The Magic Of Making UP


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The Magic Of Making UP

  1. 1. ==== ====The Magic Of Making UP ====How do I start saving my relationship?Saving your relationship is no different from saving anything else. The very first thing is toestablish and get clear on the fact that your relationship is valuable to you and its worth saving.Youve got to stop taking it for granted and doing the things that contribute to its erosion. Your nextstep is to assess the damage....How do I work out whats going wrong in my relationship?Take a long cool look at your relationship issues. It will be easy for you to write down all yourgrievances about your partner... so dont! Instead, hold the mirror up to yourself and ask, What amI doing that is making this relationship go bad?. Be honest with yourself. What do you dodeliberately to press your partners emotional buttons? If you want things to change, you have tostart changing YOUR behaviour.What if my partner is not willing to change?Many couples become very childish as their relationship goes into stormy waters. They develop anover-sensitivity to the balance of give and take in a relationship and get very irate if they feel thattheir partner isnt contributing their fair share to the partnership. This can devolve into a kind ofnegative tit-for-tat warring: You didnt put the garbage out, so Im not doing the dishes!Unfortunately super loving relationships dont work on the principle of the 50-50 partnership. If youwant to save your relationship, you need to accept 100% of the responsibility for saving it. Youvegot to give 100% loving energy to it -- even if your partner is doing nothing.How do I repair the damage?Your cool assessment will reveal your personal contribution to the downturn in your relationship.The simple turnaround is to stop doing those things. Use the principles that Maxwell Maltz talkedabout in his book, Psycho-Cybernetics. Visualise your typical relationship scenarios in your mindand instead of re-acting in the old way, see yourself acting in new positive ways. See yourrelationship blossoming with love. Thats all that matters -- that love is all around. See it first inyour minds eye, then do everything you can to put it out there. Be nice, be kind. It can beunrewarding at first, particularly if your relationship had become spiteful. Even if your partnerseems like a stubbornly immovable object, the gradual, persistent drip drip of your loving wayscannot fail to carve a way back into his or her heart.What else can I do?
  2. 2. Apologise for hurting your partner. This is a very brave step and takes a lot of self-honesty. Youhave to be the initiator, the one who steps up to the plate as it were. Just say you are sorry for thepain you may have caused. Dont try to justify yourself at this point, even if they come back at youwith further accusations. Just apologise and reiterate your love for them. Say how important theyare to you and how you want to have a wonderful loving relationship with them. If youre lucky,they might apologise to you as well. But dont go looking for it -- instead forgive them for the painyou think they have caused you. Forgiveness means to let go of, and you are going to let go ofthe inner wounds and grievances that youve been attributing to your partner. Youre searching fora new more loving way of being now...How can I transform this into a wonderful loving relationship?We have too many examples of crappy relationships and not enough examples of greatrelationships. TV, gossip magazines, and the majority of movies focus on destructive, over-dramatised relationships, with couples being nasty to each other and/or splitting up. No wonder wehave such trouble with relationships, when our inner template of a relationship is so warped. Weare feeding our subconscious mind with all those destructive examples! Instead you can emulatesuccessful couples who are full of love for each other. So change your mentors, and copy thosecouples who are deeply in love.Where can I find help?If you want a complete roadmap to rebuilding your relationship, Saving Your Marriage With Loveand Trust shows how you can save your marriage even if you have given up all hope. Discoverthe simple system that can quickly bring your spouse back even if youre the only one who wantsto save the relationship. This program guarantees quick and easy steps that you can doimmediately that can help bring the two of you back together again.Copyright 2007 Anne AmoreAnne Amore of is thrilled and delighted to be able to share these tips on savingyour relationship. May you be forever blessed and your life filled with unending love, and so it is.Saving Your Relationship Action Steps []Article Source:
  3. 3. ==== ====The Magic Of Making UP ====