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Ogdc 2013 mobile game trend in southeastasia


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Ogdc 2013 mobile game trend in southeastasia

  1. 1. Mobile Game Trend in Southeast Asia 20 July 2013
  2. 2. SG TH MY ID PH VN Maturityof gamemarket 100 60 80 30 20 10 Consumption tendencyin thecurrent stage Coregamessuchas SNRPG,SNTCG & Sim.Game Casual games, LINEgame& SNG Coresgamessuch asSNRPG,SNTCG, & Stillingrowth, butcoregames areconsumedat thesametime. LINEgameis strong. Stillingrowth, butcoregames existatthesame time. Stillingrowth, butcoregames areconsumedat thesametime. Topsalesapp (withinTOP10) -ClashofClans -雄霸天地 -ModernWar -TopEleven -Legendofthe Cryptids -MARVELWarof Heroes -ClashofClans -TopEleven -HayDay -LINEPOP -LINEPlay -CandyCrush Saga -LINEDragon Flight -ClashofClans -HayDay -TopEleven -雄霸天地 -神仙道 - BloodBrothers (RPG) -ClashofClans -LINEPOP -LINEPlay -CandyCrush Saga -HayDay -TopEleven -ClashofClans -PartyinMy DormA -TopEleven -theSims™ FreePlay -PokerbyZynga -MARVELWar ofHeroes -ClashofClans -ModernWar -TopEleven -HayDay -TexasPoker
  3. 3. 1. Internet user base has grown from 3.1 mil in 2003 to 31.2 mil in 2012 2. Substantial investment from government for infrastructure 3. In urban areas, up to 60 percent of city dwellers are on 3G 4. Facebook grew by 88% from Oct 2011 to Oct 2012
  4. 4. 5. Mobile will be a key driver in broadening web access 6. In Vietnam’s six largest cities, TV watching fell from an average of 140 minutes in 2008 to 124 minutes in 2012 7. By contrast, time spent online climbed from 44 minutes per day to 84 minutes per day over the same period 8. The shift from TV to the web is most pronounced among 25 to 34 year old men