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Blog Monetization


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Blog Monetization - Turning Your Passion into an Online Business

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Blog Monetization

  1. 1. How to Turn Your Passion into an Online Business BLOG MONETIZATION
  2. 2. Confidence The secret to doing anything, is to BELIEVE that you can do it. - Bob Ross
  3. 3. A Blog That Makes Money: • Grows in Readership • Attracts Sponsors • Creates Opportunities for Various Forms of Revenue • Optimizes Ad Spaces and Affiliate Links
  4. 4. Keys to Blog Growth Ask yourself… • Will this decision cause my blog to grow in monthly traffic? • Is my content relevant, searchable, and shareable? Create… • Your Own High Quality Content • Search-Friendly Content • Shareable Content • Consistent and Frequent Content • Social Media Buzz
  5. 5. A Successful Blog Post Has • A Relevant Searchable Topic • High Quality Shareable Images • 300-800 Words • Keywords • Helpful Information and Tips • Personality • A Hint of Authority Never Hurts Repeat, Repeat, Repeat.
  6. 6. Ways to Monetize •Ads •Affiliate Programs •Sponsors •Create a Product •Market Your Knowledge •Membership
  7. 7. Ads Popular Ad Publishers • Google Adsense • Price Grabber • Cox Digital • Conversant • • BuySellAds • AdBlade • Clicksor • Exit Junction Find Ad Publishers that fit your content. Create an Ad Waterfall (DFP) Direct Ad Sales
  8. 8. Affiliates Amazon Associates Skimlinks VigLinks LinkShare Commission Junction Google Affiliate Network ClickBank Kontera Brands Your Host
  9. 9. Sponsors Sponsored Content Reviews Giveaways Contests Twitter Parties Ambassadorships Block Ads Annual Partners Social Media Touts
  10. 10. Create a Product Books Ebooks Webinars Videos Private Labeling Digital Content Customized Items Etsy
  11. 11. Market Your Knowledge • Consulting • Speaking Engagements • Content Creation • Photography • Web Design/Support • Classes
  12. 12. Membership Create highly sought-after content that can only be accessed through membership. Menus/Meal Plans Workout Schedules Business Tips Calendars Check Lists Printable PDFs Videos Special Reports
  13. 13. The Be’s of Blogging •Be Confident •Be Diligent •Be Authentic •Be of Service •Be an Authority •Be a Perfectionist •Be Patient