exquisite architecture and interiors of heritage buildings. Invite an architecture professor to walk through the Queen Elizabeth Building with you, or have a personal shopper advise you on the best buys for your lifestyle. Australian Vacations
  2. 2. Contact Us: Learning Exchange Hong Kong Email: Tel: +852-65576628 2 Take the kids to explore the creatures great and small, in their natural habitats or in fantasy- land. Let them watch their fairy tales come to life. Visit the chocolate and cheese factories to sample their wares and take home some delectable delicacies. Let the kids run free; feel the grass and sand beneath their feet; play, laugh and shout to their hearts’ content! Kids can really be kids in the great open spaces that make up Australia!
  3. 3. Contact Us: Learning Exchange Hong Kong Email: Tel: +852-65576628 3 2. BUSINESS TOURS Hold your next sales convention or leadership development workshop in one of the top business schools in Australia! Set amidst lush gardens and scenic coastlines, some of these schools are inspiration themselves. Interact with down-to-earth professors with rich industry experience; network with business leaders and be inspired and delighted at their relaxed passion in their respective fields. And there’s more! Charter a beautiful Gulfstream jet for your special tour, or learn to fly one! Or take your team on a dream yacht for a little Rest & Recreation. Or play a round of golf or two – with the kangaroos cheering you on! Australia! Where else?
  4. 4. Contact Us: Learning Exchange Hong Kong Email: Tel: +852-65576628 4 3. ACADEMIC STUDY Australia offers some of the best educational opportunities in the English-speaking world. Students can take their pick:  Historic sandstone universities renowned for their cutting edge research in various fields like medicine, law, accounting, business, architecture, marine biology, geology, social sciences, and more.  Young, enterprising universities that offer the newest creative, artistic and technological study programs, like wine marketing, sports science, digital arts and cosmetology.  Professional, career-oriented TAFE colleges and other institutions with courses geared towards popular careers in fields as diverse as aviation, mechanics, fashion, languages, and animation.  Private and public high schools offering the best preparations for Cambridge International Examinations and International Baccalaureate Examinations, for progression into tertiary institutions in Australia and world- wide. Enjoy the casual, informal learning atmosphere while earning reputable degrees and diplomas. Have a balanced life of study, work and play! Make lots of new friends with the local Aussies as well as the international students from all over the world. Take off on weekends and holidays to explore the huge expansive Australian landscape! Our partners in Australia offer services to support you from the very beginning of your educational journey, to the accomplishment of your dreams! See our range of services in the chart below. Speak to one of our consultants today for details.