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  • Quantitative side of NetnographyBuilds on concept on WebAnalytics and data mining techniques discussed earlierCompile data into graphs, charts, trends - engage
  • Range – features, price, company needs
  • Listen – Tweets, online communities, blogsFocus – Company to focus on what they are trying to accomplish in terms of brand, PR, Prod./who to target in terms of demographicsEngage –Combating negative PR, build brand, show appreciation, how to best engage based on situation
  • Coverage: Ranges from 16 million to 150 million sites/social media outletsContent: Usually keywords/phrases, each differs in quality of contentUsers: Background, education, experiences = credibility, or volume and following = top influencerSentiment: Improvements still required
  • 155 million blogsList top 5 discussion items in blogs for various topicsTrend – Allows you to see volume of discussion generated around key word/compare
  • Big picture: 155 million blogs, 1-2% iphone, less than 1% bb – allows company to see consumer trends/interest about a productDetail: How your brand or product is being discussed vs. Competitors in terms of volume and in general interest/hype across the entire webTo determine quality of discussion can click on graph to view blogs that contributed to high percentage of blog posts – positive or negative etc
  • Over 100 social media properties including Twitter, FB, YouTube, DiggDifficulty in associating emotions to language
  • Example of noise that is picked up when solely using key word searchesTarget Canada – to find sentiment/interest in Target coming to Canada – however included news incidents “target victim”, and mining processing “targeting new discovery” etc. Difficult when company name/phrase is not unique – issue of sarcasm etcFlawed metrics – passion (could have high passion based on one consumer only)
  • Over 150 million social media sites, 100 million blogs, top video and image sharing sites, over 20,000 mainstream media sources, and “new classes ofsocial media such as Twitter”.
  • Number of posts, Tweets, Top Influencers, Number of video views, Word association, Comment count
  • Potential visitorsDetailed postsBrand mentions
  • 12 million blogs, 10,000 message boards, 19,000 traditional news sources, and tracks the social networking sitesas permitted.Semantic Analysis – Goes beyond other tools – Keyword/ AND OR separation for searches
  • Allows you to use keyword, then choose a theme or category related to the keyword
  • Sentiment, themes categorizationActivity based on source – more discussion on blogs, boards, news
  • Customer service: Where/how to repair shoes Broken strap,Reassurance and understanding towards complaintsAddressing dislike: Suggesting other Croc lines of shoes for those who dislike one specific styleSuccess: Brand loyalty, addressing scepticism, potential sales
  • Analysis revealed Pepsi generated highest buzz on social media outletsFurther analysis and understanding of consumer traits provoked them to transfer efforts to online campaign, promoted via social media“consumers wanted to play a central role in developing and promoting ideas that they believed would move the world forward”
  • Pepsi Refresh Project – knowledge of consumers and social media gave them an opportunity to position themselves as a “Culture of Change”$14.6 million to 351 projects, distributed money to 54 schools, 26 parks or playgrounds, 10 children's homes and six community centersBuilt on already existing consumers and their needs, but creating new consumers through the idea behind the cultureMore than 61 million votes have been cast on, which has received more than 17 million unique visitors and 1.6 million online comments in 2010 – initiative that consumers appreciate, new sales, global awareness of brand
  • Engagement is helpful but cannot be too forceful in trying to change opinions, may rub consumers the wrong wayScalability/customization to keep up with increase social media outlets, volume of discussion, demands and trends
  • Social Web Analytics

    1. 1. Social Web Analytics<br />Tools & Examples<br />
