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  • Evolution of online entertainment

    1. 1. Evolution of Online Entertainment Introducing : Eros Now
    2. 2. Current State of Internet in India India is the third biggest Internet market in terms of users  100mn overall  40mn from home (11mn broadband)  30mn from cyber café  40mn Mobile internet users (30 million app downloads in one week)  India has 39 million 3G subscriptions as of Q4 2011 with 4% penetration rate and 841% YoY growth The amount of time that an average user in India spends online is now on par to TV viewing time at 16 hours in a week.
    3. 3. Usage of Internet – Penetration (%) India (2011) News & Info Finance travel Entertainment Technology Social BooksOnline Shopping Email 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 Digital Entertainment - 5th most consumed category in India
    4. 4. How India Connects to Web ?
    5. 5. Mobile Internet in India India has 39 million 3G subscriptions as of Q4 2011 with 4% penetration rate and 841% YoY growth 56% Smartphone Users Access Internet Multiple Times A Day 40% surf the Net at least once a day. Only 6% never use their phone for connecting to the Web (11% for US).
    6. 6. Smart Phone Activity ( % ) India (2011) Played games Listened to music Looked up directions/used a map Read news or magazinesWatched videos on video sharing site Sent or read email Accessed a social network Product search Browsed the Internet Used an application 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80
    7. 7. Media Habits of the ConsumerKey activities of the Indian online users: Leading Activities  Networking and consumption of entertainment content  News, sports, Music and Games  3 hours - Average time an Indian net user spends on social media.  13million - Number of Indians registered on matrimonial or dating sites. 70% of Indian internet users watch online videos.
    8. 8. Impact of Digital Entertainment Impact on TV:1. Digital is enabling virtual audience participation2. Mobile TV adoption is expected to grow3. TV content portals4. Wireless broadband is expected to drive the reach of digital TV Impact on Print:1. Internet portals and e-commerce dominate publishers digital revenue2. Online News editions3. Personalized News and opinions Impact on Sports:1. Enhancing the sport through social media2. Mobile apps and games3. Mobile and Online live streaming
    9. 9. But….. Where is the highest Impact? Impact on Radio & Music:1. Radio Networks are using digital to extend the reach2. Digital dominates Music industries revenue3. Opportunities for direct to consumer mobile and online live video streaming Impact on Films:1. Digital Premiers with theatrical 3D innovations2. Web-based Home Entertainment3. Social Media to market movies4. Licensing content for games and mobile apps.
    10. 10. FYE : For Your Entertainment Whitehead defines entertainment as "what people do with their freedom" we can say that people are entertained when they are voluntarily undergoing an experience that interests them and gives them some amount of pleasure or release. Entertainment activities :talking, gossiping; reading newspapers and books; listening to music and radio; watching movies and television; practicing sports; attending live performances of sports and arts; playing games; gambling; shopping, cooking, gardening, fishing, and other hobbies; eating, drinking, flirting, and smoking; tourist traveling, visiting museums, and going to amusement parks. Talking and gossiping have become chat rooms, forum, discussions, social media (twitter, Facebook); reading news on the web is becoming increasingly popular with e- News editions, portals, niche news portals, columns; the previously solitary video- game experience has found new meaning in the networked game era; shopping has gigantic proportions on the web, with e-commerce and augmented by the thrills of on- line auction and web store experience.
    11. 11. Entertainment : : Video: : Youtube “YouTube : The future of entertainment is on the Web” In the next decade, 75 percent of all channels will be born on the Internet. -Robert Kyncl, Head of global partnerships for YouTube. YouTube announced in December that it logged 1 trillion hits in 2011 and is anticipating an even bigger year ahead as more politicians and newsmakers turn to the site to distribute Web ads, speeches and weekly video casts. All of the entertainment industry should be paying attention to Web video, predicting that soon 90 percent of Web traffic will be video. Less clicking, more watching. End of the day - Experience matters on the web
    12. 12. Remember this????
    13. 13. Store
    14. 14. Discover
    15. 15. Consume
    16. 16. Consume Across Devices & Platforms
    17. 17. Pyramid of Content (Indian Scenario)
    18. 18. Eros NowIntroducing now...
    19. 19. Eros International at a glance Eros International is a world leader in theatrical production anddistribution for South Asian content. It co-produces Indian film contentand distributes it across theatres, home entertainment, television andnew media worldwide. A company with a 34 year history Strong Executive management Market Leader in theatrical space Largest Bollywood film library – digitized and ready Largest share of regional content, especially Tamil Films 5 out of the top 10 box office hits of 2010 were Eros movies Distribution formats – films dubbed or subtitled in 27 different languages Distribution territories – Distribution to over 50 countries.
    20. 20. Eros Now: Entertainment at a click“A Premium digital platform delivering the richest mix of Indianentertainment content largely focusing on Indian movies & music onthe web, mobile and across all devices.”
    21. 21. Eros Now Navigate to find your favorite music you want and just plug-in your headset! Provides a fresh, unclutter ed, premium, a nytime, anywh ere experience! Gives you access to over 2,000+ movies, 25,000 music videos, 100,00 0 music tracks and a host of exclusive original content!
    22. 22. Eros Entertainment on YouTube 1 BILLION views annually & counting22 MILLION Unique Visitors Per Month85 MILLION Monthly Views 9th Most WatchedChannel Globally in Entertainment Category
    23. 23. Eros Entertainment on Social Media 78,909 Followers Fan following on individual movie
    24. 24. Eros Now : Premium Subscription Eros Now Premium Subscription Service: • Enjoy unlimited movies from our 2,000+ catalogue • Enjoy Eros Movies across devices • Offline mode All short form content available for free: • Music Videos • Audio Tracks • Movie related content (behind the scenes) • Eros Original Programming
    25. 25. Eros Now: Competitors ParametersPremium a × a × aenvironmentScalability a a a × aDeep interactivity a × a × ×On-demand access a a a a a“Cool” factor a × × × ×Discovery a × a × ×Original content a × × a ×Trusted editorial a × a × aMusic focused a × × × a Eros Now is Unique by design, usability and depth of content!