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Winter/Spring 2012   Volume 13, Issue                                             STUDENTS LEARN...
Cover PHOTO                                                                                                               ...
MILESTONES                                   By Stephen M. Livingston, Ph.D                                               ...
HEADLINES                                                                                                                 ...
Students Travel to China    ADVENTURES IN TRAVEL                                                                          ...
PERFORMINGARTS                                                                                                            ...
Prix Fronckiewicz Lynne Voncannon                                                                                         ...
Mission Emphasis Week                                                                                                Gi  v...
Academics                                                                                                                 ...
Amanda Blanchard won awards for VASE (Visual Arts Scholas- IN THE CLASSROOM                                tic Event) with...
Alumni News                                                                                                               ...
continued from page 16 Loren Thompson                                              Edward Carson      Class Notes         ...
MUSTANG SPIRITHomecoming 2012
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Houston Christian High School Newsletter Design


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A redesign of a school newsletter

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Houston Christian High School Newsletter Design

  1. 1. Winter/Spring 2012 Volume 13, Issue STUDENTS LEARN THROUGH TRAVEL Center for Scholars & Leaders dedication HC Alumn Making A Difference
  2. 2. Cover PHOTO 8 11 Winter/Spring 2012 Volume 13, Issue 2 42 Fine Arts students visited Paris during the Spring Break. Students from choir, band, orchestra and drama enjoyed sigtseeing for a historical and educational trip. The photo was taken by Dr. Steve Livingston, head of school. More on page 6. Published four times a year, the HC Life newsletter showcases some of the high- lights, leading programs, and visionary plans of the HC Community. Produced by the HC office of Communi- cations. IN THIS ISSUE About HC HC DEDICATES THE GEORGE & BARBARA BUSH CENTER FOR SCHOLARS AND LEADERS 4 Houston Christian High School (HC) is an independent, non- profit, coeducational, private day school educating students in STUDENTS LEARN THROUGH TRAVEL 8 grades 9-12. In two academic semesters each year, extending from approximately August to December and January to May, GALA CELEBRATION 12 student learn leadership development through the Passport to Lead program which is a distinct characteristic of HC’s college MISSION EMPHASIS WEEK 17 preparatory experience; integrating leadership principles into every course at Houston Christian. HC is accredited by/a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the Independent Schools of the Southwest (ISAS). HC News and Events [online] 4 Information about HC can be found at visit our website at sections for news 2012-2013 Academic Year Milestones..............................4 16 on current events and student accomplishments. Headlines................................6 HC Joins Southwest Preparatory Conference Houston Christian is pleased to announce FIND, FRIEND & FOLLOW US 14 Travel.........................................8 that it will join the SPC beginning with the academic year 2012-2013. The Southwest Performing Arts...................... 10 Preparatory Conference (“SPC”) is one Academics................................ 16 of the nation’s oldest and most distinctive secondary school athletic conferences. In the classroom...................... 18 christian Established in 1952, the conference has grown in both membership and number Class Notes.............................. 21 of sports offered. Today the conference represents 18 of the finest college preparatory schools in the Teacher Highlights.................. 23 nation. These schools are spread over Texas and Oklahoma and provide competition in 21 different sports. ( 3 Spring 2012 Spring 2012
