Lessons from the movie lagaan


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Lessons from the movie lagaan

  1. 1. Presentation onLessons from the movie Submitted by :- Sonam Jain Academic Associate – Marketing Area Indian Institute of Management Indore. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  2. 2. Prelude It is about Bhuvan and his team, who, against all odds, fight for pride, land and country - and win. Lagaan is about people. Ordinary, average people, who are going about their lives - like each of us. Who, when the moment demands, do extraordinary deeds. It is about the power of a Team - the mutthi ("closed fist"). As a team, they were fighting for the future of tens of thousands of their countrymen against a heartless enemy (the British). They had few resources, and little knowledge of the game of cricket. What they did not lack was fighting and team spirit, and the will to win. They were not playing a game; they were fighting a war. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  3. 3. Lesson No. 01 Accept the Challenges… When Captain Russell challenges Bhuvan to a cricket match, Bhuvan accepts it because he knows that there is really no option. It is a risk, but without taking risks, there are no rewards. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  4. 4. Lesson No. 02 Be a Leader…1. Lead From The Front.2. Transfer weaknesses into Strengths.3. Perfect Conflict Manager.4. Very good in Stress Management.5. Treat all team mates equally.6. Make BEST use of Limited Resources.7. Make understand the Complex Problem by the Easiest Example.always be alert, because you never know when opportunity may knock on your door. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  5. 5. Main Nahi Kar Sakta… Hum Sab Kar Sakte Hai… Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  6. 6. Lesson No. 03 Team Building… Bhuvan considers all his team members equally important and respect everyone’s talent…so he builds a team of 11 people unaware of what Cricket is? No matter how well Bhuvan played in the match, nothing would have been possible if all the team members did not put in their efforts Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  7. 7. Each one of has something unique in us, thething is to realize our potential and make thebest use of it… Bhuvan put together 11 menincluding a forecaster, a dumb drummer, a hencatcher, a potter, a wood cutter, a medicineman, a farmer and above all a untouchablesweeper of the village. Bhuvan showed how anaverage team filled with team spirit canovercome a group of talented, experiencedbut under-motivated individuals. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  8. 8. Lesson No. 04 Assigning Task…Bhuvan also assigns responsibilities to each of his people.1. Putting right man at the right job to the right place and at the right time.2. Delegating authority to the right person.3. Analyzing everyones potential and knowledge and giving job according to it. Just getting the people in the team is not good enough. They have to be told what the goal is. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  9. 9. Lesson No. 05 Hard work – the only key to Success. There are NO Shortcuts to Mental & Physical Fitness…Bhuvan and his team mates believed it strongly and never compromised with their fitness. The only and only way to grab success is hard work. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  10. 10. Lesson No. 06 Never Underestimate your Competitor…Captain Russell took hiscompetitors, the villagers forgranted…and loose the match. OVERCONFIDENCE DESTROYS!!! Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  11. 11. Lesson No. 07 Celebrate Minor Victories: Chhoti- Chhoti Khushiya helps in motivating and encouraging the team. It also helps to lift the spirits of the team members. This was very well projected by Bhuvans team. Do we people do this in our daily life??? Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  12. 12. Lesson No. 08 Never Give Up:Even the last ball of the match was played with hope.5 runs to win out of 1 ball, but Bhuvan played it greatexpectations as though it could win the match for the teamand that is exactly what happened.He never gave up on his ability and this is what madehim win the match. In life or in business always be alert and keep giving your best to situations, because you never know when opportunity strikes. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  13. 13. Other Lessons:1. Have faith in God.2. Consistent efforts are always required.3. Never let yourself down in front of others.4. Always fight against injustice.5. Language of LOVE proves to be a vital source for winning others Heart.6. Chance pe Dance karna.7. Always have a Win Win Attitude. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  14. 14. Conclusion: Value based leadership is the need of the hour. The set of eight lessons discussed above will help in the development of an ethical leadership that is critical for organizations today. “Lagaan”is all about bringing out something from within us. Something which has been hidden and long forgotten. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  15. 15. Reference:-1. From the movie “LAGAAN” directed by Ashutosh Gowariker in 2001.2. From the website www.scribd.com/doc/11446734/Lagaan- Final on 29 Sep2009 at 3:43pm. Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in
  16. 16. Thank You…Any Question??? Sonam Jain sonu_2805@yahoo.co.in