How To Overcome Dating Shyness Today


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How To Overcome Dating Shyness Today
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How To Overcome Dating Shyness Today

  1. 1. ==== ====Break New Relationship Man Code ====How To Overcome Dating Shyness TodayDo you consider yourself shy?Or more specifically......are you shy when it comes to dating and being able to comfortably approach men?Do you walk around and say to yourself I wish I werent shy so I could approach men.Has this ever happened to you -- You see a man youre attracted to and so badly want to walkover to him and say "hi" or smile at him or take SOME kind of action......but you cant work up the guts to do it?Can you relate to this?And how frustrating is that? Especially if its happened to you over and over again.Let me tell you something...YOU DONT HAVE TO EVER EXPERIENCE THAT KIND OF FRUSTRATION AGAIN - beginningright now!How would you like to never feel "shy" again when it comes to meeting, attracting andapproaching men?Sound good?OK, let me tell you how to make that happen...When I hear women label themselves as shy, I know they are limiting their opportunities to meetand connect with men every day.How do I know this?Because after coaching hundreds of men and women over the last eleven years Ive seen it all -and Ive worked with every kind of person imaginable. There is virtually nothing about people Ihavent seen ... or helped them overcome for that matter.And so heres something you need to understand:
  2. 2. Being shy isnt a physical trait like having brown eyes ... you can eliminate it and overcome it!Here are 4 tips to help you forever overcome dating shyness:***TIP #1: ELIMINATE SHYNESS FROM YOUR IDENTITY***If someone asks you if youre shy, what is your answer?Do you say Yes, I am a shy person?When you say that, you are accepting that being shy is just part of who you are that its part ofyour identity. By you telling yourself (and others) that you are a shy person, you are negativelyaffecting your own mindset.It is very limiting -- and YOU deserve so much more than what you are allowing yourselfOne of the first, and most important ways to overcome shyness is to be conscious abouteliminating it as part of your identity.One way to get to that place if you are having trouble is to speak about yourself as if youvealready overcome your shyness. The next time someone asks you if youre shy, you can say I amno longer a shy person.As you continue to say this, you will believe it.***TIP #2: STOP LISTENING TO THAT MONKEY CHATTER***Are you asking what monkey chatter is -- or what it has to do with dating and being shy?Dont worry, Im going to explain...What goes on in your head and what do you think about when you feel shy? Do a whole bunch ofdifferent thoughts go through your your mind like monkey chatter you hear at the Central ParkZoo?Are there what seem like hundreds of monkeys screaming all different things in you ear, none ofwhich are good thoughts? This is what I call "monkey chatter."Do you think that you cant talk to men because youre shy?Do you believe that people next to you are thinking negative things about you because of yourshyness, or about how you look or about anything else about you?You need to stop listening to all of this negative talk - to all of this monkey chatter - in your head.Be aware of when your perception about a situation comes solely from these negative thoughts inyour head, and then consciously choose to ignore them.
  3. 3. You need to stop speculating and assuming things about whats going on around you based onthen negative chatter in your head.It will lead you astray every time.***TIP #3: REALIZE YOURE NOT BEING JUDGED***Do you ever refrain from approaching a man because you were worried about what people aroundyou would think think about you?Are you worried that they will think youre strange, or pathetic, or a failure, or that they will makefun of you if you approach a man?You need to realize that people around you are not talking about you or thinking about you at all.They arent because they are doing exactly what you are doing, i.e., thinking about themselvesand what is going on in their own lives.They may be worrying just like you about their own problems, their own issues and, maybe, abouttheir own shyness.Have you ever been standing in a grocery checkout line next to a man youd love to talk to butdont because you dont want to be judged by those around you?You know what? These people are not judging you.They are thinking about how miserable they are in their job, how they werent happy with the lattethey were served that morning and how long its taking them to get through that grocery line.Heres THE KEY...The ONLY person judging you on your shyness is you. The only person thinking the thoughts thatare in your head is you.***TIP #4: YOU HOLD THE POWER TO OVERCOME YOUR OWN SHYNESS***The truth is that being shy is all about you and your own thoughts about yourself.Its not about anything or anyone else.Heres the GOOD NEWS about this though...You are not stuck being shy!You have the power to overcome your shyness.Once you understand this, you then need to decide to take the necessary action to overcome yourshyness.
  4. 4. You have the power to open your mouth and say hello to anyone.Being shy really means that you are judging yourself. It means that you are judging yourself to beunworthy and incapable of meeting and attracting men......which is totally untrue!You need to accept your life. You need to accept yourself for who you are and what youre allabout, then go out and talk to men with that confidence.When you stop judging yourself, you will no longer feel shy.Once you understand what being shy really is and how it has been controlling you, you can takecontrol of your mind and your emotions and eliminate it from your life permanently.Dont let a poor mindset hold you back from meeting and connecting with men every day.If you want to learn more about MINDSET and how to totally transform your dating life from top tobottom, click here for more information: ====Break New Relationship Man Code ====