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Our Personal Brand Profile Tips

  1. 1. Capture Your Online Career Moments To land your next role! www.recruitmentpool.com.a u
  2. 2. Here Are Some Tips! Using our own exclusive online Personal Brand database (our active job seeker subscribers)
  3. 3. Your Personal Brand Is Gold! Apply to a job vacancy by building a FREE 'stand out' online Personal Brand profile. Or just build a profile to attract an employer when they are seeking candidates via our search function.
  4. 4. Welcome To Recruitment Pool Once you’ve created your account, you’re ready to build your online Personal Brand profile.
  5. 5. Your Personal Brand Profile Awaits You! Now that you’ve registered, login with your account details.
  6. 6. Hello There…. Welcome To Your Dashboard The dashboard is your window to your RP online Personal Brand profile - the place where you collaborate, share & collate your online content to stand out and be noticed.
  7. 7. You’re More Than A Resume Your online Personal Brand profile content is your point of difference in your career. It’s what you do and say. You are active, visual, written, current, verbal, interactive and social, making your data real time. Forget the static resume!
  8. 8. Tell Us About You What do you currently do, what are you wanting to do, what do you have to say, are you actively seeking a new role? You can edit the profile section as your job seeking needs & status change.
  9. 9. What’s New? How active are you online that you can include in your online Personal Brand profile? Share & upload your online information right here photos, videos, visual CV’s and URL links that make you a stand out in your career.
  10. 10. Show Us What Else You Can Do What other ‘Resources’ (visual aids) do have that make you stand out? Do you have a presentation you’d like to showcase?
  11. 11. Verify Your Content Before Sharing Select & verify the visual aid content you want uploaded as part of your online Personal Brand profile. After all, you should be keeping your private life separate to your personal brand when it comes to your career.
  12. 12. Your Content Will Look And Feel Like A Blog roll Content that is yours that make up your online Personal Brand profile, as verified by you, will appear via RSS feeds and links.
  13. 13. Candidate Dialogue has never been easier Through your online Personal Brand profile, join & create groups & forums, build up your job seeker friend network , send & receive public or private messages and even apply to vacant roles by discussing them with the employers under our ‘RP - jobs for you’ group.
  14. 14. And If You Don’t Have a LinkedIn Profile? You can at least enter in a snapshot of key career data about yourself to compliment your online Personal Brand profile.
  15. 15. Contact Us www.recruitmentpool.com.au