This video featuring Eminem and Rihanna represents a huge contrast between the 2 oppositegenders. Levi-Strauss will descri...
change, be seen through a female’s perspective which subverts from the norm and providessomething different for the audien...
crying or the boy screaming and so the fast edits provide a comparison in which we see thecontrast between their current s...
at a burnt house which portrays a very tough anddestroyed relationship but all this comes to an endwith a simple shot of t...
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Love the way you lie analysis


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Love the way you lie analysis

  1. 1. This video featuring Eminem and Rihanna represents a huge contrast between the 2 oppositegenders. Levi-Strauss will describe the whole video a dictation of a conflict between twobinary oppositions. Regardless of both Eminem & Rihanna not being physically part of thenarrative, the use of their star power helps us imagine how they would of felt if they were inthe position of the fellow actors. It helps us as an audience to relate to the celebrities.The video compares the different role of the boy and girl in a relationship and also representsthe difference in perspective of the two genders. As for our creative choice, we have notemphasised any conflict but have just decided to illustrate a life of a normal everyday couplethrough the eyes of a vocalist and are mainly considering the structure that Torodov proposedabout the equilibrium and disruption.The video starts with a close up Rihanna whichimmediately engages the audience - especially thosewho are Rihanna fans. Here we are encouraged tofollow and understand the girl’s feelings throughRihannas voice and simultaneously the visuals helpus understand the main theme of the video becausethe lyrics illustrate the meaning of the song(Goodwin). For our video the lyrics justrepresentation girl’s love for a boy but we have, byno means, intended to provide an exact literal representation of ‘The One,’ however right atthe very end; the idea is that the girl realises that he is the ‘one,’ for her and that they aremade for one another which results with the new equilibrium (Torodov) in the form of ahappy ending. As Rihanna is singing, we see cross cuts to a girl and her boyfriend sleeping and cross cuts of her sitting with fire in her hand. This portrays the original equilibrium of the video (Torodov). For our video, we tend to begin with the conflict/disruption and hence the ‘original equilibrium’ will be shown through the flashbacks of their past lives.The fire connotates the girls state of mind andnoticeably, there is also fire in the background whenRihanna is singing, which represents the destructivemood the girl is under when they know that their guymay be cheating on her. This concept goes back to thegeneral ideology of males being the dominant,cheating figures that see women as mere objects ofsexual desire (Mulvey) and therefore dont think twicebefore committing adultery. The fire seems to give a literal meaning of the lyrics ....watchme burn... s for u8s, the main vocalist will be a girl and therefore the couple will, for a
  2. 2. change, be seen through a female’s perspective which subverts from the norm and providessomething different for the audience. This therefore allows women in particular to relate tothe relationship better. Suddenly the girls eyes open, we hear a sudden breakthrough of Eminem’s powerful voice that goes hands in hand with the aggressive lyrics that the song has to offer. The voice of Eminem introduces the disruption in the video (Torodov). The lyrics correspond with the visuals where we see the boy pushing himself onto her and almost trying to forcibly convince her. All throughout the portion sung byEminem we see the aggressive conflict between the couple and the visuals seem to conformto the idea of male dominance because conventionally men have always managed to get ittheir way however for our video men have not been represented to be the heartless one in facttowards the end of our video, you’ll realise that the boy, all along was the one who wanted toresume the relationship and in contrast the girl was the more unforgiving ofindividuals.Interestingly what struck my attention were the equally harsh actions the girlresponded the boy back with which allows the women of this generation to relate with and infact allows them to feel in power.Rihanna re-enters the visuals once the chorusapproaches which to some extent Goodwin willbelieve amplifies the lyrics as the star poweraccompanying the lyrics helps enhance andexaggerate the meaning and the main theme of thesong. It emphasises the fall out howeverinterestingly, the visuals seem to contradict themeaning of the lyrics because it shows the couplemaking out when the lyrics are referring to a break in their relationship. The contradictoryvisuals to the lyrics reflect the confused relationship the couple holds.Just before we experience another breakthrough of Eminems rap we see fast edits