  3. 3. MILESTONES By Stephen M. Livingston, Ph.D Head of SchoolINSPIRING FUTURE LEADERS I n just a few short years, Houston Christian has become a model for independent schools across the U.S. who desire to teach in a diverse, challenging, college preparatory environment. With the first buildings built on this campus in 2000, each year has included growth, change, and As you walk through the halls out here, enjoy the powerful panels emblazoned with word beginning with the letter “C”. Each tell a part of the Bush story; a life lived in service of a higher calling, in many instances with development of four core values that we share with George and Barbara Bush: Honor, Community, great courage, competence, and compassion. As you view the displays on the back of this hall, we hope that Heritage, and Scholarship. Those stand for HCHS and today we stand alongside the Bushes cel- through their special communication of these model lives, the exemplary character of George and Barbara ebrating another milestone in our history. Bush will leap from the walls, and provide a template upon which we will guide future students into their desti- nies, into their particular leadership roles. The George and Barbara Bush Center will offer a section of students and teachers in the community, 90-year depth of knowledge for study, in an engag- opening the BCSL doors for programs, speakers, Our desire is to touch the culture with the significance of the values shared with George and Barbara Bush, and ing, interactive environment where students at any and a renewed focus on the values it shares with the this relationship is now one of this school’s greatest treasures, much more important than a building; because, grade-level will have historic material at their finger- Bush family. if anything we have learned in this process is that the Bush legacy is one of relationship, of a human touch that tips. HC will work with other agencies such as the will extend far beyond their great lives, and will shine out into future generations with the story of two wonder- Presidential Library, National Archives, Bush School We are blessed to have the endorsement of the ful young people who went out from Houston to change their world, just as we believe these young people here of Government at Texas A&M, The Points of Light former President and Mrs. Bush. By dedicating this will do today. Institute, and the Barbara Bush Center for Family center, we pledge to honor the legacy of service of Literacy to be a strong representative as the largest the Bush family, and carry the light of their lives So on behalf of the Board of Trustees, Faculty, staff and students of HC, I welcome you to the George and local repository of historic artifacts related to the out to a thousand other points of light, through the Barbara Bush Center for Scholars and Leaders. 41st Presidency. HC desires to reach a broad cross- many students and teachers who will gain from this center.4 5 Spring 2012 Spring 2012
  4. 4. HEADLINES recited in Mandarin by several “I encourage students. Junior Nina Farmer performed a traditional Fla- you to always menco dance and a Spanish Band from Mundo Pentecostal remember to Church brought the audience respect and more to their feet with upbeat wor- ship songs. importantly to Sophomore Grace Munford introduced the former first celebrate the lady, “for a school so dedicated differences in to developing leaders, it is an each of us.” incredible honor for Houston Christian to have a woman with such a strong character, wisdom, and faith, speak to our community,” she said. Mrs. Bush spoke to the stu- dents about the importance of celebrating each other’s dif- ferences without forgetting to have a little fun in life. Barbara Bush Celebrates International Day at HC After the assembly, the parents H ouston Christian High School celebrated its cultural diversity and demonstrated its pride and teachers enjoyed music from a Mariachi band in the in the many heritages represented by the students, faculty, staff, and parents at the MetroNational® gymnasium. fourth annual International Festival Day on Friday, January 20, 2012. Former First Lady The students, faculty and staff Barbara Bush entertained Houston Christian students as she shared her cultural knowledge with were treated to a humor and wit. sampling of inter- national food and refreshments by “The purpose of the program is to show how much we appreciate each culture and to respect the values and the parents. uniqueness each culture has,” said Sam Mendizabal, Foreign Language Department Chair and Spanish teacher at HC. “This year was very special because our students had the opportunity to meet and hear Mrs. Barbara Bush. We were honored to have her in our school,” he said. The program began with a prayer given by HC students, Junior Jacob Farris and Sophomore Grace Munford both presidents of the International Club at HC. HC Junior, Hope Johnson serenaded the audience with a Romanian song “Frunza Verde”. Senior Kathryn Quandt recited The Shepherd Psalm 23 followed by John 3:166 7 Spring 2012 Spring 2012
