2d art for realtime 3d web game


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2d art for realtime 3d web game

  1. 1. 2D Art For Realtime 3D Web Game
  2. 2. Content: This session will discuss the formation 2d art for real time 3d web game. • Character • Environment • Artwork for PR
  3. 3. Part 1: Character The characters were sketched in different styles  Character style
  4. 4. After a survey, this style was voted by gamers
  5. 5. 3d modelconcept 3d character was made based on a 3d concept It looks so cute
  6. 6. Character in fixed cam mode And wearing a hat
  7. 7. Some animation samples. The animations are hard to see and interactive from this camera angle
  8. 8. How do you improve these problems?
  9. 9. • Adjust the hip higher • Pull the arms and legs longer Step 1:
  10. 10. These not enough adjustments because the result are still not better from this camera angle. original fixed
  11. 11. Adjust the ratio of body and head a second time Increase the scale of the arm and leg, then decrease the scale of the head. This way the character is more balance and attractive
  12. 12. Old 3d character New 3d character in perspective viewpoint New 3d character
  13. 13. Step 2: Adjust the camera angle and make the camera move in a flowing path.
  14. 14. With a new angle and movement of camera, we can observe costumes and funny animations easily
  15. 15.  Costume: The costumes, which are made separately, are really nice. For example: shirt, pants, glovers, hat. But when they were combined together, the result wasn’t good. Solution: • Full set • Topic
  16. 16. Fullset sketches
  17. 17. Occupation sketches
  18. 18. Part 2: Environment
  19. 19. Because of limited art resources, when a 3d scene is created from 2d sketch, these contours can’t be drawn, so the result between 2d and 3d is not the same.
  20. 20. For solving this problem, just cleanup these contour, so that the final result is similar.
  21. 21. A concept artist, who usually makes mistakes, wants to show the density of the objects to look like real life.
  22. 22. A large amount of polygons are showed in a small area , so this way is not good for game performance
  23. 23. Example : using common texture library A tip for optimizing art resources • 2d and 3d artists use a common texture library
  24. 24.  2D Sketch Part 3: Art work for PR
  25. 25.  Character’s pose in 3d
  26. 26.  Retouch and add more details
  27. 27.  Final step, Combine all characters together, and add the background and effects.
  28. 28. • This method is really effectine, when an artwork is drawn by many artists at the same time. • 2d artists want the characters of artwork and in-game to be the same.
  29. 29. Some artwork were made using the same method.
  30. 30. Conclusion: • Defining the camera’s angle and active range is the most important thing for the next steps. • Avoid drawing many details in a small area. • 2d and 3d artists should use a common texture library . • Combine 2d and 3d for drawing an art work.