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Somos Más (We are more!). About us

We are an NGO created in 2001 with the purpose of creating social and economic value to networks of social initiatives.

Generate social and economical value for networks of social initiatives

Unleash the potential
of social networks to make changes that benefit everyone.

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Somos Más (We are more!). About us

  1. 1. (We’re More!)!
  2. 2. We are an NGO created in 2001 with thepurpose of creating social and economic valueto networks of social initiatives!
  3. 3. Mobilize civil society around social initiatives!Participate effectively in the different nodes of a social network!Share the work and impact of networks of social initiatives!Connect the various actors in a social network!
  4. 4. Unleash the potential of social networks to make changes that benefit everyone.!Generate social and economicalvalue for networks of socialinitiatives.!
  5. 5. RED DE EMPRENDEDORES BAVARIA #Fundación Bavaria!CSR Project!The bigest Latinamerican EntrepreneurshipNetwork (more than 32.000 entrepreneurs).Somos Más created it and operates netweavingdinamycs between entrepreneurs and thedifferent actors of the entrepreneurship ecosystemin Colombia. We also developed the technologyplatform.
  6. 6. COLOMBIA EN ACCIÓN – Acción Social!The largest network of government officials ofthe country (more than 10,000 officials haveparticipated).Winner of the Excellency on online GovernmentCitizen Service award.
  7. 7. INFANCIA E INCLUSIÓN SOCIAL #Alcaldía Mayor de Bogotá!Biggest public – private collaboration in Bogotá.Participation of organizations, governmentofficials, and kids.
  8. 8. COORDINACION REGION ANDINA !ICT4DEVELOPMENT !Trust for the Americas (OEA)!Telecentre network coordination of the “Programade Empleo a través de la Tecnología en lasAméricas (POETA)” and “Mi Llave(reinsertados)”, a program of employmentthrough Technology in the Americas. Somos Más isin charge of the coordination between thedifferent existing technology centers in LatinAmerica to improve inclusion of people withdisabilities.
  9. 9. SOMOS MÁS – INFORMATION CENTER !Internet information center with more than 2,000organizations and 20,000 registered people. Thegoal is to make visible the work of civil societyorganizations in Colombia. With more than 15,200hits per month. Development of a newsletter withnews and events.
  10. 10. FORTALECIMIENTO REDES !DISCAPACIDAD Y ADULTO MAYOR !Fundación Saldarriaga Concha!Strengthening of 5 networks of socialorganizations. We supported the development ofjoint projects and web 2.0 platforms forcommunication and coordination
  11. 11. Consulting in netweavingand mobilization strategies Implementation of web 2.0for social initiatives with a platforms ad social media network mindset for network-like dynamics Management and operation of network-like dynamics
  12. 12. We have worked with 15 networksin capacity building. More than 2,000 organizations and 20,000 people are registered to receive periodically ourMore than 3,400 volunteers have information.coordinated their work in adistributed manner with the supportof Somos Más. Participation of more than 15,000 children in processes of public consultation andMore than 32,000 mobilization.entrepreneurs givingsupport to each other.
  13. 13. Volunteer networks: Creating volunteer to volunteer network. Somos Más Foundation: Purpose of summing the efforts among social initiatives.Somos Más created asvolunteer team
  14. 14. Starting work in Europe. Creation of “Redes en Acción” and “Participación ciudadana en Acción Social” Red de Emprendedores Bavaria creation. A CSR project of Fundación Bavaria Strengthening of networks of social organizations.Mapping of all socialorganizations in Bogota.
  15. 15. First Place National Excellence Award Government Online. Social Entrepreneurs of the Year Award “Semana” magazine and “Fundación Séptima Papeleta”.Ventures Award 2004:National CompetitionBusiness Plan, socialcategory.
  16. 16. Colombia! Europe!Cll 100 N° 16-66 Of 502 - Bogotá Sector Embarcaciones 3, 1A Tres Cantos - MadridTel: (+57 1) 7430796 – 7430797 Tel: (+34) 627 286 598
  17. 17. Social change, socialentrepreneurship, knowledgemanagement, Lean and Agile,Technology. Europe Coordinator Somos Más Europe co-founder Social entrepreneur, Open Space Collective founder, a professor at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, Scrum Master. Experience in technology projects and ICT4D.
  18. 18. Citizen participation, cross-sectoralcollaboration, Internet, socialentrepreneurship Europe Coordinator Somos Más Colombia and Europe co-founder With experience in coordination of social initiatives and networking.
  19. 19. Social networks, Relationship marketing, social capital, Human Development and Technology.PresidentSomos Más Colombia co-founder.He has extensive experience in socialnetworking and strategic development of ICTin social organizations.
  20. 20. Networks, Organizational Strategy, Management and Voluntary collective.CEOWith experience in developing strategicplanning and management of productiveprojects.
  21. 21. Marketing, Advertising, Entrepreneurship / Social Entrepreneurship, and Design.Red de Emprendores BavariaCoordinatorHe has experience on social entrepreneurshipand online advertising.
  22. 22. Social Inclusion, Training in Technologiesand Disabilities. POETA Área Andina Regional Coordinator. With experience in articulation of social initiatives that focus on disability.
  23. 23. Development, Family, Inclusion, Children and Childhood, and Training.Children and Adolescents ProjectsCoordinatorShe has experience in the development andimplementation of social projects on thecomprehensive protection of children.
  24. 24. Computing and experience in marketing, digital platforms and information management.…Participate in “Escuela de Redes”, as in manyinitiatives related to social media, especially“Operar Social y el futuro descubierto”(Colombia) and “V2V” (Brazil).