  5. 5. Students Travel to China ADVENTURES IN TRAVEL A group of seventeen students traveled 2,000 miles to China to follow the Silk Road west, visiting breathtaking landmarks. Students saw Photos by Dr. Steve Livingston, Head of School Photos by Dr. the urban giant Beijing and then trekked both eastern and western ends of the Great Wall of ADVENTURES IN TRAVEL China. Navigating the length of the country, students learned about China’s history and HC’s travel program gives students a unique opportunity to visit other countries. culture, and how it varies along the Silk Road. T On the western end of China, students took he spring break 2012 was filled with excitement and a camel caravan across portions of the Gobi adventure for the HC Fine arts students. A total of Desert—the fifth largest desert in the world, 52 students, teachers and staff visited Paris to see with sand dunes over 1,000 feet high! the Eiffel Tower, the Obelisk, the Notre Dame Cathedral, The trip was led by the Head of School Dr. Steve Livingston, and is part of HC’s unique among other popular tourist attractions. Globe Trek program designed to give students an opportunity to directly learn about other One of their first stops included the Musee D’Orsay which is countries and cultures. housed in an old train station with impressionist “The HC Globe Trek Program provides a very works of art by Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, and unusual experience. How many students have sculptures by Rodin. The trip also included a traversed the Silk Road west across China? visit to Loire Valley known as the Valley of the The magnitude of this trek on historical, Castles showcasing stunning architecture and geographical, and cultural levels is priceless art. The students visited Le Clos Luce, a for their development into global mansion where Leonardo Da leaders,” said Dr. Livingston. Vinci lived and worked for the French King Francis I. “The In the summer of 2012, trip was an incredible snap- students will travel shot of all arts and culture in to South Africa and Paris,” said Allison Red- Zambia for a safari mond, HC Band teacher. of a lifetime. “We had a blast,” she added.8 9 Spring 2012 Spring 2012
  6. 6. PERFORMINGARTS PERFORMINGARTSPhotos by Rick Wolf Awards & Recognitions Brendan Ehrenstrom with Allison Redmon, HC band Students at the Texas Private Schools Music Educa- JOSEPH amazing and the ‘Unbelievably superb, technicolor dreamcoat off-the charts excellent’ director at the ATSSB All State Band Concert at the Lila Cockrell Theater. Brendan auditioned and got selected to be part of the Symphonic band, 10th chair. tors Association. Left to right: Hope Johnson sang “Se Florindo e fedele” and received a Superior rating! Jacob Farris sang “Don Juan’s Serenade” and received an Ex- cellent rating. Beth Powell sang “Tell Me Oh Blue Blue Sky” and received a Superior rating! J oseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat spring musical was nominated for this year’s Tommy Tune Awards in three categories including best direction, best Ariana Morgan, and Brianna Busby along with Pam choreography, and best costumes. The students per- Haylee Hoelscher received a $3000 scholarship from Foster, HC Choral Director attended the Women’s Re- the Tommy Tune Aaward’s scholarship. gion Concert in Dallas. Both students were selected formed at the Dunham Theater at Houston Baptist University for a solo together in the choral piece “Tundra” by and delighted the audiences with amazing choreography and cos- Ola Gjeilo. tumes. The HC students brought to life the Biblical saga of Joseph by creating a story within a story. The first story is set in a youth detention facility and involves a young man (Joseph) who is just arriving. While he is there, he gets bullied by other members of the detention facility and is befriended by a priest. When all hope seems lost, the priest gives Joseph a book and the story of Joseph comes to life. Set to an engaging cornucopia of musical styles, from country-western and calypso to bubble-gum pop and rock ‘n’ roll, this Old Testament tale emerges both timely and timeless. 10 11 Spring 2012 Spring 2012
  7. 7. Prix Fronckiewicz Lynne Voncannon Gala Chairs Houston Christian High School Community Enjoyed an evening of fellowship and celebration SPC Creative Photography Jill and Kerr Taylor Lisa Webre and Claire Dotson Melin Mark Aurich, Dede Ferguson, Neil and Maria Bush da and Marian Richards and Lorissa Robinson Scott Cissy and David Winn Lamo reaux Tom W ilso and P n, Jeff Von inky P cPhoto by SPC Creative Photography ampel annon lDr. Eileen and Brown Councill T he 2012 Gala and Auction, A Time of Jeff Reeter and Jeff Voncannon, Celebration, was held on March 30th campaign chairs, gave thanks to all who at the Omni Riverway Hotel. The have contributed to this important Matt and Melissa Morris, evening was a huge success with a live and silent capital project. In addition, Jeff Reeter Joy and Stewart MorrisPrix and Craig Fronckiewicz & Stephanieand Brian Fisher auction, delicious dinner, and dancing to the announced that the new building will band Easy Money. Renee Jones was our lively be named in honored of our head of auctioneer, helping us raise over $230,000! school: Livingston Learning Commons. Guests enjoyed mingling, bidding, and dining A big “Thank You!” goes to this year’s together in fellowship and celebrating the gala chairs, Prix Fronckiewicz and Lynne Voncannon, and to all the volunteersKelly and Mike Handel & progress Houston Christian has made towardStephanie and Max Bowman and donors who made the evening a our goal for the Forward in Faith capital great success! We look forward to seeing campaign. Dr. Steve Livingston reacts to the announcement of the Livingston Learning Commons. everyone again next year! 12 Linda and Art Ensley13 Spring 2012 Spring 2012
