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Acorn smart tablet


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Acorn smart tablet

Published in: Education
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Acorn smart tablet

  1. 1. May-19 Acorn Trial Smart Aging Solutions May-19 Cliffrun Media Ltd. Philip Hogan CEO Cliffrun Media In cooperation with
  2. 2. The Digital Divide …. Over half (52%) of internet users aged 60-74 did not use the internet within the 3 months prior to CSO interview. 31% 69% 55 -74 Not using the internet every day Using the internet everyday
  3. 3. Impact of The Digital Divide … Social Exclusion Social Isolation Loneliness Decline in Physical & Mental Health
  4. 4. Copyright CliffRun Media 2019 Acorn Age-Friendly Smart Tablet
  5. 5. • Access everyday digital services • Become comfortable and familiar using technology • Feel Safer and more Secure • Live more independently Copyright CliffRun Media 2019 ACORN aims to support older people to: DIGITAL CITIZENS!
  6. 6. Make it ALL accessible….
  7. 7. Our Louth Acorn Pilot Overview • 30 Participants from Louth County: • Participants • Received an age friendly designed “Acorn” smart tablet • Attend a number of local group training sessions • Undertaking weekly tasks • Providing regular feedback
  8. 8. “I feel very proud that I’ve come this far” “I don’t feel foolish now because I know its ok to ask questions. They’re not stupid, they’re just questions” What some participants say.. “I have become so addicted to it, I’d miss it after half an hour. I never expected to become so reliant on it!” “I left school at 15 and wouldn’t be good at spelling but on Acorn that doesn’t matter. This has been such a good experience, I now want to try other things” “I don’t feel like I’m on my own anymore. I can look up things for myself and be in contact with my family in seconds, its very rewarding to do it for myself”
  9. 9. May-19 Copyright CliffRun Media Ltd. 2017 Copyright CliffRun Media Ltd. 2018
  10. 10. Copyright CliffRun Health 2019 Supporting Health Care Providers
  11. 11. Copyright CliffRun Media Ltd. 2019 Thank You