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Solutions for Failing Outsourcing and Offshoring Projects


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Improvement Strategies for failing Outsourcing and offshoring Projects, Optimisation strategies for offshoring Projects over different continents, intercultural solution and education programs, Solutions Directory for Outsourcing and offshoring Projects, examples for Offshoring Projects from Germany to India

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Solutions for Failing Outsourcing and Offshoring Projects

  1. 1. Render Your IT Offshoring ProjectsSuccessful and Profitable by ImprovingWork Flow and Team Management3rd CONFERENCE onBusiness Process Outsourcing-Improvement in Work Flow andTeam ManagementBusiness Process Outsourcing- Improve the Quality ofYour Offshoring Processes with Improved Work Flow andTeam Management1320BenefitfromcosteffectiveOffshoringSolutionsbyOvercomingCulturalObstaclesandProcessPitfallsLearnfromBestPracticeCaseStudiesfromIndustryLeadersoftheITIndustry,OutsourcingSpecialistsandStrategicSolutionsProviders.Outsourcing and Offshoring are without doubts one of the most controversial butcost effective strategies enabling growth in the IT business.Key success factors for Outsourcing/Offshoring projects are the overcoming ofpitfalls located in soft facts like appropriate communication over long distances,overcoming of work flow problems caused by different time zones, lack of under-standing due to language and cultural misunderstandings.In these days, Outsourcing and Offshoring solutions are all about ensuring businessneeds by building strong relationships with service providers, capable ofdelivering services from ressourceful locations at competitive prices and quality standards.Visit our Conference on„Business Process Outsourcing- Improving Work Flow andTeam Management“ in Munich to learn more about strategies to overcome obstacles,pitfalls and blocking factors during Outsourcing/Offshoring Projectsto achieve sucess and growth in offshoring projects.© Produced by MBO ConsultingSonja Uhl Manager Training and Events
  2. 2. MONDAY NOVEMBER 201309:00-09:30 Opening SpeechCONFERENCE ROOMOpening Speech and Introduction to the Conference by the Chairman09:30-10:15 Basics of Outsourcing/Offshoring Solutions11:30-12:1510:15-11:00 Offshoring of IT Processes to India11:00 - 11:30- COFFEE BREAK-FOYERCONFERENCE ROOM13:15-14:0012:15-13:15 BUFFET LUNCH FOYER´Do´s and don´t´s for Outsourcing/Offshoring solutionsBenefits of outsourcing/offshoring especially in the IT industryPitfalls of offshoring solutionsNearshoring, a targeted option for several industriesEmbedding offshoring/outsourcing in a functioning workflowAlign business processes to outsourcing needsOffshoring risks which hinder cost effieciencyWhen and why an Offshoring project goes wrong and what to learn fromOffshoring- what are the biggest pitfalls?Collaboration with cultural differencesWorking with cultural differences in offshoring projectsTop 5 key cultural misunderstandings in IT offshoring projectsHow to improve the work flowThe communication pitfall – it s all about communicationHow to improve communication and workflow processesKey profit areas of the location IndiaStrong workforce potential in India: population size, IT qualifications,English language skills, et.Obstacles: time difference, cultural differences, dialect, etc.Cultural clashes: Indian working culture vs Western working cultureAnswer: Learn the cultural code of the otherOffshoring- A Cost Effective Solution?Cultural Differences Leading and Maintaining Increased RevenueCONFERENCE ROOMCONFERENCE ROOMCONFERENCE ROOM
  3. 3. 14:00-14:45 Raising Cultural Awareness- The Clue to Successful Outsourcing Projects14:45-15:15 SourcingStrategiesandVendorManagement15:45-16:3016:30-17:30VendorManagement-KeyFactorsforSuccess17:30-19:00Day 1- Afternoon NOVEMBER 201315:15-15:45 - COFFEE BREAK FOYEREmbedding of New Cloud Suppliers inside the network of your Existing SuppliersManage Provider Relationships EffectivelyManage/Monitor their PerformanceIdentify New Service Providers with High Quality Service Providers and the AbilityImprove in Flexibility in Your Relationships with Offshoring Provider.Be agile and adapt to the newest trends in sourcing.How to avoid cultural misunderstandings from the beginningCultural awareness as first step of solutionCultural misunderstandings begin in the own receptive culture and company cultureCollaboration strategy with vendors: Analysing your own internal cultureAdapt the offshoring process to the own internal cultureRoundtable Discussions: Offshoring and Overcoming Cultural PitfallsHow to Set Up the Right Sourcing Team and Management Team?Vendor Management ?IdentifyingDeveloping key processes of vendor management within in the organisationCo-Working with multiple VendorsManaging your most strategic vendorsEstablish the right balance of trust and control in vendor relationshipsNetworking CocktailOpen Networking with Cocktails and SnacksDiscuss how to gain a competitive advantage byovercoming obstacles in the cultural communication problemsCONFERENCE ROOMCONFERENCE ROOMCONFERENCE ROOMCONFERENCE ROOMFOYER
  4. 4. Offshoring, onshoring or nearshoring?Key factors and tips for decision makingWhich effect will have cloud and delivery models?Chose offshoring/outsourcing providers and delivery modelFew experience of young indian programmersCMM is a project management tool, not a solution for higher qualityTime and Price- how much is One Time Unit in Europe and One in India?Cultural and Linguistic Differences with Effect on the Code and GUI -Inappropriate GUI programming which have to be replaced produce hidden costsLess assertiveness of Offshore Teams in IndiaDay 2 NOVEMBER 201309:00-09:30 Opening SpeechCONFERENCE HALL09:30-10:15 Offshoring vs. NearshoringCONFERENCE HALL10:15-11:00 CommunicationPitfallsinOffshoringProjectsThe Value of the Face Time-On the Opposite Site of the Table or on the Opposite Sideof the Globe?According to long-term studies, commmunication deterioriates over time if there is no period face-to-face interactionCommunication Matters- Linguistic Mismatching During IT Offshoring ProjectsEffects of language problems to the code11:30-12:15 Offshoring Projects in India- Planning and Reality?12:15--13:15 - LUNCH BREAKFOYER11:00 - 11:30 - COFFEE BREAK-13:15-14:00 Bring Offshoring Solutions to the Bottom Line14:00-14:45 Outsourcing in the Next 10 Years- Visions and Reality?CONFERENCE HALLEND OF CONFERENCENETWORKING COFFEEOpening Remarks by the ChairmanCONFERENCE HALLWhich key trends are effecting the IT Service industry and Providers?Be agile and adapt to the newest trends in sourcing.More innovation in IT OutsourcingCostly pitfalls in outsourcing processes, eg. .networks, software, travel costs, etc.What about costs for re-programming?Which costs are provoced by cultural differenceExample: Germany-IndiaCONFERENCE HALLCONFERENCE HALLAb 14:45- Open EndFOYERFOYER