  8. 8. Mission Emphasis Week Gi ve You er Pray rself A way ow may kn tha t they name, d. you by lory of Go rson next to for the g the pe use it yet re not ring them P ray for tual gift and who a b their s piri world ir lives and er the all ov nter into th e ildren r the ch eople may e Pray fo ed, that p e ser ve s in s pons or pe ople sh hope. gst the a! t amon rn to Ugand a ligh r retu be of ren to r he streets Pray for Lo aise God fo ing on the nd pr ults liv A frica, a yo ung ad ers and r the teenag Pray fo . on Houst human or the t flows Pray f g tha in The students had a time of prayer traffick Houston under the I-10 freeway to pray h throug ught to an to b e bro against human trafficking as the that end. highway is a huge transportation uts an y flow for traffickers. Photos by Mia Steinkamp If God p n, perso other sueGiving Back to the Community is cause, n the or are ai M r on you ission emphasis Week in Houston Christian is about world ay for that. ays to nd allo w hea rt, pr fe in great w Him today a nd glory. giving back to the community and celebrating each your li ay to ose a od to use ender your d for His purp rG rr y other. This year, the theme was Give Yourself Away Pray fo he world. Su and every da tt y impac se you toda and the students, faculty, and staff went to the Houston Food u Him to an, Bank to donate 1,289 pounds of canned goods which provided u, O m as told yo 1,031 meals to needy families in the Houston area. “He h ood; sg ORD what i at does the L h And w f you but ss, o kindne All the students participated in this event which require tice, to love jus bly to do k hum brought smiles and a sense of accomplishment at And to wal d?” o our G the end of the day. with y :8 6 Micah14 15 Spring 2012 Spring 2012
  9. 9. Academics Greater Good Scholastic Writting & Freedom Foundation Winners H ouston Chiristian High School began participating in the Region 4 Scholastic Writing Contest in the 2009-2010 school year with a total of three students from two different grade levels winning awards for their writing. Now in its third year of participation, HC has a total of 28 students from all four grade levels winning awards, including HC’s first ever entries in the Senior Nonfiction Writing Portfolio category. Pictured below are the scholastic writing winners. Students Donate Ponytails to Locks of Love left to right Turner Batdorf, Ashley Mack, Lauren Schulz, Callie Parish, Max Brown, Kate Goode, Logan Zoelle, Jordan Zeal, Taylor Porchey, Shelby Corder, Karmen Valenzuela, Madeline Sneed, Adrianna Thompson, Maddie Copello, Reghan Gillman, Kathryn Quandt, Katherine Allison, Beth Powell, Eric Hopper, Sarah Floris, Katie Garbarino. Not pictured: Rachael Barnett, Cullen Cosco, Leigh Cummings, Kloe Dorsett, and Audrey Wood. T welve Houston Christian girls donated their ponytails to Locks of Love, a public non-profit organization that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged chil- dren in the United States and Canada. It takes the ponytails of 6 people to make one wig, so that was the equivalent of 2 wigs. It costs about $3,400 to make one wig. Thank you to all the students who participated Four HC students won the Houston area Freedom Foundation Student Essay in this great cause. Contest. Each student received an all-expense trip to the annual Freedoms Foundation Youth Summit at Valley Forge. Each of the winning essays were then submitted to a panel of national judges who awarded the George Washington Honor Medal to three students: Michael Dunn, Devon Wills, Kathyrn Quandt, and Eric Hopper.Left to right:Alison Wisdom (sponsoring teacher), Kate Goode,Allison Morris (sponsoring teacher) 16 17 Spring 2012 Spring 2012
  10. 10. Amanda Blanchard won awards for VASE (Visual Arts Scholas- IN THE CLASSROOM tic Event) with two perfect scores in both Region IV Event and State Vase Event for her stoneware teapot. Art Awards and Recognitions Jacob Faris Sam Kaestner Ava Finstuen won a second place ribbon for Livestock Show and Rodeo. Alexandra Constantinou Miranda RogersBeauty Rest by Michelle Jongsells for $37,000 at the HoustonLivestock Show & Rodeo18 19 Spring 2012 Spring 2012
