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Transforming an Enterprise - Lean Startup Conference 2016


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Over the last 10+ years we have seen a number of large enterprises experiencing (near) Kodak moment and struggling to drive growth as they navigate through long term disruption to their business. In this presentation Sonja shares learnings from award winning innovation program at Pearson and outlines how principles and practices of Lean Product Lifecycle and active portfolio management can help companies navigate disruption, increase innovation and transform their portfolios.

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Transforming an Enterprise - Lean Startup Conference 2016

  1. 1. Transforming an Enterprise Pearson Case Study Sonja Kresojevic @sonjak18 Learn Build Measure
  2. 2. Disruptive Environment
  3. 3. Most likely outcome
  4. 4. Pearson’s challenge • Unbalanced portfolio, lot’s of duplication • Transition from print to digital • Big bets • Very little innovation or disruption = no growth • Slow speed to market • Complex decision making • Customers involved too late Annual Plans Big Budgets Complex Systems
  5. 5. Five pillars of transformation • Portfolio approach • Lean Product Lifecycle • Investment governance • Best practice and behaviors • Organizational culture change
  6. 6. Pearson continuous transformation journey.. PLC work initiated PLC v1.0 launched Incremental funding agreed with Finance PLC Coach Program launched First early adopters PLC global adoption Portfolio tool Active portfolio management PLC Roadshow workshops and training First view of the global portfolio and Exec endorsement Product taxonomy v1.0
  7. 7. Disruption within..
  8. 8. Strong global community
  9. 9. Product Development redefined Finance HR Legal Product Development Marketing Sales
  10. 10. Product Portfolio few years back..
  11. 11. Lean Product Lifecycle Framework Idea Explore Validate Grow Sustain Retire
  12. 12. RIGHT SIDE: Product-Market fit with a working business model Increase transparency of mature investments to ensure alignment to strategy LEFT SIDE: Validate assumptions and hypotheses Reduces the risk of wasted investment and allows teams to pivot to new and better ideas Explore Grow Quarterly Quarterly Validate Sustain RetireIdea <£50k to Explore <£250k To Validate
  13. 13. Product Councils i.e. Investment boards
  14. 14. Core PLC Artifacts Product Teams use the templates to collate and present evidence at each stage. Investment decision-makers use and extend the scorecards to grade the evidence and make go/no- go/pivot decisions. Self starters use PLC playbook as “how-to” guides providing sufficient information to get them up and running.
  15. 15. Transparency at Scale Product Data Product Trends (Actuals/Forecast) Portfolio Reporting Historic Record of Decisions Stage-Gate criteria $ Portfolio Tool
  16. 16. Key lessons • Ensure leadership support • Connect to business outcomes and show impact (everyone loves good KPIs) • Don’t underestimate power of denial • Get finance on board • Power of data • Build a small core team to drive transformation, use community and TTC to scale • Think big, start small • Learn the language • Don’t underestimate the scale of the effort • Eat your own dog food • Build strong communities to drive change and stay sane • It’s a movement • Invest in people • Reward and incentivize right behaviors
  17. 17. Thank you! @sonjak18