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Is your business ready for voice?


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Voice, as a method of communication with devices, opens many doors to the customer. The presence, convenience, and natural essence of voice-powered technology, opens a business up to far more opportunities to have a valuable impact on a customer.

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Is your business ready for voice?

  1. 1. Is you Business Adapting to Voice? Is your Business adapting to Voice?
  2. 2. “Global sales of Amazon Echo were up more than 9x over last Christmas” “Millions sold worldwide since launch” “Echo Dot is the best-selling, most gifted item on” Amazon press release 27 Dec 2016
  3. 3. Amazon Alexa The ecommerce giant is using the Echo speaker and the personal assistant Alexa to push the Prime service into all homes and create a bridge online-offline Google Assistant Google Assistant is now available on Google Home and on Pixel phones. Google was the last to launch its personal assistant but has significantly more data about consumer behaviours compared to its rivals Apple Siri Apple was the first to launch its voice assistant Siri integrated in iOS to provide a faster access to apps and features. In 2016 Siri has been extended to Car and TV OS and has been opened to third party apps Rapid shift in mainstream consumer devices Humans can speak 150 words per minute but they can type only 40 words per minute
  4. 4. February 17 4Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd. Technology has become conversational 1980 2010 20151970 1990 20052000 Removing frictions Generating engagement Making interaction more conversational Command Line GUI Web Social Media Messaging Apps VoiceWeb 2.0
  5. 5. Voice enhances the entire customer journey Voice removes barriers and reduce friction through digital engagement Awareness Consideration Purchase Service Advocacy Improve discoverability as voice search volume is growing fast “What is the best French restaurant in this area?” Make sure key product information are accessible “How much does a new Audi A5 cost?” Help customers to help themselves “How much did I spend at Tesco last month with my credit card?” Differentiate your service to encourage recommendation “Rate 5 stars to the Art Museum I have just visited” Competitive differentiation through better serving customers Design a simple and easy buying UX “Add almond milk to my Ocado shopping list.” February 17 5Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd.
  6. 6. Practical Contextual Precise Source: AYTM Market Research, US voice users, June 2016; Source: Search Engine Watch, 2016 Source: Campaign Magazine, Apr 2016 February 17 6Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd. New consumer behaviours are re-setting expectations 3x Mobile voice searches are 3X more likely to be local-based than text 92% Voice is mainly used for practical reasons. They include making calls, dictating text and navigation. Voice queries are longer and precise Text searches are concentrated between 1-3 words 3-5 words
  7. 7. Source: Statista and Creative Strategies, 2016 Voice covers white spaces and creates new use cases 1% 6% In the Car At Home At WorkIn Public 39% 51% Where people use Voice Voice assistants created two completely new browsing experiences: car and home Voice is used in familiar and private spaces, while hands are already in use
  8. 8. February 17 8Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd. “The future of search is an ultimate mobile assistant that helps you with your daily life so you can focus on the things that matter” Behshad Behzadi, Principal Engineer at Google
  9. 9. February 17 9Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd. Search is the main growth in user behaviour 7x growth 2010 2016 Volume of voice search queries grew 7x since 2010 Source: Meekers 2016 One in five searches on Android devices were voice-based in May 2016 Source: Consumer Intelligence Research estimate, Nov 16
  10. 10. February 17 10Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd. Previous UIs showed accelerated adoption.. Time to go from 10% to 90% adoption Adoption Graphical UI Multitouch UI Voice UI ? 1983 2007 2017 Future 10% 90% PCs 30 years Smartphones 10 years Less than 10 years ? The biggest challenge is ensuring products are relevant to consumers, while innovation accelerates
  11. 11. Current speech recognition error rate for Google assistant, down from 25% just 2 years ago Smart speakers sold in the US by 2020 % of voice searches by 2020 in the US 8% 21.4m 50% Source: Google 2016 Source: Activate, 2016 Source: comScore 2016 February 17 11Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd. .. and Voice shows all the signs of continuing this trend
  12. 12. Samsung assistant for the home Samsung is expected to launch its own voice assistant, after the acquisition of Viv Labs in 2016, which was behind Apple's Siri. The assistant will be designed to work with Galaxy devices and home appliances, and to be a remote control for compatible home appliances Capital One skills for Alexa Capital One created a useful set of functionalities for Alexa. It includes commands for checking your credit card (“How much did I spend at Target last month?”), bank accounts (“What’s my account balance?”) and auto loan (“When is my car loan due?”) BMW partnered with Cortana During the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, BMW announced a partnership with Microsoft to use Cortana voice assistant. This will allow BMW owners to receive calendar reminders, perform web searches or make restaurant reservations, while driving Home Financial Services Automotive February 17 12Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd. Your competitors are already using it
  13. 13. Xerox didn’t get Graphical UI “The management did not care, [..] unless the results were directly involved with photocopiers” Larry Tessler Xerox PARC Researcher Talking about GUI and Mouse Microsoft didn’t get Multitouch UI “It doesn’t appeal to business customers” Steve Ballmer Microsoft CEO Talking about the new iPhone in 2007 February 17 13Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd. Don’t confuse “I don’t get it” with “That tech will fail” The “Next Big Innovation” is already 10 or 20 years old
  14. 14. From strategic insights, through data driven understanding, to product development Being relevant to your consumers is a key driver of success February 17 14Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd. What Somo can do for you 6-12 monthsNow 2+ years1-2 years Insights and prototyping MVP launch Full deploy Continuous improvements Evolving technology landscape Changing customer behaviours Competitive disruption Customer journeys and experience Customer behaviour analysis Innovation and tech trends Training Education Ongoing innovation Product develop- ment Tech Enablers
  15. 15. Strategic Voice Audit February 17 15Confidential and copyright of Somo Custom Ltd. Recommended first step… Somo can help businesses create potential that will drive revenue through a thorough review of your business, industry and consumer behaviour understanding. Somo differentiates itself using unique modeling techniques to identify feasible opportunities with a complete risk assessment and customer experience maps Activities Deliverables 1. Competitor and industry activity review 2. Review of current digital touchpoints 3. Analysis of potential new touchpoints for voice 4. High level analysis of technology environment 5. Business case development 1. ROI statement 2. Research review 3. Customer experience map indicating opportunities for Voice 4. Recommendations and roadmap for voice implementation 5. High level technical feasibility and risk assessment
  16. 16. Prepare for Voice interface, or you will not be heard Get in touch! Other resources +44 (0)20 3397 3550 18th Floor Portland House Bressenden Place Victoria, London SW1E 5RS [Video] What Does 2017 Mean For Voice? [Article] Alexa, what were the key trends at CES 2017?