  11. 11. Alumni News Class Notes2011 graduate spends a year in Kenya and Uganda to help children in need Lindsay Quandt (‘10) Katie Mire (‘08) Lindsay Quandt (Class of 2010) unveiled her work Is currently a senior at Kansas State University “Something to Lean On” in the Drake Performing Arts majoring in Public Relations with an outside Center lobby on January 6. Lindsay’s art was selected by concentration in Psychology. She works as the Congressman Culbertson to be displayed in the nation’s Marketing Assistant at a local broadcasting capital building the past year and now will be on display in company in Manhattan and has completed the DPAC. Lindsay is the sister of current senior Kathryn numerous projects with them. Karie will be Quandt. graduating in December 2012 and shortly after that will be pursuing a career in Public Relations. Charile Hasenbank (‘08) Charlie ran and completed his first marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon in DC this on Oct. 30, 2012. Charlie will graduate in May 2012 from the U.S. Naval Academy. He is pictured with fellow HC Alumn Making A Difference alumni, Holly Meaden. Serving others and witnessing firsthand the diseases, poverty, and abuse that children endure in other countries is a humbling experience. That is what Lo- ren Thomas, a 2011 graduate told the students during a recent chapel service. Loren recently returned from East Africa after an 8 month mission trip with Empower a Child, a non-profit Christian organization based in Uganda and Kenya. During her mission, Loren worked with children, building churches, sharing the gospel, singing songs and feeding the hungry among many other opportunities that helped her share God’s love and be blessed by the abun- dance of His spirit. “Something To Lean On” Unlike many high school graduates who spend their first year experiencing the ins and outs of college life, Loren found herself exploring ways to keep the bugs out of her food and how to navigate the streets Zirobwe and Kibera without getting lost. “It was easier to blend Ashley Mitchell & Alex Zumberge into their culture than to hold onto my own,” said Loren. “I often times Class of 2007 found myself walking around with the kids, barefoot and happier than ever,” she said. Were married on March 3, 2012 at Chapelwood United Methodist. They met Describing herself as just “A kid seeking God’s path through her life”, their sophomore year of high school and Loren talked with HC students about how God has worked in her life finally made it official after dating more through this journey of service and outreach. Among the many experi- than seven years. Alex and Ashley currently ences she shared, Loren told the students about 4-year- old Faith, whom live in Houston. Ashley graduated from she was able to comfort and hold in her arms after a bout of Malaria Ole Miss and is employed by Sierra and about her roommate, Scovia, a 13-year-old girl whom despite an Resources. Alex graduated from UT where early life of pain and abuse, still seeks God’s love and has hope for the future. he played on the Longhorn football team. He is employed by Geomark Research 20 and plans to attend graduate school in the 21 continue on page 17 John and Debbe Zumberge, Alex and Ashley (Mitchell) coming year. Spring 2012 Spring 2012 Zumberge (HC’ 07) and Julie and Steve Mitchell
  12. 12. continued from page 16 Loren Thompson Edward Carson Class Notes History Teacher Throughout her time in East Africa, Loren shared her experiences Boston Marathon Runner George van Wageningen (‘06) Janet Davidson (‘93) David Marks (‘77) with the HC community and received much support and prayer By Edward Carson Graduated from Texas Tech University Moved to New York City in 2005. Is the Vice President of Environmental in 2010 with a bachelor’s degree. He After 6 years living and working in Design in Tomball, TX. The from HC students, teachers, and staff. Upon her departure from moved to Dallas, TX after college and Manhattan, she relocated across the company specializes in supplying and Africa, Loren received a gift of letters written by each child in the The 2012 Boston Marathon was an honor for me is now working in sales. Hudson River to Hoboken, New transplanting large trees world wide. to race. Though I have been highly competitive in Jersey. She works as a support person David says: “Attending Northwest for school she helped build asking for friendship from Loren’s friends. races that featured non-Olympian and sub-elites Melinda Hodges Ferguson on an asset management team at a firm my Senior year 1977 was one of the Loren brought the letters to the students of HC and quickly the such as myself, I like many other talented runners (‘06) in Midtown Manhattan for almost 5 greatest experiences of my life.” He still number of students wanting letters far exceeded the number of look to Boston as a venue that rewards hard work. Graduated with a Masters in Clinical years. keeps in toruch with many friends from A very small percentage of the running popula- Social Work from the University of his Junior/Senior Class. letters. tion qualify for this race, thus adding much excite- Texas at Austin in May 2011. She is Julie Thomas (Davis) (‘87) Loren encouraged the student to seek God’s will and consider ment and prestige to the notion of being a Boston currently working