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Our next speaker is Paul Timms.

At the age of 26, Paul gave up his 6 figure role as a scientist with BHP to start his first business. He followed the rules, made the mistakes and worked hard building the enterprise to a national franchise turning over millions of dollars each year. After 5 years in business he ended up successful, exhausted and divorced. At the age of 31, Paul had learnt how to achieve success in business through hard work, sacrifice and suffering.

In 2005, Paul established a new set of rules for rapid business growth without hard work and sacrifice. Using the principles of Sustainable Leadership he managed to establish a multimillion dollar enterprise working the hours that he chooses. He founded a national training and membership organisation with a turnover of over $5 M with well over $1 M profit annually.

He sold this business in 2010 and went about creating a raft of new businesses in the education training sector, including Registered Training Australia. Along the way, Paul has held numerous leadership roles on the board of the National Speakers Association of Australia and Fitness Queensland. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Management and the Institute of Learning Professionals.

Paul is the creator of the Australian Institute of Business Coaches and is passionate about raising the standards and improving the profile of business coaching in Australia. He believes that every business owner should have a qualified business coach, and every business coach should have a business coaching qualification.

Paul is a family man with 4 children under the age of 5, he still manages to squeeze in some kitesurfing and playing AFL for the mighty Sandgate Hawks.

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  • Please make a list
  • Discuss some fields that do this.. My example is Business Coaching, Could be Weight Loss or other.
  • You could also call this your niche.. Sonja’s is people who want to become Weight Loss Consultants. Mine is people looking to become Business Coaches, and as a Business Coach, I have three criteria. 1. People who want to change the world 2. People who have a track record of getting things done and 3. People who are focussed on others (not themselves or their ego).
  • This is called marketing, and there are lot of ways to do this. If you are interested, let me know and I will send you 9 low cost and no cost ways to market yourself and your business.
  • Social Media, FB – Linked In ..
  • I have an awesome system.. It is easy, cheap and allows me to send emails, texts and even birthday cards all from my PC. I have over 35,000 contacts and can connect with them easily.
  • I have an awesome system.. It is easy, cheap and allows me to send emails, texts and even birthday cards all from my PC. I have over 35,000 contacts and can connect with them easily.
  • Paul Timms - How to build an army of raving fans

    1. 1. How to Create an Army ofRaving Fans in Your BusinessPaul TimmsChief Executive Officer
    2. 2. What Business Do You Love?
    3. 3. I Really Love Colleen.(I am a raving fan)
    4. 4. Who Do You Love?
    5. 5. Key Point 1: We Love People WhoHave Changed Our Lifeand We Love Businesses that MakeOur Life Better.
    6. 6. 3 Ways to Make a Real Differenceto People in Australia:1. Help them find their purpose2. Help them make lots of money3. Help them lose lots of weight(yes there are other ways too)
    7. 7. InspiringBook
    8. 8. Let’s Find Someone Who LovesMe, And Ask Them Why?
    9. 9. The Feeling is Mutual.
    10. 10. Who Are Your Fans?
    11. 11. 7 Steps toBuilding andArmy of RavingFans.
    12. 12. Step 1: Do something for a livingthat makes a difference to people.
    13. 13. Step 2: Identify the People thatNeed and Want Your Help.
    14. 14. Step 3: Meet Lots of People thatNeed and Want Your Help.
    15. 15. Step 4: Get their Contact Detailsand put them into your System.
    16. 16. Step 5: Implement Your Value AddedTouch Points.
    17. 17. Step 7: Changed People’s Livesand run a Business that Make’s Life Better.
    18. 18. Inspiring Australia Day – May 30th1. Allowing successful locals to "give back" to the community bysharing their experience (successes and set backs).2. Providing a platform to locals in regional areas to catch up andinspire each other while they make some new connections.3. Inspiring a new generation of locals taking on big things in thebusiness both in the local area and beyond.4. Raise money for a local charity of your choice.
    19. 19. Appreciation Marketing SystemCreate your Army of Raving Fans:• Includes a Copy of the Book AppreciationMarketing.• Automatic System Providing an Efficient Way toprovide your automatic touch points.• Coaching Consultation with myself to implementthis into your own life and business.• Value $495 (today $31)
    20. 20. Thank You
    21. 21. Business BuildersMonthly GroupBusiness Coaching
    22. 22. Thank YouPlease complete yourforms and hand themback before you leaveMake sure youexchange details withyour new contactsBook yourself and afriend in for nextmonth.