A Balanced Diet


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A Balanced Diet

  1. 1. A Balanced Diet Introduction Proteins Fats Slide 1 Fats Slide 2 Vitamin Water Exercise
  2. 2. Introduction We have to eat the proper food in the correct proportion so as to receive the right amount of nutrients. Click to hear our crunching Main Slide
  3. 3. Proteins Proteins are nutrients for growth and tissue repair. Examples of food that contain proteins: fish, eggs, milk, beans. Main Slide
  4. 4. Fats Fats supply us with energy and protect us against col. They are contained in almost all food except fruits and vegetables. Main Slide
  5. 5. Fats There are two types of fats: Saturated fats – contribute to cholesterol level Unsaturated fats – from vegetable oils Main Slide
  6. 6. Vitamins These are nutrients that protect us from diseases. Vitamin A protect us against sore eyes. It can be obtained from carrots. Main Slide
  7. 7. Water Water transports nutrients to different parts of the body. We need to consume 3 litres of water in a day. Main Slide
  8. 8. Exercise Exercise can control our weight and contribute to better shape. Exercise and a balanced diet can help us feel and look better. Main Side