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Break New Relationship Man Code
Change Your Dating Life By Taking ATTRACTION ACTION
Get Total Control Of Your Dating Life
How To Overcome Dating Shyness Today
Is It Time To Delete His Number
Reason Men Won't Approach You
Stop Judging Your Dating Life
Who Calls First Online
Why You Need To Start Thinking Like A Man

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Who Calls First Online

  1. 1. ==== ====Break New Relationship Man Codehttp://www.davidwygant.com/women.php?Clk=4581094==== ====Who Calls First Online?Recently I was asked this question from a female reader:Ive been flirting with this one guy on match.com and another guy on Yahoo! Personals. Wevehad some fun email exchanges. One of the men said This is fun ... Call me sometime. Id love tohear your voice. Then he gave me his number. Whats the proper etiquette?Do you ever wonder what the dating etiquette is Online?If youve struck up a conversation with a guy online and he gives you his number, should you everbe the first one to call?Or ... do you reciprocate, give him your number and tell him to call you?Are dating rules different when youre online dating?DO YOU EVER FEEL A LITTLE LOST WHEN YOURE DATING ONLINE ABOUT WHO SHOULDCALL FIRST?If youre a woman, how do you navigate the Online communication waters?HERES ANOTHER BIG ONLINE ISSUE...WHAT IF YOU GIVE YOUR NUMBER TO A GUY ONLINE AND HE DOESNT CALL ... WHATDO YOU DO?Allow me to give you some helpful advice about how to deal with these issues ...While there are no hard and fast rules, these guidelines will help make your online datingexperiences a lot less stressful......and will allow you to have a lot more FUN!So here is the proper etiquette.Forget about what your mother said that youre not a lady if you call first.Things are different now.One of my favorite emails I told a woman client of mine to write to a man who had given her his
  2. 2. number online was this:Sure. Ill give you a call. I like having all the power. :) Actually, I was kind of tired of having mencall me first, cause then you just have to wait. Now its more fun ... I can make you wait :) Talk toyou real soon.This email will make a guy think ... and laugh. Hell also realize that giving up all that power andwaiting for that phone to ring is really not a lot of fun.Not only that, but the next time he gets a phone number from a woman and considers making herwait three or four days for him to call, hell remember what its like sitting by the phone and waitingfor that phone call.So while I believe there are no hard and fast rules, I do have a rule of thumb about what to doabout calling when you meet someone online.My rule for this is that if youre a woman and you give your number to a man, put an expirationdate on it like a carton of milk. If you give your number to a man on a Friday, put an expirationdate on it of Sunday night.Making someone wait for that first phone call is a momentum killer!Plus, what really does happen to the milk at midnight on the date it expires? How do they knowits no longer going to taste good at one minute after midnight?Should you drink the entire carton at 11:59 p.m. on Saturday night . . . or if you drink the cartonafter midnight are you going to get sick?Dont take your chances with this...I always tell the men I coach to make sure and call someone well before the expiration date ...cause I am telling women to treat mens numbers have expired just like they were bad milk.If you want to learn more about how men REALLY think, how theyre wired and how to neveragain be confused by men when dating online, then click here for more information:http://www.davidwygant.com/women.php?Clk=4581093==== ====Break New Relationship Man Codehttp://www.davidwygant.com/women.php?Clk=4581094==== ====