    2. 2. Agenda<br />Definition<br />Tools <br />Blog Pulse & Social Mention<br />Radian6 & Collective Intellect<br />Impact on Companies<br />Crocs - Brand Communities<br />Pepsi - Creating a Culture<br />
    3. 3. Social Web Analytics<br />Uses search, indexing and semantic analysis to compile data<br />Identifies, tracks, listens to conversations about a brand, product or issue<br />Quantifies trends to help determine how, where and when to initiate engagement<br />
    4. 4. Tools<br />
    5. 5. Goals<br />Listen<br />Learn from consumer discussions<br />Focus<br />Brands: Communities/evangelists<br />PR: Build positive/defend negative<br />Product Development: Ideas/suggestions<br />Engage<br />Become a part of the interactions to build loyalty, respect and appreciation<br />
    6. 6. Features<br />Coverage <br />Websites, News, Blogs, Social media, Videos, Forums<br />Content<br />Conversations, Comments via Keywords<br />Delivery Speed <br />Real time, Alerts<br />User Analysis<br />Top influencers<br />Sentiment Analysis<br />Positive, Neutral, Negative <br />
    7. 7.<br />Purpose:<br />Track blog discussions<br />News, People, Videos, Phrases<br />Measurement:<br />Keyword volume<br />Cost:<br />Free<br />Key Feature:<br />Trend Comparison<br />
    8. 8. Trend Search: iPhone Vs. BB<br />
    9. 9.<br />Purpose:<br />Gather perceptions of a brand/topic<br />Measurement:<br />Number of mentions and authors<br />Cost:<br />Free<br />Key Feature:<br />Sentiment Analysis<br />
    10. 10. Mentions & Sentiment<br />Target<br />Strength: <br />Number of phrase mentions/Possible mentions<br />Sentiment: <br />Positive mentions to Negative mentions<br />Passion:<br />Based on repeat comments by one individual<br />Reach:<br />Unique authors/Total mentions<br />
    11. 11.<br />Purpose:<br />Platform to listen, measure and engage with customers across the social web<br />Measurement:<br />Number of comments, posts, video views<br />Cost:<br />$600/month<br />Key Features:<br />Radian6 Dashboard<br />Radian 6 Engagement Console<br />
    12. 12. Radian6 dashboard<br />
    13. 13. Radian6 engagement console<br />
    14. 14.<br />Purpose:<br />Identify consumer preferences, track your ability to change them<br />Measurement:<br />Number of comments, posts, views –themes and categorization<br />Cost:<br />Minimum $300/month<br />Key Feature:<br />Semantic Analysis<br />
    15. 15. Semantic analysis<br />
    16. 16. CI dashboard<br />
    17. 17. Radian6 & Crocs<br />Croc’s Goal:<br />Reach out to fans to organize community of brand ambassadors<br />Change opinions<br />Radian’s Role:<br />Cut through chatter and locate relevant info <br />Monitored keywords, “crocs shoes” <br />Allowed engagement in twitter conversations<br />
    18. 18. Radian6 & CrocsBrand Communities <br />So what?<br />Identified Crocs’ brand communities<br />Engaged with consumers to enhance loyalty and customer service<br />Identified groups of brand evangelists<br />Suggested alternative Crocs apparel to address their dislike, changed opinions<br />Can use insight for product development or identifying target locations<br />
    19. 19. Collective Intellect & Pepsi<br />Pepsi’s Goal<br />Monitor the success of their 2009 Super Bowl ad campaign<br />Collective Intellect’s Role:<br />Compared Twitter buzz of Pepsi Ad vs. Competitors (most online buzz – 28%)<br />Analysis of consumer traits and interests<br />
    20. 20. Collective Intellect & PepsiNew Culture of Change<br />So what?<br />Traditional media’s integration with social media<br />New online campaign met consumer demands<br />Pepsi Refresh Project 2010<br />Positive CSR and PR - New consumers, global awareness and sales<br />
    21. 21.
    22. 22. Take Aways & Challenges<br />Social Web Analytics emphasizes importance of LISTENING to “real” consumer insight<br />Understanding brand TRAITS key to communities/consumers<br />ENGAGEMENT in social media, but cannot be seen as “interfering”<br />SCALABILITY for increases in social media mediums, content and volume <br />CUSTOMIZE tools specific to company needs<br />
    23. 23. Questions?<br />