for an adoption Lives in Denver, Colorado and have Carol Eckels Adams (‘76) Marathoner. After competing in the 2011 Boston sponsoring a child because it would truly impact their lives and in agency, Presbyterian Children’s Homes been here since graduating from the Is currently serving a second term Marathon, my coach and I discussed how I might and Services, in Houston, TX as the University of Colorado, continuing her on Katy city council, working on the turn allow God’s love to be seen and felt through the generosity improve. From getting up early in the mornings to Foster-Adoption Social Worker. She education at University of Denver Law Hazard Mitigation committee and and contact of Christians. run long hard tempo runs at a 6:00 minute per mile got married in December 2010 to School. She has been practicing Law as Animal Control liaison. Working pace to completing long slow 20 mile runs on the Jeremy Ferguson. in Colorado. Julie is the mother of two as an advocate for Katy historical Loren will be going to the University of Texas next year to study weekend, I was putting in 80 to 100 mile weeks. boys. preservation initiatives, she is also photo journalism. After placing high in a few tune-up races that were Kim Price (Westerhaus) (‘06) writing a book, ‘Historic Katy’ to be in length of 15k to 13.1 miles, my confidence was Is working on her Master’s degree in Jana Bunting (Smith) (‘82) published in early 2012. high. My goal was to run a 6:45 per mile pace with Clinical Mental Health Counseling Lives in the Hill Country and runs a enough energy left to jump for joy at the end. at SFA in Nacogdoches. Kim says: Colon Cancer Foundation as well as acher Highlights However, as the race approached, Boston received “I have always wanted to do private operate 6 radio stations. She has a Te an unseasonable warm front. practice, but have been looking into 15-year-old son. collegiate level counseling lately. Who knows where I’ll end up!” Kim married Sergio Reyes (‘83) When the gun fired, the temperature was already at in July 2010 and is enjoying married life 74 degrees…four degrees warmer than the finish Lived in College Station while and all the adventures. of any marathon previously raced. My coach attending TAMU. He lives in San suggested that I start slow, which I did. I ran the Pedro Sula, Honduras. Working in Lauren Williams Benesh (‘98) family business since he came back to first 18 miles at a 7:10 pace; however, the After graduating from NWA, she Honduras. Went to school to TAMU Kenneth Boone (‘75) Amber Joachim, HC Science Teacher last 8.2 miles proved to be too difficult. attended Baylor University for two in College Sation and is married with 1 Organized the first HC cycling Club. The Boston temperature was closing His daughter Ashlyn Boone is currently in on 89 degrees by time I hit mile 16. years before transferring to Rice son and 1 daughter. a freshman at HC and will graduate in Together with her team, she collected University. Lauren graduated with an The water and Gatorade was warm. 2015, 40 years after Kenneth graduated $5,665.00 towards the a world English degree in 2003 and married her Katrina Quarles (Fowler) (‘79) And, mixing both warm liquids with from Northwest Academy in 1975. without MS. the carbohydrate GU only aided my husband, Nathan, later that year.. She Recently retired from Halliburton He was in the original classes when currently lives in Houston and is now where she was an Employee Assistance crawl to the finish line. Northwest started up his parents, Dr. a full-time mom with two kids, Noah Counselor for the past 29 years. Says and Mrs. Rayford Boone, were involved and Jane. Katrina: “Now I am about to embark with helping start up the school. His Regardless of my disappointment, I had on the second phase of my career, just Dad was an original board member and a great experience in Boston. My wife Mike Wolfe, Class of ‘95 still trying to determine exactly what his Mom volunteered and helped start Janette Carson and I enjoyed a great Running for reelection in 2012, that will be.” She has two children, up and run the kitchen for a number deal of quality time with each other Republican Harris County School Kaylen and Colton. Katrina adds: “It’s of years. He spent a lot of his summer while experiencing the elite stage of the Trustee filed for reelection on hard to think my children are already in 1971 at the site on Watonga helping Boston Marathon. I got a great deal of November 28, 2011. Mike fills his that old, seems like yesterday I was paint and ready the new buildings for support from students and colleagues, free time as a proud uncle with his 4 walking the halls at NWA. Those were the 71-72 school year. which helped me overcome my poor year old niece Loryn Wolfe. amazing days and have left me with performance. a lifetime of wonderful memories of everyone.” 2012 BP MS 15022 23 Houston Christian Spring 2012 Cycling Club Spring 2012
  13. 13. MUSTANG SPIRITHomecoming 2012