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Khmer culture, civilization (part6)


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Khmer culture, civilization (part6)

  1. 1. University of Cambodia Lectured by: Mut Somoeun, M.Ed KHM 140: Khmer Culture
  2. 2. KHMER TRADITIONAL POPULAR GAMES  Chol/ Bors Chhoung (ចោលឈូង/ច ោះឈូង)  Bors Angkunh (ច ោះអងគញ់)  Leak Kansaeng (លាក់កន្សែង)
  3. 3. CHOL/ BORS CHHOUNS (ចោលឈូង/ច ោះឈូង) Meaning of Chol Chhoung: Chol/ Bors means throw to, while Chhoung means a rolled piece of scarf/ clothes (rolled-ball scarf)
  4. 4. CHOL/ BORS CHHOUNG (ច ោះឈូង)  A popular game of Khmer people, celebrated at night time (full moon) or day time in Khmer New Year Occasion  Adult people or old people can play it, just only between two groups of male & female  Chol Chhoung has two types:  Chhoung of Dancing-and-singing  Chhoung Lours Knhom (freeing caught member)
  5. 5. CHOL/ BORS CHHOUNG (ច ោះឈូង)  Chhoung of Dancing-and-singing:  two groups (male & female) of players  first, a male group appeals “Chhoung Oey Chhoung” then throws it to a female group with a song  if any member of the female group does not catch the Chhoun, then it means “Sa’oy” (null)  After the Chhoung falling on the ground, the female group must throw it back to the male group with a song
  6. 6. CHOL/ BORS CHHOUNG (ច ោះឈូង)  If Chhoung is caught by any group member, he /she will throws it at anyone of the opposite group that he/ she wants, and if Chhoung hits any, that means “win”  Then the lose group must sing a song and dance with the Chhoung back to the winning group  ច ើស្រីចស្រៀងៈ អូសោ ់អឺងចអើយឈូង សថ្លៃចអើយឈូងន្ កជា៤ស្រលឹងមាររងួសហាអឺៗអឺងចអើយទទួលឈូងចៅហាអឺ......ឈូងចោ។  ច ើស្ ុរចស្រៀងៈ ងោ ់អឺងចអើយឈូង ស ថ្លៃចអើយ ង ីស្រកងស្រលឹងមារ ងហាអឺៗអឺងចអើយទទួលឈូងចៅហាអឺ........ឈូងចៅ។
  7. 7. CHOL/ BORS CHHOUNG (ច ោះឈូង)  Chhoung Lours Knhom (Free Caught Member):  two groups (male & female) of the players  the male group starts sing the song, and at the end of the song, they appeal “Chhoung Oey Chhoung” then throws it to any member of the female group  If it is not caught by any female member, it is called “Sa’oy” that means “null”, the female group must throw it back with a song and appeal “Chhoung Oey Chhoung” to the opposite group
  8. 8. CHOL/ BORS CHHOUNG (ច ោះឈូង)  But if the Chhoung is caught by any member of each group, it will be thrown at any member of the opposite group  Then if it hits anyone, then that person must be caught/ brought to the winning group  After that when in turn of the lose group wins, they will brink their caught member back
  9. 9. CHOL / BORS CHHOUNG (ច ោះឈូង)  The song of each group:  Male group: ងច ោះហាចអើយឈូងចៅ អូសចអើយកំររ់រុងដូង ស្កមុំៗឈរស្រូង ហាអឺៗអឹងចអើយ អូសចអើយ ទទួលឈូង ង ហាអឺ.....ឈូង ង។ ឈូងចអើយឈូង!  Female group: អូសច ោះហាចអើយឈូងចៅ ងចអើយកំររ់រុងស្លៃ កំចលាោះៗឈរចស្រៀ ស្ា ហាអឺៗអឺ ងចអើយ ងចអើយទទួលឈូងអូស ហាអឺ....ឈូង ង។ ឈូងចអើយឈូង!
  10. 10. WHAT ARE THE PURPOSES OF THIS GAME?  To make the special event more memorial, joyful, and interesting  To make more good friends among adults  Reunite/ strengthen relationship with friends  To make eyes and body flexible, especially practice throwing straightly at the target
  11. 11. BORS ANGKUNH (ច ោះអងគញ់) Meaning of Bors Angkunh: Bors means throws to, while Angkunh refers to a raw-hard seed of a plant looks like a joint bone on the knee
  12. 12. BORS ANGKUNH (ច ោះអងគញ់)  This game is popular for Khmer people, especially for adult boys and girls  Played in the special event of Khmer New Year in day time or night time  Two groups of players (boys & girls)  Two kinds of Angkunh: (ចោយដំ &ចោយច ោះ)  Koy Dam: slightly put into the ground  Koy Bors: Angkunh for throwing at the Koy Dam
  13. 13. BORS ANGKUNH (ច ោះអងគញ់)  Angkunh Koy Dam has three or five and are slightly put into the ground  Angkunh Bors are used to toss/ hit the Angkunh Koy Dam for pulling down from the spot  If any player tosses/ hit the middle first, it means “Sa’oy” or null in meaning)  But if the group cannot pull down the Koy Dam all at a session, that means they lose their chance  Then the opposite party will take their turn to toss
  14. 14. BORS ANGKUNH (ច ោះអងគញ់)  When any group of them can pull down/ out from the spot all the 3 Koy Dam, then they will hold double Angkunh in hand to knock/ hit on the knee of all members of the lose party (this must make sound: klok klok; if not, the opposite will knock)  Sometime the winning party will ask the opposite group to sing a song or do something they propose  They do like this again and again
  15. 15. PURPOSES OF PLAYING BORS ANGKUNH  To make more joyful, memorial, and interesting  To make good friends among adults & adults and strengthen relationship among friends  To learn concentrating  To make eyes good at looking and hands are good at targeting (throwing straightly at something)
  16. 16. LEAK KANSAENG (លាក់កន្សែង)  Meaning of Leak Kansaeng:  Leak means “hide/ put silently”  Kansaeng mean “scarf – refers to rolled-ball scarf”  This refers to the activity of the player (he/ she) who tries to hide the scarf at the back of the other who are sitting in the ground circle
  17. 17. LEAK KANSAENG (លាក់កន្សែង)  This game is normally played in the Khmer New Year or any happy event at day time or night time  No group but together as a whole, only just with adult boys and girls  The scarf is rolled/ folded up with a length of half arm of the adult person  All members twist (sit) around as a circle then put their hands to the front, and not allow to look back
  18. 18. LEAK KANSAENG (លាក់កន្សែង)  A person holds that rolled/ folded scarf and walks around, then put down/ hide silently at the back of the twisting ones  Then he/she runs around the group to his/her spot  And then the twister will take the Kansaeng to hit the next twisting ones  After that the hit one will take his/ her turn to walk around as the previous person did
  19. 19. PURPOSES OF LEAK KANSAENG  To make more fun, joyful, and interesting  To make friends with other adult people  To strengthen friendship with the others  To learn to be flexible in seeing and hearing  To concentrate mind to be careful and smart with everything even while twisting
  20. 20. DISCUSSIONS  G1:  What do you think about the free flow of foreign cultures to Cambodian society?  G2:  What do you think about the women perspectives in Cambodian society presently?  G3:  What should you do to promote Khmer Culture?  G4:  In the stage of Globalization, how do you integrate the clashed culture?