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Invitation to grow together


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Invitation to grow together

  1. 1. by Dey Dos Whatif youcouldstart What if you could be what you’ve always dreamed of becoming? What if you could BE in the process of BECOMING? NOW?   by Dey Dos
  2. 2. by Dey Dos “my beauti- ful self ARMENIA - 10th to 13th October 2013 A Journey to Reconnect with our Uniqueness
  3. 3. by Dey Dos You are INVITED! “Dear Beautiful Individual, «GROW» Edutainment Center and us personally would like to invite you for a self-exploration retreat which is called My Beautiful Self (MBS) and brought to you by inspirational speaker, trainer, life coach and just an awesome human popcorn machine: Dey Dos. Since this is the first time this exceptional event is taking place in Armenia we thought to make it an INVITATION-ONLY where we can bring together amazing people who have been bringing amazing changes to their networks and communities and who have been a constant inspiration for us throughout these years.
  4. 4. by Dey Dos This could be by waking up every morning in a positive mood, hosting more powerful and deep relationships, or being more successful at all endeavors of daily life. MBS is the perfect space for those living in constant restlessness, wondering about the possibility of a different and more meaningful way of existing and with the intention to make a big leap in their lives, NOW! Reconnecting with your true and beautiful Self will definitely lead you to live the life you really want to live!   “I feel wonderful after MBS; it was a whole package, an all inclusive deal… I feel that I am acting differently, more calm, more observing of the surroundings, enjoying things more, judging people less, caring about smaller things less, don’t giving a damn about many things, including what people might see or think about me… a whole package… I am setting out different priorities in my life, mostly personal, and I am fighting my fears; I love the process… Goce Pesev (Republic of Macedonia)
  5. 5. by Dey Dos To wake you up to a new world of possibilities that open when we start to see the world as a more powerful observer. Do you have what it takes to move from where you are to where you wanna be? MBS has three main intentions: To empower you make the changes you want to achieve the results you desire. To push you out of the nest of conformity so that you finally spread your wings open and fly. 1 2 3 “I never thought my scepticism could be so easily blown away by such a human experience. I can only believe that for the times when things might not look so easy, I will always be able to go back to my MBS memories and count on the true supportive smiles that surrounded me during that time. Getting to know yourself (TRULY getting to know yourself) might sound scary, but even scarier is never getting to do it… Our self, our soul, our humanity… can’t be any other than just beautiful! J.B. Mercado (Spain/Venezuela)
  6. 6. by Dey Dos «  Reconnect with the purpose of your life, «  Reignite your inner child, «  Get in deep contact with your body and emotions, «  Challenge the stories you tell yourself and others about who you are and where you come from, «  Let your true Self emerge, «  Identify the most powerful sources from which you can operate, «  Find the courage you need to make the decisions you have been delaying and, «  Start living that beautiful life you’ve always dreamed of and never imagined possible. MBS is the perfect space for you to: “I looked and felt how the tribe was forming and building up; and as we were becoming ONE, each one of us was living it so differently. And as we were filtering everything through our own perceptions, we were growing common distinctions and contributing to the whole, to the well-being of the tribe. I looked at my past, and I am graceful for the life I had. I discovered old memories that are influencing me in today’s life. I truly understood what it means to re-invent your past. I learned more about NOW and HERE, and I give even more consistency and value to one of my favourite quotes: CARPE DIEM! I became more aware of the power I have as an individual and, at the same time, I reinforced the belief that will and repetition of the things I learn are the key to this power. And of course, I am so proud to say that I TRUST THE WISDOM OF LIFE! She will put in my way the opportunities I need, and is only in my power to chose how to deal with them. Thank you tons!!! Amalia Ghiban (Romania/Portugal) What’s MBS all about?
  7. 7. by Dey Dos From 10th to 13th October 2013 in Armenia (venue will be confirmed to approved participants) Cost per participant: 180 000 AMD (includes accommodation, meals, transportation to and from venue, guidance and materials) For agenda and further details: Few places available... “I loved the “reality” we lived in Rio Maior. I felt so much “at home”, surrounded by ambitious and intellectual people, kind and loving… It’s a bit hard to be back now in a sense that I’ve become different; I accept people and their opinions in a different way, more observant and open- minded… I’ve become so fascinated with my new distinction on reality and consciousness. Thank you Beautiful Individuals for opening new distinctions in front of me. I feel that I’ve got new, better cards to play with life! Nelli Melykian (Sweden/Turkmenistan) There are no second chances! This is the ONLY edition of MBS for 2013 in Armenia!
  8. 8. by Dey Dos You are INVITED! “If you share our passion for the 4 days’ togetherness and growth, just drop us a line and we will provide you with the application form. We look forward to hosting you at “My Beautiful Self” With Love, Sona & Anush
  9. 9. by Dey Dos Areyoureadytotakethis If this speaks to you; this IS for YOU! Sometimes Life also works this way. The simple question here is... chance?   MBS is personally delivered by