betweenRihanna singing and Eminem just wandering which hints the audience and prepares them foranother portion of visual coming from a perspective of the boy. Throughout this video theaudience is able to understand the conflict of the couple from the two gender perspective andRihanna and Eminems star power defines the relationship and also allows us audience torelate to the situation and in some cases we are encouraged to follow ones narrative morethan the others due to mere star attraction. As for us, the vocalist are not aimed to enhancethe relationship as we believe the relationship using ordinary people are sufficient to attractviewers as it adds to the realism of the situation and so the vocalist will act like any otherviewer, viewing this relationship and possibly relating to the couple’s life herself. As Eminem is singing, the visuals of the isolated boy sitting down encourages us to believe that he may be regretting his actions and possibly seeing himself in the wrong. Here Torodov will describe to be the recognition, portion of the problem in the narrative. This cuts to visuals of flashbacks showing how the couple initially met which allows the audience to follow up the narrative however it always cuts back to either show the girl
  3. 3. crying or the boy screaming and so the fast edits provide a comparison in which we see thecontrast between their current state and their previous state of relationship. After all these visuals, we see the whole video coming to a new equilibrium (Torodov) and visuals are seemingly slowing down. The visuals of Eminem offering a teddy bear to the girl provides a literal understanding of the new equilibrium and it shows some hope of the couple possibly getting back together. We also decided to show this ‘new equilibrium,’ when the girl turn back and hugs the boythereby our video aims to demonstrate a simple story of a simple couple’s life with all its upsand downs.Yet again Rihanna enters the visuals along with thechorus but this time we also see Eminemaccompanying her which to some extent reflects thereunion of the two individuals through the stars.This time we see the couple becoming intimateagain however we see elements of flashback inwhich the boy goes attacking a boy for the girl. Thisideally show how the relationship initially workedout. The action code excites the audience in wanting to resolve the problem (Barthes). Herewe see the constant conflicts that the couple have managed to overcome. Throughout thewhole video the men have been represented as the villain, (Propp) whether its Eminemsaggressive tone or the boys aggressive attitude in fact you see the boy breaking the mirrorwith his fist as if hes given up but we then see the girl smiling at him from the backgroundbut for our video, there is neither a villain or a princess and instead it is a representation of anideal happy fairy tale where everything ends well. Here Dyer will argue that this videoprovides an imagery of a perfect ideal relationship that all couples aspire for. Eminem begins to rap again and this time the lyrics illustrate the meaning of the narrative because the voice is accompanied by several close ups of the couple which builds up the intimacy and also hints the couple resolving the issue however to a surprise we see the girl walking again which irritates the boy again and this time he begins to destroy the bedroom and forcibly grabs onto the girl. Propp will say that the girl at this moment is represented as the princess, as it shows her in a vulnerable situation.A lot of fire is shown during the series of images asit enhances the idea of destruction in theirrelationship in cast we see the girl lighting off aflame in her hands which conotates the end of therelationship and we see a literal translation of thelyrics me burn.... when the boy is set onfire downward up and the girl is in flames. The mis-en-scene of the teddy on fire signifies the idea of theend of love and innocence (Barthes) and we see a shot with Rihanna and Eminem looking up
  4. 4. at a burnt house which portrays a very tough anddestroyed relationship but all this comes to an endwith a simple shot of the couple lying in bed togetherwhich noticeably is the shot that the whole videobegan with. The last shot implies on a possiblenightmare and thereby suggests that there is more tothe story than all that we are presented with hinting ona post life after the video ends. This leaves the audience wondering about the whole conceptand the use of enigma code (Barthes) will interest the audience to watch it again to possiblyresolve this problem.From this video, I am highly influenced by the concept of disruption and equilibrium(Torodov) and thereby have taken this further into our final music video which will portray alife of a couple going through all their ups and downs in their relationship. Our video willstart off with a problem that will be seen resolved throughout the duration of our music videoalong with visuals of their flashbacks that implies on their recall of memories and their timespent together.