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Sp24 my site_branding


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How to brand MySite and how to provision branding to personal MySite on Office 365

I won't show you the code, but I'll use MySiteBranding web part as example of what does it take to provision the custom master page and theme to personal MySite site collection for each user. The code that provisions the master page is written in JavaScript. MySiteBranding app is a SharePoint hosted app that is available for purchase at Office App Store. The MySiteBranding app and web part are installed on MySite host, the code provisions the master page to another site collection - to personal MySite.

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  • Thanks :-) MySite Branding app with web part is available at
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  • Thank You very much for the information. I was looking for Branding MySite. It is very valuable information. Thanks Tom Chaudhry
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Sp24 my site_branding

  1. 1. MySite, Branding Sonja Madsen Denmark, GMT+1:00 April 16th /17th, 2014
  2. 2. Developer/Architect/Consultant 10 years with SharePoint SharePoint MVP Speaker Microsoft partner and vendor Owner SONJASAPPS Copenhagen Denmark Contact @sonjamadsen
  3. 3. MySite Host: Set theme and custom master page Personal MySite: Provisioning theme and custom master page
  4. 4. Tags And Notes About meIntranet
  5. 5. Title: MySite Personal Upgrade On Navigation Description: Creates or upgrades a user's personal site upon navigation to the My Site Host site.
  6. 6. Out-of-box SharePoint – Best Practice
  7. 7. How to provision master page and theme
  8. 8. What to do first? About meIntranet Tags And Notes
  9. 9. About me Tags And Notes
  10. 10. 1. Apply theme 2. Apply custom master page on MySite Host
  11. 11. One down, one to go. Half way through!
  12. 12. Provisioning: What do we need to know
  13. 13. Most Users have READ access to MySite Host
  14. 14. When to apply branding
  15. 15. Get custom master page and custom theme that are applied to MySite Host
  16. 16. Get current user and personal MySite url
  17. 17. Half way through!
  18. 18. Get and copy the custom master page and theme
  19. 19. Apply theme and set master page
  20. 20. Anything Else?
  21. 21. Summary